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    Deep Delvers Pirates IC

    Deep Delvers
    In-Character Thread

    Located in this forum post will be the personal matters of the Deep Delvers, told in character as they go on adventures. Tales can range from nearly anything the mind can hold, so long as they are based upon the crew itself. Anyone can be a game master, though there are certainly a few who take lead over others. Participants should have a character in the Delvers in order to respond, but outside forces are never truly shunned unless disruptive. As always, be sure to have fun.

    Important Links
    - Deep Delver's OOC.

    - Don't be a dick.
    - To post, you must have a member in the Delvers.
    - The character in action does not need to be a Delver.
    - Rewards are given based upon a post count, not by a time frame.
    - if your actions are disrespectful to the story line, you may be dropped from the current content and future content.

    Current Adventures
    - The Quest for Forbidden Knowledge

    Previous Adventures
    - ???
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    On A Rocky Ship
    Port Miskon - Land of Peculiarities and its Researchers - Headquarters of the Delvers
    A Quest for Forbidden Knowledge

    The eerie university town was labeled a headquarters for the Deep Delvers, but it really wasn't. They owned no lands and only knew about a tucked away dock they could stash their boat upon should they visit. Locals hated the captain for her toxic behavior, and the crew was no better. Well, mostly no better.

    That said, within the town of Miskon, on an island with more odds than ends, there were allies of the Deep Delvers. People who traded in exotic merchandise and researchers who needed field work too dangerous for themselves would often beckon to the Delvers as they came. Mercenary work was never hard to find; the mercenaries were. After all, their jobs were outlandish and, mostly to the common thug, laughable fantasy and tales to tell one's child. No seriousness was to be had, short of the Delvers.

    The town itself was almost perpetually either rain or fog, with more than enough gloom to doom its residents. City streets of stone hugged curbs that lead to old buildings with a 20's style to them, towering and close together to make anyone suffocate. Beyond the city hall at the center and the markets near the port, there was a massive university that was renowned for its teaching, and also cursed for its more unique courses. One could learn anything there on its campus, but certain electives were oft enigmatic at best and comedic at worst.

    Within its halls of marble and stench of old books, Captain Morticia wandered. Part time professor of Occult Affairs and Thing You Shouldn't Touch So Help You, her presence was often marked as one would a grim reaper. Eerie, staring, and chilling in one package, she'd lumber around, eventually finding the person in question she was pursuing. To their benefit, Morticia was always alone, hating the moments if her crew felt like following around her as children in a toy store. It was also to their benefit, as Mortica could take on the hardier of challenges, without the crew wondering what horror might await them.

    The crew meanwhile, would be aboard what could only be a scrap ship. Stolen from the Green Skin Pirates, name not official, the ship was a miracle in on itself. How it stayed together was anyone's guess, but Morti and Miles both worked tirelessly on its upkeep. Funds were being gathered for a new ship, but that was neither here nor there.

    Crew mates who were not on vacation or on seperate adventures could always find a note on the scrap mast. Taped with clear scotch tape, the paper flapped in the dreary air of the Miskon waters. So heavy and thick with turgid elements. The note this time would read:

    "Getting new map of potential treasure. Contact needs me to be alone. Search city for odd folks. Snake people likely present due to contact's tampering. Careful for snake people. Capture snake people if possible. Snake people look like people, talk like snakes. Like crab people. Do not worry about the happening of Vulno Isle with crab people. Promise snake people don't multiply... yes.

    Love, Captain Morti.

    PS: Bo, secure rope and make sure flight is prepared. May need to dock on Red Line for contract."

    The note would drone on a bit more about snake people, but the message was clear enough as it was enigmatic. Some bits, like the Rean Bar Brew, were the crew often drinks, were mentioned for odd ball activity. Other places, like the Go-Mi Archive Plus, were also mentioned, that place being a bookstore for excess books the university could not hold. Lounging around the ship was also productive: at any point, it could fall apart, the maintenance not keeping up with its bizarre impossibility.
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    Delvers' Ship -> Go-Mi Archive Plus - Jessamine

    It was just another foggy Miskin morning when Jess woke up. The weather here made her a bit sluggish since the sunlight was scarce, but at least there was enough moisture. She dragged her feet to the kitchen and pulled out a roasted goat leg from yesterday's dinner, chomping down on it while her tea got ready. Then she took her cup and climbed out to the deck, hoping to catch as many sun rays as possible, despite the fog. On the way, her foot went right through the ladder step, almost making her spill her tea. "Cursess," she hissed in a low voice, descending back down a few rungs and grabbing onto the broken one. Soon enough, a young liana started growing out of her palm, wrapping around the wooden stick and fixing it back together. Once the plant was safely wrapped around the sides of the ladder as well, Jess closed her fingers and twisted her wrist, plucking the liana off. The emergency upkeep done, she reached the deck without further accidents.

