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    The Summit - Base of Summit
    The Ancients Awaken - The Labyrinth

    [Seizen | Unkown Man]

    Explosions occurred outside, and the wail of the City of Erie reached even the cavern. The Sky was at a turning point, and Seizen had a choice. Profit and absond from the Sky, or stay for the possibility of bigger riches. Seizen chose the latter. The figure chuckled, before shutting the chest. He walked with Seizen to the end of the waterfall, presenting to him a large wall with an inscription. There laid a large maze of untold girth. Inside was a Sykpian with large angel-like wings on his back. Stomping on the other side of the maze was a large minotaur. The Skypian let the information sink in before he spoke.

    "A Fallen God, a god scorned. Daedelus.
    Angered by his fellow gods, he took away the power to slay the Titans.
    The newly-made mortal hid the Sky's evils in a box; Pandora.

    Deep within the Labyrinth, you shall find Pandora's box. Follow the original Fallen angel; Scylla.
    Pass through the Sister's of Fate, against Icarus's choice, and wealth untold you shall find."
    - the man said

    Suddenly, the Skypian would snap his fingers. The inscription on stone would shake, until it revealed a corridor. If Seizen would go towards the corridor, he'd realize he'd end up at the mouth of Summit. The Skypian would stay behind. The clouded sky showed the murky sight. The ground was razed by volcanic rocks, going up to seem like buildings. The ground was scorched black; a true apocalypse. In the distance was the feet of the Titan, shoveling back and forth, roaring. The clouds above Seizen would make him unable to see what was happening above the Titan's hips, where explosions lit the sky. Running footsteps could be heard, and if Seizen looked to his left, he'd see a familiar face coming out of the base of the Summit about fifty yards away; Reggie.

    Suddenly, a large bom echoed above Seizen. A rockslide occured, aiming to engulf him and Reggie, volcanic rocks. If Seizen would look up, he'd realize there was a giant fox holding a giant Fallen by the shoulders, crashing it against the base of the Summit. Priest Meepoman had transformed into a giant fox and sank his teeth into the Fallen's neck. The humanoid Fallen, with white hair and red eyes, had clothing Reggie had seen before; Scylla's clothing. The monster roared, placing its palm against Meepoman's stomach. A large beam of light pushed Meepoman away from the monster, and they both landed in the rocky land, each panting.

    Mount Ida - Base of Summit
    The Ancients Awaken - Reunion?!


    The note read a mission, with little information. Whoever was truly behind this was being careful. Upon reading the note, it would turn up in flames. A few minutes passed, leaving Reggie to change into his Skypian clothes and observe his surroundings. A large explosion would cause the room to shake, directing his attention to the end of the room. The cavern finished into a man-made corridor, clearly broken through stone. The hand did not make any movements to any path, but went back to being limp. The note was clear in his mission, it was up to Reggie to perform. The new power he acquired was a mystery; what was the devilt fruit?

    If Reggie would go towards the corridor, he'd realize the mouth of Summit. The clouded sky showed the murky sight. The ground was razed by volcanic rocks, going up to seem like buildings. The ground was scorched black; a true apocalypse. In the distance was the feet of the Titan, shoveling back and forth, roaring. The clouds above Reggie would make him unable to see what was happening above the Titan's hips, where explosions lit the sky. Running footsteps could be heard, and if Reggie looked to his right, he'd see a familiar face coming out of the base of the Summit about fifty yards away; Seizen.

    Suddenly, a large boom echoed above Reggie. A rockslide occured, aiming to engulf him and Seizen, volcanic rocks. If Reggie would look up, he'd realize there was a giant fox holding a giant Fallen by the shoulders, crashing it against the base of the Summit. Priest Meepoman had transformed into a giant fox and sank his teeth into the Fallen's neck. The humanoid Fallen, with white hair and red eyes, had clothing Reggie had seen before; Scylla's clothing. The monster roared, placing its palm against Meepoman's stomach. A large beam of light pushed Meepoman away from the monster, and they both landed in the rocky land, panting across each other.
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    The Summit - Balcony
    The Ancients Awaken - The Titan!

