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    The Final Battle
    Suu, Cage, Torgue, Amanita, Ellie

    The final trio stood before the marines. The final boss of the moon base stood atop a mound of his own corpses. Suu would be the first one to act against the trio, or rather she'd be the only one to act. The slime had made a critical error. She was a doctor and should've known better, but she forgot to check to be sure her comrades were alright. Wounds and fatigue left all of them slow on the uptake. This left Suu open as she sought to strike Blank without any support.

    Blank potentially could've been fooled by Suu's feint, but Hector certainly was not. The old man was fast. Much faster than Suu could follow. With Soru-esque speed he would make quick work of Suu's tendril strike. Her arm would be diced to pieces. They were too small to move on their own. If Suu wished to get the pieces back she would need to gather them manually. That might be an option, but Suu would opt to put that on the back burner for now. She had something else on her mind.

    The marines held the numbers advantage. It was four against three. At the current moment the fight was broken up as follows. Amanita was under fire by Hector's burning grapeshot. Torgue found himself to be the target of Blank's laser. Cage had to shield himself from the colossal strength of the man named Penis, who was bringing his arms down in a meteor strike. This left Suu without an opponent. She was free to make her own call on what to do next.

    She could already tell that all of these opponents were strong. Their only hope was to push the numbers advantage. Suu had a plan to enact. Suu would not focus fire Blank like she'd done initially. Instead her new focus was on Pen. She knew that Cage was strong, and his strength would be valuable. She did not know what Pen was capable of, but hoped that the combined efforts of herself and Cage could bring him down. She could only hope that Torgue and Amanita could hold their own in the meantime.

    Suu would not regrow a new arm, instead opting to keep the same size she had currently, minus one arm. With her left arm she'd reach into the pocket of her raincoat. From there she put all her strength into her legs and would leap at the back of Professor Pen. While in the air a small click could be heard from Suu's pocket. Her body would begin to change.

    Assuming Pen was still focused on Cage, Suu would aim to slam into Pen's back and grab on. Suu's hair tendrils aimed to wrap around his neck, and her left arm would slip free from her pocket and seek to hold onto his chest. Finally would come Suu's head. It aimed to slam into the back of Pen's head with a Haki infused headbutt. Suu aimed to try and daze Pen, but that wasn't all. Mid flight Suu used her Pill Box gadget in order to assimilate the Ivy Blood sample she'd stored earlier.

    Cage! Hit now!

    She'd shout at her comrade. Her goal was twofold. Use the ivy blood to make Pen's skin breakout in a nasty rash to break his focus, and to headbutt him to try and daze him. All to create an opening for Cage. Whether or not it would work is another question altogether.

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    Energy burned in Torgue. Energy, literally and metaphorically; he was awake again, but a laser was making him a third nipple. The burning was making Torgue wince in pain, his haki the only thing keeping the beam of piercing light from his chest cavity. Exploding was his only means out, throwing himself out of the laser's beam in a way Blank couldn't quite keep up with.

    "So you are alive. Hrmpf."

    A short quip, given Torgue's former lethargy. Torgue's first response was a booger barrage, Torgue throwing it once the beam shut off. The booger soared, like a bullet, only to be met with lightning. Arcing from Blank was electrical currents, Torgue able to see that Blank had watched the booger bomb. The bomb would explode, electricity being a trigger, and Blank would erupt from the smoke, his hands ahead of him. One with a sea shell. The distance between the two, Torgue and Blank, could be ten yards give or take.

    "KILL BLANK." The voice said, its feminine quality coming through, with lisps of an accent.

    The words repeated, again, as Hector and Ama began their scuffle. Ama could assume she knew why the old man was on her; he was removing the strongest threat. Explosions were great, muscles fine, but poison was always a crick to any plan. Fire burned Ama, grapeshot piercing her as spider threads tried to lessen the blow. It was a success, but Ama wasn't completely successful as her suit was compromised. The fire and the lack of needing to aim were perfect, almost as if Hector knew who she was and what she could do... and prepped for it.