    Yawning, she would look around to check if anyone else was up, when her eyes caught something white fluttering on the main mast. A closer inspection revealed it to be a note from the Captain. As usual, it was not very clear. Jess sighed. While she wasn't especially motivated to look for strange people, she might at least come across some interesting new plants if this treasure map lead pans out. For the time being, she decided to go look for new botany books in the Archive. One never knew where a gem of knowledge might be hidden.

    She finished her tea and went back to her cabin to pick up her equipment, just in case. Then she left the ship without further ado, heading for the Go-Mi establishment at a quick pace. Her obvious plant-based nature kept the heads turning in her direction, despite this town being a sort of home base for the Delvers and a place that sought out the peculiar. Jess didn't care for the looks, one way or another. Finally, she reached the shop and pushed the door open, stepping in. She would pause as the door closed behind her, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the lighting conditions inside and to get a chance to scan her surroundings. Unless there was no clerk around, she would then head right for that person: "Good day. Do you have any books on sstrange plants?" She posed her question, completely oblivious to the fact that for a casual observer, she would be considered a pretty strange plant herself.

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    Lumette - Delver's Ship

    For all who looked at the Delver's Ship, one thing would be obvious; it was junk. Junk barely held together through prayer, duct tape and lost nails here and there. There was room aboard this vessel for the crew, but not much more. Captain Morti frequently departed the ship in search of some maddening bauble or trinket. Few dared to waken Bo to do work. Jessamine's plants were one of the key elements keeping the floating hunk of garbage together. There was one member in particular, who contributed so little to the ship that she barely even lived on it. Lumette had instead attached a small net to the bottom of the ship, within the dark and foggy waters of Miskin. She used this net as a hammock, away from the squabbles of those on deck. Sometimes, a faint light could be seen coming from the bottom of the hull. Nobody ever bothered to inspect it though, for most here in Miskin kept to themselves. Lumette thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on this island for that particular reason. Her rest was over, and she decided to have a look about the ship.

    "Sweeeeeet sweeeeeeet Jessaaamiiiiineeeee.... where is that delicious vegetable?"

    Disappointed that Jessamine had already departed to peruse dusty bookstores, Lumette instead decided to head into town. Before she left, she read the note attached to the mast. It was a note by the captain.

    "Snake people? Sounds exhilarating... I'll find me one of those... sounds taaaasty."

    Off she went; traipsing into town. She looked fair and pretty. Human, actually; despite very much being the opposite.

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    Delvers' Ship -> Rean Bar Crew - Taiga

    A crew made of varying degrees of weird people, possessed a run-me-down ship from another pirate crew – one which have no threat to the crew given how two people manage to steal the ship away right under their nose. However regardless of the situation, the state of the ship is in a no better shape, they would need to upgrade the ship or find another ship in the near future if they want the ship to last throughout their journey. Taiga have found himself a new home, his crew quarters are more or less shared between men. With only two men in the crew, it is rather sensible not to divide their rooms and use more space of the already kind of junk ship they are utilizing for travels. In fact, Taiga low-key named the ship ‘The Miracle’, a testament as to the miraculous state of the ship that manages to survive all the way till now.

    Appearing from his crew quarters, likely shared along with Miles – dressed in a red kimono with a large piece of Asian-style shoulder pad on his left and a cloud patterned black hakama, an impression of a Samurai can be easily perceived – with a pair of black boots that are the only ones out of place, fashion-wise. With his katana sheathed on his hip, a standard kind in which one can find anywhere – Taiga stepped out to the ship deck, given it is more of their gathering area due to the size of the ship, Taiga tied his long, but slightly messy hair up to a small pony tail with a small hair band and check his surroundings.