    [Torque | Irra | Juri]

    The summit shook, as Goliath and Juri struggled to keep it afloat. The very ground beneath the people's feet was giving out. Badassaurus and the transport ship was given way to evacuate, and they soared away. Turning its attention to the one who attacked him, the Titan looks straight at the Summit. The Titan roared, bringing his right hand up. A bright flash preceded an explosion. From its palm came a giant fireball, large enough that it would cover the whole Summit thrice. Pushing it forward at blitzing speeds was lava as if an eruption of magma came from its palm. The large-scale attack had shockwaves rippling through the fireball, destroying the airships that were in the way as it made its way to the Summit. The Titan aimed to destroy the Summit whole. Its anger could not be measured, it's resolve fueled by the conflict of the Summit by those who chose to fight above Oldgate and Majuro's body.

    "RRRROOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!"- the Titan's voice echoed

    Ichimonji stabbed his sword into the Summit to keep himself from falling, as a now transformed Irra jumped towards the incoming blast. She had transformed into a castle, outfitted with massive weaponry. With a combination of attacks and haki, the woman sent out a blast towards the meteor. The giant meteor and the blast collided, causing black electricity to saw off the impact point. The clouds in the Sky split before a large boom was heard. Irra would find that her attack did not seem to push the meteor back, only to make it stand still. She may have stopped the meteor, but the shockwave of the Titan prevailed hers. The remnants of the shockwaves aimed to coarse through the fortress body and push her back.

    As Irra was theoretically pushed back, a crack echoed. At the middle of her attack's center, a crack appeared. It began to spread until the entire meteor exploded into head-sized pieces. Irra had destroyed the meteor. The pieces of the meteor began to fall, some still aiming towards the summit, like a shower of fireballs.

    "Goliath! I have an idea! Let go of the Summit now and hop on top!"- Juri screamed
    "You shall not pass!"- Ichimonji screamed, jumping towards the remnants of the attack

    Blurring in the sky, Ichimonji cut the incoming smaller meteors into pea-sized balls, saving the Summit from collateral damage. Goliah had done as Juri instructed, and let go. His giant body fell forward from exhaustion, falling face-down on the Summit floor. The Sumit slid down the mountain, carried by snow. The Summit would soon pick up speed. It would be up to Juri to keep the snow forming to land at the base of the Summit.

    "BOMB BOMB MUSCLE ENGINE!!"- Torque screamed
    "SKY SPLIT!!!"- Icarus voice hollered
    "KAZEGON!!!"- Omega's voice roared

    Torque appeared in front the Titan's head, fists cocked back. Arms steaming, the Fleet Admiral launched a flurry of powerful punches, all hitting their mark one after another. Above the Titan's head appeared a man draped in a golden hue. Holding a beautiful Bhuddist staff, Icarus brought it down. A giant golden blade of light came down on the Titan's head. A woman glowing green appeared in front (not affront) of the Titan's chest, and a ball of wind was thrown towards the Titan. The ball of wind exploded on his body, creating a tornado that tried to tear through its skin.

    The Titan roared in apparent pain, before stumbling back. Torque would find that everytime his fist would hit the Titan's face, it would tear off a piece of hardened magma, slowly revealing fire within. Slowly, however, the skin was replaced by more skin, almost like logia, as more magma rolled in. For a split second, Torque could see it. The few punches that did hit the meaty center of the Titan's face were met by roars of pain, and only those. The others were not. The golden blade and tornado met the same fate, blowing off the skin and causing damage, only to be re-formed.

    Before Torque would finish his attack, he'd theoretically feel a large hand impact him from above. Stumbling back but arching its giant hand upwards, the Titan aimed to swat Torque away like a fly, burning his back in the process. The very impact would create a shockwave to blow Torque against the Summit mountain. Volcanic eruptions occurred on the Titan's chest and the top of his head, engulfing OMega and Icarus. The two could be seen falling from the Sky, trying to regain composure from the damage and come back into the fray.

    Inside Irra - Dining Hall
    The Ancients Awaken - Leanne's Identity!