    Countering the assualt against her, Ama would go big. Forming spores and releasing a swarm of spores in a wave. The blast aimed to consume the old man, who was now moving his gun back with his left. His right hand came forward, in it the sword he prized, haki and air swirling around it.


    Steel silvered through the air in a shimmer of swift strokes, each slice propelling wind like a vortex. Ama's infectious strike would never touch Hector as it was carried by deft rankyaku swirls, being deflected back and around her. Back and only around her. For how dangerous she was, for how much control Hector had, he only contained it. Torgue and Cage would never be in harm's way... yet they could have been absolutely destroyed.

    Hector would not allow Ama much time to think, as the slices ended with him swinging his rifle, reloading it in the motion, and one arm firing it straight above her head. What came from the rifle, though, was weird; glittering wisps of glass. It was a glass shot, and the thin barbs would begin to rain upon Ama like confetti. Fungus was not going to burn, but Ama was essentially surrounded in a lethal mist of fiber glass; a single breath could leave her lungs bleeding, any exposed flesh serrated thinly to the nerve point, her eyes at risk if she blinked with the glass in her retina. This was a cruel, cruel shot, but non lethal.

    A rifle round came from Hector's firing hand, and he was already reloaded. The ex Pol chief was certainly quick.

    So came Pen, his fists aiming down upon Cage with thunder. Well rested against the molten and worn, this battle was anything but fair. Cage would be struck as he went into gear fourth, the transition boosting his strength greatly. Enough to allow him to stand against Pen's own strike, but perhaps not enough to make the massive brute cease.

    "Sorry, chap. Boss needed me to stop that bitch from hacking everything."

    Apologetic, Pen was still much the respectful dude Cage knew from before. However, he was also still terrifying, as when the double fists slammed into Cage's forearms, they'd open and grab on. Fingers wrapped, their muscles moving under Pen's beck. The man was already leaning backwards, using his full weight and muscle to lift Cage from the ground to toss, when Suu was upon his back.

    "Tag team!?"

    Already in motion, Pen was going to land upon Suu as his back was falling to the ground. It wouldn't stop Suu, but it would squish her once she was finished. Aiming a headbutt, she would slam face to face with Pen. As if hitting steel, Suu found this man's skull to be stupidly thick; so thick, it explained the bulging plate. Skin was calloused, his ears showing signs of clamming, he'd be hard to knock out. The attack did, however, keep him from stopping the ivy infection. A rash broke out on his chest, the veins popping up red, skin rashing, and annoyed tears leaking from Pen.

    Cage, should he allow himself to be tossed, if he could stop it, would be thrown into a monitor system. The glass, the screen, the circuits; all would break in a blast of electricity. A minor thing, for it was the solid wall that never broke that would do the actual damage to Cage.


    Suu, most likely splattered under the back of Pen, would feel through his muscles the blood of his body now pumping like lightning. To move at the speed of light without moving; a technique forbidden save for the few who could handle. Muscles condensed, expanded, condensed, hardened. Blood pumped. Heart seized beating; Suu simply could not hold on long enough to feel it. The man Suu held was doing what Cage had done, only now his body boiled and in doing so began to spread to Suu.

    If Pen would rise, he did so, muscles entwined in haki around every bulging squeeze. LEgs tried to take him from the Suu splat before it could reform. One hand rubbed his chest as Pen breathed, as if with hay fever. His head had a comedic bulge, where Suu had struck hard, mucles only forming to become a bandaid. Only one thing was missing, and Pen aimed to grab it from his pocket.
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    The booger was detonated prematurely before it could land on its mark. Electricity arced from Blank, acting as a sort of shield and triggering the booger to explode before it could do harm to the bot. Torgue saw Blank emerge from the smoke, hands in front of him, and one holding a shell. Judging from what all had just happened, Torgue deduced the following: Blank had an ERS of sorts, of which Torgue was certain, and Blank was able to create an electrical current around himself using said device to detonate the booger. The shell that he held in his hand was likely a Reject Dial, and Blank used that to store the force of Torgue's explosion. That was the likeliest scenario.

