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    DBZ Elsewhere Fan Manga Discussion

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    Okay, not sure if this is the appropriate place to start this thread, but screw it, I'm gonna do it anyway and I'll just take the consequences on the chin later. So yeah, due to the recent run of DragonBall Super and, prior to that, the Battle of the Gods and Ressurection F movies, in which my favorite character from DB and 2nd favorite from DBZ (behind Piccolo), Yamcha, has been given the royal shaft for apparently no good reason. Which doesn't surprise me, since Toriyama is apparently still continuing his 2-decade plus run of crapping on and refusing to develop the human characters into something actually bordering on respectable.

    However, Yamcha seems to have gotten the worst of it, as he was deliberately left out of both the battle with Frieza and his men during the Resurrection F movie and, later, the Universal Tournament in DB Super. And the claim was that somehow the Wolf Fang Fist warrior, along with Chiaot-zu, was too weak to battle with alien soldiers whose average power level was around the same as Raditz, or in a Universal Tournament where the strongest fighters from each Universe are brought together to compete. Yet somehow, Master Roshi (no disrespect to him) is somehow supposed to be more relevant to each of these events than guys who spent months training on King Kai's planet and later spent 3 years training to fight the Androids and later Cell. I won't go into my full thoughts on Toriyama or the Z/Super series, but I'll be happy to provide a link to that in a later post.

    So, that said, is why I've been boycotting by refusing to watch or read anything Toriyama has produced over the past 10 years or so. Instead, I took to the internet to search and see if there was anything that could the satisfaction of seeing a character I love finally get some love and justice of his own. And I lo and behold, I fount this little gem called DBZ Elsewhere, a fan-made manga by artist & writer RMK (or Aremke as he's known on DeviantArt). It's an awesome series, with an interesting story line, much better than the garbage "Reincarnated as Yamcha" fan manga that Shueisha pushed. The artwork is also good too, at least in terms of character design. The story itself focuses on fully fleshing out Yamcha's character, starting after the defeat of Cell, in which Yamcha decides to train even harder, using both the Gravity chamber and Room of Spirit & Time to do so, so as to not be dependent on the power of the Saiyans (Gohan & Vegeta) after Goku's death. It also explores the character's past, introducing OC characters, as well as a new villain who is from the world of the Kai. It even plays out a theory I've never seen explored before, in which Yamcha reveals during an epic battle with Goku that he not only can utilize the Kaio-ken, but also how he was able to use the Gravity training to take King Kai's technique to even higher levels than Goku!

    I HIGHLY recommend this read, and am very much hoping that it could more of the fan support that it deserves, as well as hear people's opinion on it.
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