    [Leonard | Roku]

    In the Dining Hall, Queen Aphrodite of the Sea had ordered her men to seize the woman, later to be revealed named Leanne. The Queen seemed visibly upset, for the first time. To Roku, it seemed that she was once calm because she knew exactly what was happening. This development seemed unexpected. Queen Aphrodite lifted Leanne's head, staring into her eyes. The woman's white eyes stared back, seemingly drowned in sorrows. Her tongue spoke the name of Pandora, over and over again. Soon, Aphrodite turned to the human next to her, Johhny, and screamed at him. The mermen pointed their weapons at him but held from attacking.

    When Roku interjected, Aphrodite quickly snapped back.

    "Don't toy with me, Roku! Look at her eyes!
    Thy knows better than I. There is one voice that stands above all else in the Sky.
    Emperors come and go, but one stays the same. One whose word is taken as law, as fate.

    The Oracle.
    And this child stands to take the throne of Fate."
    - Aphrodite said, responding to Roku

    Aphrodite turned back to Johhny. The young man had risen his sword, causing the mermen to tighten their weapons. His Eisen sword, however, would be pointed to Leanne. Spirit flowing through him, Johhny declared that he saved the young woman because of her actions. He cited the woman fought against what was going on outside. Johhny called to the rescue of his daughter and declared his anger. He rose up in a battle stance, and a single merman appeared in front Aphrodite. Mermen different from the rest. The armored merman held a trident across, in the middle of Aphrodite and Johhny. If Johny had any sign of mantra, he'd feel his power at least vice-admiral levell. Xing felt a tap on his shoulder, and he lowered his trident.

    Aphrodite pulled him back gently and spoke.

    "Thy remind me of a great friend, but a better enemy.
    His heart never wavered, yet his stupidity led him to regret. Ignorance was his only weakness.
    Follow my words out of your ignorance, human."
    - Aphrodite said before the camera whirled into her eyes

    Spoiler: Flashback
    Quote Originally Posted by Flashback
    The camera whirled into a flashback, illuminating the ruins of a underwater city. Bodies of mermen littered the ruins, sticking out of buildings and across the ground. From the Sky fell two people, both badly injured. A young merwoman held a young Skypian by the throat and drove him into the ground. After the dust settled, the young merwoman held the Skpian down. The camera zoomed into the young man's face. The Skypian tried to catch his breath, struggling against the grip of the merwoman. With a beautiful call, two giant seakings appeared at the merwoman's side, causing the buildings to collapse.

    The young Skypian stopped struggling and spoke.

    "Today shan't be my last breath, Princess Aphrodite. Ye won't send me to your gallows.
    Cause ye feel my heart beating, soul restless. It shall not be abridged. It shall not be quelled.
    Ye asked why I attacked the Sea. Why I betrayed ye' call of peace.

    My people suffer. The curse to defeat the Father is too much of a cross to bear.
    The Oracle say it's the only way to quell the Titans. B-b-b-ut, I can't. A child's life is too high a price.
    Y-y-ye power, my princess. Myself need it. P-p-please.

    The cycle cannot continue.
    - the young Skypian screamed, his words with passion

    The Skypian's voice echoed, and the very ground he laid on shook as a response. The Seakings beside Aphrodite began to tremble, to recede back, as a wave of spirit was released to the surroundings. Aphrodite's eyes widened. She looked around her, to the bodies of her men. Aphrodite's breath quickened before she pulled out a dagger from her fin. Her hands trembled as she brought the dagger above the Skypian's face. The man gave an innocent smile, before speaking softly.

    "Today shan't be my last breath, Princess Aphrodite. Ye won't send me to your gallows.- confidently said the Skypian
    "YES, I WILL!!!"- Princess Aphrodite screamed, bringing the dagger down

    The camera whirled out of the flashback as the dagger came down.