    “Hmmm. Seems like no one is here.”

    Not everyone is in the ship, some perhaps left the ship and to the town port, some may still be asleep. But nonetheless something that Taiga don’t have to necessarily concern himself with. Noticing a paper clearly taped onto the ship mast, a note from their Captain Morti. Not one to question how weird are his crew mates, Taiga understood the contents of the note but wondered if Morti is attempting some sort of high-level Haiku stuff.

    It seems like there are some kind of problem with snake people, and somehow involving crab people. Given the place that there are in have high levels of humidity throughout, it is not truly surprising that snakes might gather around. Either way it seems two places of interests are being pointed out in the note in regards to the snake people that Morti hopes that the crew could capture some live specimen, even promising that there will be no attempts to multiply the race. Either way this very isolated university town bears interests to the crew, and with the Captain out to acquire maps she left it to the crew to deal with snakes. Alone, Taiga set foot off to where the crew tends to gather for drinks, Rean Bar Crew – where odd activities were mentioned in the note, perhaps snake people – he wouldn’t know till he reach the location.
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    Jessamine was a groggy one for mornings, but it could just be the Miskon air. No one ever woke in this place... right. Something was off, perhaps a lump in one's cot or a bad dream too real to speak. Mornings were never good, though. Why the Captain kept insisting on coming here (even going so far as making it a 'base') for contracts would puzzle much of the crew, even Bo, but that was neither here nor there. Jess would leave, her rituals of the morning done, her tasks at hand.

    The archive was an old looking building with its outer reaches sporting new wood or paints. Upgrades through the years would mark the place as an expansive, living thing of knowledge, however awkward it hung. Wood rose, and Jess could see that the stories were tall, the rooms overhanging, and the old rickety archive was almost a pyramid upside down. Safe was never the word anyone used, short of the architect who knew how to make it work, but it held knowledge. What oether goods could it promise?

    The double door entrance would open, Jess pushing hard on the heavy doors that sagged into the floor, finding the hard wood floor musty to the smell and reeking of mildew. Books and their pages would bash Jess in her nostril, the pulpy paper marinading in the Miskon air. A desk clerk would look up from his pages, spectlactles round and thing adorning his face. Behind a beard and plump cheeks, the man smiled, seeing his awkward customer.

    "Welcome oh, to the archive. Strange to see a Floran." the man said, a quirk in his speech adding an 'oh' where is should not be.

    The man knew what Florans were, maybe to Jess's surprise, but she could look around. Thousands of books piled and sorted, each with tags and all placed in sections. Nothing labeled non fiction or fiction, and Jess would soon find that was because, well, they had their own floors. Enough was piled high to warrant that.

    "Stranger a Floran asks for books. Who oh, am I to judge knowledge. Yeah, we got some books on botany and oh, the like on third floor. I recommend The "Me a Go Go? What is a Mi-Go?" to start with. Namesake of our archive! We, oh, flipped the words. Go, oh, Mi. "

    The oh pattern was possibly the most infuriating thing about this clerk, but his tone was jolly and helpful. The mention of the book the store was named after would make him jiggle with joy, and he was more than happy to oblige.

    "A few more stranger books, ripe from the university oh, are the 'Plants or Brains: Intelligence in Botany' and oh 'Me and My Pet Shoggoth: Slimes and their Origins.' Don't oh, er, read too much into the Plants or Brains. It's got some rough passages on Floran studies. Bit speciest. The slime one goes about oh, how slimes might be more plant based. Their a new breed oh, problems I heard. One's oh, vying for Admiral ranks, even. Strange times. There was another, though... bad times." The clerk would go on about the slime, trailing off as he thought about something that may have been vile.

    Mind snapping back, he'd smile at Jess, offering anything else for services before returning to a book. This one, named 'Trees Don't Have Hooves:
    Tales of the Forest Black Goat' was possibly related to Jess's query, but he'd never think of it.

    Should Jess go to stairs and head to the third floor, she would find it all empty. Not a soul to peep, but plenty of books. Titles were ranging from basics in creative cooking to more saucy things like chemicals for bedroom antics. Passing those, some about mythical creatures would present themselves, and even a book on devil fruits and their theories. Past those, the botany section was filled with many titles, with the recommended seemingly all lined up on a table. Prepared, awkwardly, they stared at Jess.