    "If that's the case," Torgue thought to himself, "then getting in close will be a big problem, as he can paralyze me with that electricity in the air. I also can't recklessly attack from range, as he's probably storing up kinetic energy in that shell. I'm gonna have to get clever."

    Torgue wasn't going to be able to go all out as he had intended. Attacking with reckless abandon was out of the question. He took a moment to glance around the room to see the state everyone else was in. Amanda had her hands full with Hector, while Suu and Cage were working together to fight Penis. Everyone else was busy, so he was on his own.

    Just as Blank walked towards Torgue, so did the Fleet Admiral keep walking forward. Torgue wasn't going to fight Blank directly with his own fists. No, his plan was to fight Blank with Blank. Or, more accurately, with one of the bodies of the blank bots that was lying around. Torgue would go to grab one of the bodies, holding it by a limb, and strike Blank with it like it were a flail. He knew first hand that the Blank bots were no joke when it came to resilience, and he hoped to use that as a way to fight Blank. If it was possible, then he would imbue the bot with armaments haki like it were a weapon. If not, then no haki.

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    Amanda vs Hector

    Amanda's opponent was a tricky one. No, much more than that; he was reading her like an open book. It was as if he knew exactly what she was capable off. When she saw her wave of spores scattered by his blade, she realized something. He was countering her in every way imaginable. Her spores weren't reaching him, and that was a problem. She didn't have much time to think about this; Hector was already on the counterattack. He fired into the air directly above her. He wasn't aiming to hit. Whisps of glass filled the air above her, and the shimmering of reflected light alerted her to what it was; glass. Wasting no time, she placed her hand directly on the ground. Immediately, a giant fly agaric mushroom sprung up around her, it's massive cap shielding her from the falling glass and allowing her to breathe safely. Hector had already reloaded.

    "Tsk, I'll give you something to worry about you wrinkly old ****."

    As soon as the glass had touched the ground, Amanita ran. However, she did not run directly towards Hector. Instead, she circled him, giving him a wide berth. She kept moving. She made sure to move away from her allies. Her poison was, ofcourse, dangerous to them as well. Wherever she planted her feet, small fungi began to grow. They looked like little white balls, soon growing to the size of golf ball, then a basketball, before finally ending up as volatile, beach-ball sized mines. She was using Soru to moved around Hector, creating a minefield around him to stop him from moving around too much. This, however, was only part one of her plan. For every few of these puffball mines, another Amanda would appear; a clone made entirely out of spores. Each of these would dash around much like the real Amanda, indiscernible from the real thing.

    Once Hector's field of vision was well and truly clouded with spore clones and spore mines, Amanda would strike dashing to a position directly above Hector. Once there, she'd release a minor, albeit just as poisonous wave of spores directly below her; just enough to cover Hector in the deeply poisonous fungus.

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    Cage and Suu vs Pen

    A powerful man had come to blows with another, as Pen and Cage were forced to fight each other once again. The first battle had happened just earlier that day, but apparently the pair would be forced to fight one another again, much to Cage's dismay. The clash wasn't too favorable for Cage, his body had been battered with acid, and his flesh was weak. Luckily, what didn't kill the brute would make him stronger, and now within Gear Fourth, Cage could match Pen, for now. The CP- Agent would apologize for having to fight against Cage, the two having bonded from battle before.

    "No worries. We are both here to fulfil our duties. A man like you'd be perfect in G-5."

