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    Taiga posed a question to the A.I Lusti on their objectives but is readily met with a reply, albeit a very cold tone – that they weren’t going to change their objective and following the ship would be the course of action. The tone coming from the last sentence made it very clear to Taiga, a little cold hitting into his soul, not literally. But Taiga understood quite well, though things may not go as planned – they should continue following the ship whilst keeping their distance, now it doesn’t seem to be the correct moment to deal with Yuan Ti, if it even comes to that. Deciding he could use some leisure time on his own, tending to his own equipment, Taiga took it to that there isn’t anymore that could be done now, as he returned to his quarters to take out several equipment off and allowing him to check and tend to his own equipment as night would slowly but surely fall upon them soon.

    As night fell, Taiga can be seen in his own quarters, resting – not sleeping, lying down onto the bed as he stares into the ceiling, nothing sentimental to think about as the samurai just couldn’t sleep for now, a little early to be calling in for the night. Unfortunately, as the crab heads into a ship far off from them, yet slowly closes in as their own ship scuttling towards – Taiga wasn’t aware of a possible situation rising for the Delvers. Though should there were to be of commotion or an announcement it would likely step out once more to help.

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    The fluffiest of mink relented; the sounds made by Uus scared her off. How rude; her poking was innocent fun. Regardless, Jess and Taiga would ask their questions, and Nanachi would zone out. She didn't particularly care for snake people, or chianti or whatever they were called. Nana only sought adventure, and she would soon get more than she bargained for, most likely. The small mink only barely processed what Lusti was saying, even though it was of considerable importance. Raiders had attacked the ship, and Morti had given her brain orders to follow the Dogmatist's ship. Nana, having no idea who the dogmatist was, just figured they were going on a nice trip. Thus; the mink scuttled away, painfully ignorant to the possible danger of this trip. Should anyone seek her, they'd find her atop the head of the crab; trying to talk to the massive decapod.

    She spent most of her day here, and as night fell, she crept into a small corner of one of the metal rooms and fell asleep curled up into a ball. She'd awake a few hours later, in the dark of night. She stepped outside, heading back once more to the head of the crab; or at least what you'd call the head of a crab. Behind the massive stalks that were its eyes, Nanachi watched the dark ocean before them. Then, suddenly, a light in the distance.

    "Huh, wazzat?" She said, still half-asleep.

    She'd seek Lusti, eyes barely open as she walked the crab ship.

    "Nyaaa, Lusti.... som'in strange innewatah"
    she'd say if she found her, words slurred by her barely-awake brain.

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    Taiga stayed within his quarters, keeping rest at bay as thoughts consumed him. Much had happened, and he was without captain to aid. New forms were aboard the ship, a stow away, robots who were kept in slumber, and a mink as well. The ordeal could be taxing, to say the least, as it kept the samurai awake.

    Night was dark as ever, but Nanachi would see the light in the off distance as she awoke lazily enough. The light grew closer, a shadowy form growing from its beacon. It had seemed the crab vessel was attracted to the light, given its scuttle and direction. Seeing this foreign affair, Nana would seek out one of the Usti.

    Through halls of metal scrap and wood boards Nana hurried, following their twists as a hermit's shell was. Finding Morti's room, Nana would try to enter but found it bared. Calling out for Lusti, specifically, was the only way to garner any attention.

    The call fell on deaf ears, it would seem. No one budged on the other side, and quiet would take the hall until broken again by the mink. A sound crept behind the mink, the sound of soft feet and swooshing wind. Should Nana turn, she'd see a glob of pink, oozing from a previous floor. A head came and formed from the ooze, with mouth and eyes.

    Taking a less that normal way up, it was Uus.

    "Smell it? Blood pumping fresh... but not from those on crab."

    Uus' eyes had a demonic glow to their already inhuman glare. The head of the slime stared at Nana, only to turn and face where the light of the off ship was. Eyes darted, as if looking for things aboard the ship, yet there was nothing. Nana did not know Uus was literally tracking the blood of creatures, but her eyes made it seem like she were a cat staring at ghosts.

    "We are not alone."

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    Taiga wasn’t able to sleep at the end; the night is too young to be tired and decided to walk around the ship for a little bit. As the night drifted off, the night darkens at every hour – Taiga would wander the corridors of their battle crab, although he is not wearing anything heavy at all nor any weapons would be carried – just plain old traditional Japanese kimono. Over Taiga’s side – it is quiet, probably. But regardless of the night Taiga’s footstep is the only sound that is really noticeable – creaking sounds on the floor as Taiga walked. However, nothing else came to mind for Taiga, aside from a strange smell, but given how weird his crew member is, it is quite not so out of the ordinary. Putting that strange smell aside, concluding that it could be just one of his crew members doing something on his or her own. With that said in mind Taiga decided his way towards the deck of the ship.

    Don't think I could write much atm without sounding long-winded and just repeating, so I will wait for the next update to write more.

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