    A sound behind her, a cough of a cleared throat, would finally break any of the deathly silence this library held. Not that it was a man trying to get her attention, but it was a man reading deeply into a book without a cover. Such a thing seemed to have been ripped, and he held the poorly glued pages, leafing through quietly. A ghost, for his presence in the world was something akin to a table or plastic shrub. Donned, he wore a thick black coat and a metal helmet, firmly latched to his face. A dull glow came from a thin line in the helmet, purple. Ever silent, he'd hum a tune, though it was not for Jess to know what it was. A reading hum, a thinking hum.

    Sea - Kun
    Lumette awoke her usual ways and left for her day, sad her vegetable had left. For a fishwoman, she ate healthy, a surprise to Bo as her fellow fishman. Surprises aside, Lum would leave the crew's miracle ship in search of the ever illusive snake people, only so brought to the minds of the crew by their ever fickle captain.

    Something would pang in the mind of Lumette, though this happened every time she slept in the Miskon bay. Nasty dreams of deep waters and cold climates, with eyes watching her. Those dreams were always with her in the Miskon, though they were always bad when she was in the waters. It wasn't bad enough to stop her from sleeping below the ship, on account that might be many times safer than IN the ship, but it was a thing she had to suffer nonetheless.

    Taiga was a rare soul aboard the Delver ship of unknown longevity. Awakened by the sways of the morning tides, he'd arise in the room of his fellow man, Miles, only to shift through the corridors for his morning routine. Men were separate from women, but not by much of the gender gap. No one could sleep with the Captain in her quarters if they had wanted to live; poison fumes would take them. Bo had her own quarter in storage, heavily padded in the event she had sleep punches. The squid twins used their expenses for their own room, being a pair of entertainers,
    and Jess had more than enough going for her to be separate herself. Lumette didn't even bother to sleep on the ship, choosing under in the waters, where sometimes Bo would sleep as well if she were being annoying.

    Overall, that left him and Miles the more tame of the weird, but for how long could Taiga maintain that? It mattered not.

    Taiga, like Lume, left the ship with the Captain's note in mind. Snakes and crabs, though Taiga muddled the message more than normal. Snake people were stalking them, and Taiga was not around for the crab people infestation on a previous mission. Nonetheless, Taiga knew about the Rean Bar, and so did Lumette... as was Bo.

    The bar itself was something of a mess, with wooden boards swollen from the moisture of the air, thick glass windows that only gave off the light that was inside. Three stories, wide, and it seemed to have a basement that was chained and locked heavily. The outside was quiet, but some murmurs could be heard within. There was always life at this bar. Well, maybe it was life.

    Lumette would arrive first, wakening and going inside. Why she might, perhaps fate. The smell of drunken fish and plants reeked from inside, with chemicals making a stench of the basement at the side. Inside, the first thing she'd see a clutter of tables that made the way to the bar tighter than a nun's night wear. A simple glance right would fix that curiosity as to why: Bo was smashed out on the wall twitching and drooling. She spent the night here, given the disdain the other patrons at the bar had for her presence. A sign in the corner had her face, and it read "do not serve." The problem seemed to be no one could say no to her, as that sign was dated for a few years.

    Ignoring the demon shrimp in the room, Lemette and soon Taiga could resume their moments in the bar. The patrons looked off, but they always did. Their eyes were swollen yet sunken, their lids thin and eyes, and their faces all puffy and slimy. Like a fishman who became fat, yet none of them were. Locals called it the Innsmouth look, and it was common at the bars around town early morning. The bar keep was a young man, blonde of hair, with glasses and a clean chin. A smock of white and black rubber boots squeaking were his man characteristics.

    The blubbery men would turn to see the new arrivals, the furthest growling at Lumette with a head shake. The others would go back to their beers, muttering among themselves. The keep, turning, would smile brightly, looking at Lumette and one day Taiga.

    "Good morning. New faces to my Rean Bar, I see. Can I get you anything? I have some juices saved for morning drinks, but no food. Not since the last tray incident."

    He spoke softly, but curtly without falter in his words. A gentleman.