    The smile on Cage's face from such words would quickly fade, as he noticed the fingers of Pen wrapping around his wrists. With a clinch and a pull, Cage would be launched over Pen's head before he could attack like Suu instructed. Sent flying, Cage would slam into a series of monitors and more importantly, a very very sturdy wall. The air left the man's lungs as he fell to the floor. He'd need only a moment to recupe. Damage was taken, so even though he'd be harmed, Cage would become stronger. The power of Pen transfered into Cage, and returned through the muscles of the Goron. Power would be built in the man's legs, and Cage would lift onto all fours, bursting with great speed back toward Pen.

    "Jackrabbit Parole!"

    Normally used as a powerful leap, this time Cage used the strength to perform a vault of great speed. Nearing Pen rapidly would be Cage, his right arm cocked back, telegraphing, but the power in his arm would be immense. The arm grew and condensed, grew and condesed, calling upon 10 years of power stored via Jio-Ken. What was simple for any normal Jio-Ken user, was advanced for Cage, as the power called upon wasn't just from years of muscular youth, but also year and years of bided power. Upon nearing, the already Haki'd body of Cage would be at work, launching an attack at Pen via a straight right punch to the abdomen. This wasn't just a normal punch, the punch augmented by haki would cause ten impacts of equal strength. Cage knew what Pen was capable of, and couldn't take the risk to allow the man to powerup anymore.

    10 Counts of 10 Years to Life!!!"

    Spoiler: Techniques
    Jackrabbit Parole
    Cage uses bided power in his legs to increase his jumping ability. This technique can even be used in midair similarly to geppou.

    X to Life
    Cage uses a percentage of stored power to strike his opponent. The amount of power is labeled in "years". The more years used, that more powerful the strike. This can be used with any limb in any variation of Striking manner. It's full power is called Death Row.

    X Counts
    Cage can utilize his Haki to cause impacts that affect his opponent either before or after his attacks. In essence, Cage sends a powerful burst of Haki into his opponent, either before or after a strike makes contact. This burst replicates the impact of a strike from Cage and can cause several attacks to hit the opponent instead of one at a time. Each impact is called a "Count" and Cage can perform multiple counts per attack (IE: Two Counts, Three Counts, Four Counts etc). Each Count drains Cage's Haki reserves and thus must be used in moderation.

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    Cage and Suu Vs Pen

    Professor Pen found himself to be the target of a tag team. As he focused his attention on a rematch with Cage, a new fighter had entered the ring. As Cage attempted to weather Pen's attack with a block, Suu had come at Pen with a very itchy grapple and a headbutt. This would not go exactly as planned for the slime. She had not anticipated that Pen would throw Cage. As Suu struck Pen, Cage would find himself launched into the wall.

    Pen would fall upon Suu, splatting the slime as he did. Suu would be fine for the most part, but this was inconvenient. The thing that left Suu the most surprised was how hard Pen's head was. She knew this was not going to be easy, but she had hope that together the two marines could bring him down. If Suu weren't splatted, her eyes would be widening at what happened next. Being so close to Pen allowed her to feel it, and her understanding of medicine and anatomy gave her a pretty good idea of what was happening.

    Pen's blood pumped and muscles hardened. Pen was preparing himself for battle. Suu knew this was bad news. Then would come the heat. The intense heat that radiated from Pen's body would force Suu to retreat away. Suu would move similar to that of someone who'd just placed a hand on a hot stove top. Pen would rise to his feet and the splattered Suu would move away from him and reform. Cage was also back in the game soon enough and would aim to be back upon Pen with a powerful leap.

    Suu would follow Cage's lead and also leap toward Pen, aiming to try and tag team this foe. Suu's leap would take her over Pen's head. As Cage aimed to strike Pen in the torso, Suu aimed once again for her opponent's head. While she'd already felt how tough it was, she also knew repeated blows was not going to be good for Pen. Suu would bring her hip down upon Pen's head with great force and painted black with Haki. The slime shouted as she did so, yelling out the name of her attack.

    Meteor Hip

    Suu's butt fell upon Pen as Cage aimed a punch at the man's abdomen. A team attack from two power fighters.

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