    "But I didn't."- Queen Aphrodite whispered, finishing her story

    The camera whirled into the dining hall. Leanne had her head bowed. When she heard the Queen speak of a child's life, she began to shake. Her eyes began to shine brightly. When Queen Aphrodite finished, a light enveloped Leanne. Suddenly, a white shockwave came from her body, blowing the merman soldiers off her. A white light enveloped her, creating a wind gale blew the mermen soldiers back, all but Xing and Aphrodite, who fought against the wind. The light lifted Leanne up, her head bowed down and eyes closed. Gliding three meters above the ground, clothes now white, Leanne slowly opened her eyes.

    "This is the result of your ignorance, human!
    The cycle will continue through her!"
    - Aphrodite hollered, her voice barely above the wind

    Roku knew of the Sisters of Fate, but of myth. They were the ones the Oracle prayed to. Deitys of the Oracle theology. Myth, to be sure. Now, however, it seemed that the myth was based on something more real. Leanne pointed her palm towards Aphrodite, before a white beam shot out, human-sized. She would move her hand from Aphrodite to Roku, it aiming to engulf them. The beam would have enough power to match a Buddha shockwave.

    What was going through Leanne's mind? What was her goal? Her power overflowed, but her spirit stayed the same. The same spirit that Johhny knew, that he saw, that accompanied him to the funeral of the Skypian spared by Aphrodite; Oldgate.

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    The Summit - Base of Summit
    The Ancients Awaken - The Labyrinth
    [Seizen | Unknown Man]

    Seizen had made his decision to continue on with the next mission for increased profit. As such he followed the mysterious man as he was led to a large mural. The mural depicted a large maze, a Skypian, and a minotaur. The mysterious man would inform Seizen that the Skypian depicted on the mural was known as Daedalus and that after being angered by his comrades, he had taken away the power to slay Titans and hid it inside a box known as Pandora's Box that was then hidden inside the maze. Afterwards the man informed Seizen that to acquire the Box, he would need to follow the original Fallen angel Scylla, pass through the Sisters of Fate, make a choice in regards to someone named Icarus, and finally the wealth he had been promised would be his. Hearing this, Seizen had some reservations when he heard he would have to follow Scylla since when he had last seen her, it seemed to him that she had betrayed them after turning into a more monstrous form and Seizen no longer trusted her and as such, he asked the mysterious man for clarification.

    Scylla? I was under the impression that she had turned on us after transforming into a form similar to those giant Fallen guardians we had previously seen. Can we really trust her?

    While waiting to see if the mysterious man would give any clarification in regards to Scylla, the man would snap his fingers to cause the mural to move out of the way to reveal a corridor that seemed to lead out of the cave. Regardless of what the man might say about Scylla, Seizen would move through the corridor until he exited at a place at the mouth of the Summit. The area seemed to have grown even more chaotic and apocalyptic as Seizen observed. While continuing to observe the carnage, running footsteps coming closer caught Seizen's attention. Turning toward the sound as he moved to grab his from his back, Seizen then noticed a familiar figure running towards him. It was Reggie who he had thought had been previously captured though something must have happened during that time as he was now missing a hand that had somehow been replaced with a robotic one. Before he could ask what had happened to Reggie, a loud sound echoed throughout the surroundings which caused Seizen to look up and see a rockslide of volcanic rocks come falling down toward Seizen and Reggie.

    Before they could engulf him, Seizen would use his chains to grapple away from the rockslide. Whether Reggie could dodge those rocks was solely up to him as Seizen's attention was drawn toward two figures that came crashing down. Seizen would recognize them as the Priest Meepoman who had transformed into a giant fox and the recently transformed Scylla who both seemed to be fighting each other. Seizen did not move to intervene at this time and instead decided to observe what was happening from his vantage point for the time being.

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    Irra's attack clashed with the Titan's, and she was swatted out of the sky. The shockwave that accompanied the Titan's attack was of astronomical proportions, and Irra was forced backward - even her Geppou failing to resist the force. Sent in a downward spiral, Irra used Kamisori to get a hold of herself and landed acrobatically back on the summit, skidding almost to the edge. As aforementioned, when she landed, she landed in her normal form, so as to not come down like a behemoth on a summit that was a safety footing for a number of others. Luckily, she managed to destroy the Titan's meteor, and saved the summit from certain destruction. Irra knelt down, breathing heavily and visibly exhausted from having had to clash with the Titan directly, twice. Luckily, most of her firepower came from weapons and not her own strength, so she would recover her stamina rapidly. At that point, the summit was sliding down the snowy slope, thanks to Juri, and Irra would be able to regain her composure. Torgue was now on the frontlines as well, so that gave Irra time to focus a little bit on what was going on inside of her body.