    The Miskon University was a spacious place, feet pattering across stone like a chorus of souls. Morticia say in an office, in a chair of steel and refortified heavily, as a precaution to anyone who would come after her. Nestled and hollding her head up in her hand as she leaned, Morticia was waiting for two people. One person was an old friend, or young given their age, that used to work under the poisonous fiend. He or she could describe them, as they were a bit of a mutant case, common in the Miskon area. The other gentlemen was older, sturdier, coarse for ware and hardy. A head professor of the Occult, this man was Morticia's equal for strange happenings.

    However, he was not her equal for adventure. The golden age had left him, and he was to stay back and train the next generation of paranormal investigators. Those who were interested in the bizarre would go out of their way to find him, to learn what he knew.

    The wait ended with the door to the room opening, and a gray'd man would walk in. His eyes hidden beneath spectacles of black circles,
    he gave off a sense of seriousness and mystery. Atop him was a trench coat, plated in areas, though what he needed to defend against at the university was a mystery. He'd enter, ignoring Morticia, as he went his way to table, pressed a button, and summoned forth a coffee machine that only brewed the freshest ground beans.

    The man would introduce himself as Professor Mason, though Morti already knew that, smiling ever so coyly at the tautology. Then he'd break into laughter, like an old friend would. Two two would talk, for a solid hour or more. Back and forth, about recent happenings, about the rise of the Delvers and how it has been finally named since Impel Down. The perils of the Aiko sisters on Morti's every step, the curse of her crusade, the problems with crab people and how they could multiply. Mason would finally end with himself, speaking about the serpents after anyone who takes his contract.

    The reason for the coat finally came to pass, but the details were more dear. A cult of a forgotten race of humanoids was breaching out into the world much like the slime and floran races. Called the Yuan Ti, they had their gods, however old, and they were religious. Normally, that was a nothing burger of a problem, but Mason believes they may be stirring a mythical creature of sorts. Problematic, certainly, but filled with riches and artifacts.

    Matters became worse as they talked, as Mason named off an old enemy who was more deranged than anything Morti could muster herself. Silence took the poison woman, followed by rage, then acceptance and solitude. The two friends sat, quietly, as the information settled.

    "... the contract is to interrupt this man before he is able to awaken the Yuan Ti God of Serpents, Yig. A stretch of the Red Line holds their temple, if the books are true. They need something I have to complete the ritual, but I reckon it's safer with you. Don't summon Yig, alright?" Mason said, breaking the silence to complete the transaction.

    Time ticked and passed, the two friends sitting as the noon day lunch was wheeling through the halls on steel carriage.
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    Delver's Ship - Spidey

    Spidey, the least annoying member of the Delvers, was on the rickety ship which was docked outside of Miskon. The teen, stayed put for one reason only. He was not a shipwright in the least, but this ship wasn't an actual ship, but rather a pieced together chunk of scrap. Spidey was good with scraps, as a tinkerer of sorts, and the owner of one of the world's strongest adhesives, the Spider-boy opted to stay on the ship to make sure it didn't break apart whilst docked. He waited on the ship and watched as the others read a note, and then left to go search for whatever the hell Morti had the crew search for. The teen would eventually go read the note, seeing that it said something about snake people and crabs, and something of the other... Spidey was not interested in snakes, only spiders, and thus remained on the ship, alone... Making things sticky like teens do.

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    Sea - Kun - Rean Bar

    Taiga found his way to where Rean Bar is located, however the location of the bar seems to be different from what he remembered, or perhaps the bar has always been this chaotic and messy – not something Taiga can remember, perhaps it was but he hardly actually come to the bar unlike Bo whom already found her second home, enough for the bartender to place a proper sign with Bo’s face on it in regards to not serving her drinks. Understandable but likely unenforceable given her nature and in general, just being Bo. Walking into the Bar, Taiga noticed the patrons are quietly looking over to another certain someone, Lumette with her non-human appearance have attracted their attention but not in a good way. These patrons seem… well rather dead, figuratively. They look like they are sick, though he heard that’s the Innsmouth look. Commonly found in the morning by the bars.

