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General - Bo - Others if they are still around
Arriving to Barge Lands

"You are doing well, Ringling! Keep going, keep going..."

"Blerggle blrrgle!"

The fishwoman would try to speak, only finding water catching her voice as she paddled underneath the scrap boat. How, in that massive ship, was she able to speak from under it at its center was made obvious by a single observation; the ship's middle section has long eroded. Parts have since failed off, with little to keep the entire unit together. Whatever orks were aboard had long been eaten by the crew, as a mushroom orderve. Dock was in sight and almost immediately, all aboard would leap from the crap ship to solid landing, stepping aboard a pier that was also a ship.

Bo and General, with her minions in tow though some missing the pier, would make landfall at the Barge Lands. Much time and talk has since passed from the last encounter, and the two and plus were looking to relax in this land of floating island spheres.

"Fresh air for Bo. Well, boat had fresh air, but smelled of dead people."

"Orks are very unclean. No good."

An adventure awaited.

Finding passage to one of the floating masses of stone and gravity would not be hard for the Commissar, as it was a service so readily granted. What was hard, was doing it for free. The Commissar had little money, yet she had her entire force behind her. Ringling couldn't just throw them via a water spout given the vast distance, and Bo couldn't throw them on account of the danger of her throwing arm.

An airship pilot who had a decent vessel was in the market, looking to take people to and fro for a decent chunk of beri. The Commissar stood before him, a bit shorter than he, and looked him in the eyes with her only one. A waste of sight, but it made her look so darn cool.

"This vessel... it is safe, yes? Red plush... what is rate for flight?"

"Standard on the sign. You ain't looking like you can afford this service."

"No... but... neGH!"

With great force, sudden motion, and the aim of a goddess, the Commissar kicked the man dead center in his groin with a "negh" sound. The pain shot him down to a hoveling kneel, where the Commissar would grab his neck, her hands green with slime. In a blink, the man was under control of the peto peto no mi, while still in terrible pain.

"You shall take us to... fancy island with buildings. It will be for free, and you will serve us lunch. Please."

"Y-y... n-... er... y-yes..."

Settling in, looking over the newly stolen ship, the Commissar would make herself comfortable in the captain's own living quarters. Bo made flat on the deck, to large to explore, but just large enough to fit the main deck and lay. Lion would sleep on her shoulder, and GG would read a book, using Bo's horn as a chair. The minions would move around, helping the captain, with Scientist also sharing the captain's room, mostly using the chair to study notes on the next power armor.

The ship would begin to float off, propeller spinning, to set sail for the Gravity Arcade. There, a meeting was to be had at New Age Genetics.