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    This drama had really nice beginning.
    Why they torture us?
    Rest assured! There will be some progress ahead...

    Ep 13
    Wang Jin Li is an angel and thx to him the two slow main characters were able to clear all of their stupid misunderstanding. Jin Li's trick to get Bai Bai admitted her lies was so brilliant...
    Li Zheng's confession and the beautifully kiss made my day!
    But looks like there will be storm waiting for the young couple in next episode. Hope they sail it through!

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    Ep. 12-13

    My heart was aching when I was watching this episode.
    Love in this drama is so painful.

    I can't be fully happy because our sweet and good Wang Jin Li is heartbroken now.
    An Xiao Qiao(Angelina) is sad too, she tried to comfort him.

    I glad that main couple cleared the situation between them.
    But Bai Bai is still dangerous.

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    Ep 14
    An Xiao Qiao was persistently following her heart, not backing down. I think she is tougher than her look. Time will heal Wang Jin Li's heart and hopefully he will give her a chance.
    We have so many cute moments of the main couple. From putting hands into the pocket to kissing on his birthday or even when he putting bandaid on her wound. I never tired of watching those cliché .
    Of course there are some hurdles to get over but if their love are strong enough then I hope they can stay together forever.

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