    Not particularly paying too much attention to Bo, since he doubts she would be back to her normal self so early and likely won’t be able to do much until perhaps even in the late afternoon. But the crew mates are weird so Taiga wouldn’t think too much upon it. Leaving her alone and turns his attention to the bar keep instead, likely with Lumette. If Lumette have yet to speak to the bar keep, Taiga would instead be the one to do so if nothing else is going to happen, his focus onto the cheerful attitude yet held a professional vibe. In the event that Lumette have spoken, Taiga wouldn’t pose a question to the bar keep yet since he arrived just moments after she did – unless she did not go straight into the point in response to the bar keep’s offer.

    “Do you happen to know if any incidents with snake people?”

    Speaking politely but posed a serious tone to it, Taiga kept himself around Lumette as well – having already noticed the growling from those furthest away. Although both of them should be well capable of dealing with just about with the locals, the fact that they are giving very disgusted look and giving a bad vibe is enough for Taiga to just watch out around. Hidden a rather annoyed attitude beneath his polite impression.

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    Lumette, Taiga - Rean Bar - Miskon

    Lumette had no intended to have a travel companion, yet the fates had decided such that she would have one. Lumette had often licked her lips at the sight of Taiga. His pale flesh seemed like a delicacy to her, and he was one of the few crew members she actually had an interest in having a taste of. Squids were gross and slimy. Bo was a shrimp, which was slightly better than a squid, but trying to take a bite of her would be a bad idea for a multitude of reasons. Lumette was unsure what Captain Morti exactly was, but her Captain's title and poisonous fumes were enough to keep the siren at bay. Taiga, Miles, and Jessamine were off-limits as crew members, but that didn't mean Lumette couldn't at the very least fantasize about their flavor. Before long, the duo had reached the Rean Bar. Had they intended to go here? Not sure, but here they were. They stepped inside, and were met with stares and growls. Lumette disliked this.

    The bar was, simply put, gross. The few patrons that were there looked like bloated corpses fished from the waters, and the ale tasted like piss. There was an outdated sign with Bo's face on it, though it had never stopped anyone from serving her. Denying Bo a drink would only make things worse. It was best to just give her what she wanted and hope she was in a good mood. Lumette had often had her sleep disturbed because of Bo sleep punching and rocking the ship. Taiga talked to the bartender while Lumette listened to the patrons mumble and whisper. From the far end of the bar, someone growled at her. This rubbed her the wrong way. Slowly, she walked towards the origin of the grumble, hoping to find the morsel that made it.

    "Look like shiiiiiit.... taste like it too, probably. Why can't you be delicious-looking like Taiga? Or that barkeep? Fat blobs. I want my snaaaaaake people."

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    Go-Mi Archive Plus - Jessamine

    The Floran eventually reached her destination, and found that the building was rather peculiar. So was the staff. But at least the clerk seemed quite informed; he even knew of her race. That gave Jess some faith that she might get something good in this place. She listened patiently to the recommendations, not minding the clerk's speech pattern.

    "Hmm... Thankss, but I am not interested in what you people think of the Floran. As for the Sslimes... well, maybe," she dismissed the books concerning sentient races and gave a pensive look to the book the clerk was reading before she interrupted him. "I'll go have a look at the Mi Go book in a bit. What is the one you are reading about, though? she*inquired, pointing at the tome. If it looked relevant, she'd ask the clerk to save it for her once he's done with it, and headed up to the third floor.

    She didn't let books not concerning plants distract her, though she noted the one about devil fruits and made sure to remember where it was. Once she had more free time, she would like to have a look at that one. Finally, she got to the prepared books the clerk mentioned. It was rather strange they would be prepared, since the shop couldn't have known that she'd show up today. Hell, she didn't know she would come here before a little while ago.

    Nevertheless, she would leaf through the Mi Go book to get a grasp on what it was about, albeit a bit suspiciously. She wasn't sure if it was even relevant based just on the title. Then she was interrupted by a cough. Startled, she looked around only to notice a helmet-wearing person that was reading a book without a cover. Jess was convinced she was alone on the floor until that moment, but apparently this human (?) was rather good at blending in. Strange seemed to be a standard in this place.

    Still, the helmet guy was reading and not disturbing her, so Jess saw no reason to bother him. She might reconsider if the recommended books turn out not what she was looking for (after all, this was the botany floor, so it wasn't strange to assume this person was a fellow plant enthusiast), but for the time being, she would leave him alone.

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