    Sitting down onto the floor, Irra started to inhale deeply and then exhale, repeating that for a while to rest. She observed the battle against the Titan, but her foremost attention went onto what was going on inside of her castle. The tensions were rising, and both Johnny and Leanne were in danger. Queen Aphrodite warned of the danger that Leanne was, but Johnny wanted to keep her safe for his own selfish reasons. However, before any could so much as lay a hand on Leanne, a white energy engulfed the woman and she rose up into the air. Like a goddess of sorts, Leanne awakened, and she pointed the palm of her hand toward Queen Aphrodite. From the palm of her hand, a beam of light came, aiming to engulf both Queen Aphrodite and Roku. From the stone floor in front of Queen Aphrodite and Roku, a golem of stone rose, raising its arm to block the beam. The golem of stone was slightly reminiscent of Irra, making it relatively possible that it was, indeed, Irra, or a part of her. The stone golem kept increasing in size until its hand was big enough to clench the beam and disperse it. The golem of stone now towered over Leanne, and Johnny by extension, staring down at the woman.

    ''What is the meaning of this?

    I let you into my castle for safety, not to fight.

    The stone golem said, its eyes glaring.

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    Inside Irra - Dining Hall
    The Ancients Awaken - Leanne's Identity!

    [Johnny | Roku | Irra]

    The mermen raised their weapons at Johnny, and black clouds poured out of his Eisen Sword in response. But he did not attack. Instead, the clouds poured out like water, gentle but firm, and twisted around him. The end took on the shape of a dragon once more, coiled around the air around Johnny, ready to defend from any attack from any angle. But no attack came. A merman with an impressive aura that had stepped in front of the old merwoman lowered his weapon, and Johnny noted that the merwoman pulled him back. Then she adressed Johnny.

    "Thy remind me of a great friend, but a better enemy.
    His heart never wavered, yet his stupidity led him to regret. Ignorance was his only weakness.
    Follow my words out of your ignorance, human."

    She told a story, and Johnny's feelings wavered, but he shook his head. When he spoke to the merwoman, his voice was filled with sadness.

    "My stupidity has already led me to regret, Sea Queen. That's why I came back. So I wouldn't add any more to my already heavy heart."

    Before any more could be said, a burst of light suddenly emitted from Leanne. Almost immediately, a shockwave knocked all the mermen that had accosted her away. Her body was enveloped in light, and a gale blew throughout the hall, leaving only the Queen, the merman who had stood in front of her, and Johnny, who was holding onto his hat with his other hand to make sure it didn't get blown away while he struggled to maintain his position. Leanne slowly rose into the air, and the Queen shouted at Johnny, but he ignored her. So what if he was ignorant? He couldn't help it. Not like there was a guide to all the bullshit happening in the Sky this past hour.

    Leanne raised a hand towards the Queen and a beam of light shot out. However, a golem of stone rose up in front of the merwoman and intercepted the beam. It grew to incredible size and questioned them on what was going on. Johnny could only sigh.

    "The meaning of this? I wish I knew. But I know nothing. Feels like I never did."

    With that, Johnny lashed out with his Eisen Sword. The Eisen Dragon darted out and attempted to wrap around Leanne, seeking to bind her arms to her body. He then pulled her toward him. He could feel it. Despite this weird new transformation, he could still feel the woman he'd met in the city of Erie.

    "Leanne, listen to me! I don't know what's going on with you, but remember! This woman isn't your enemy, that giant thing out there is! You came here to try and stop that thing from coming, right?! Like Dionys?! You wanted to prevent it from happening! It's not too late! It may be here, but so are a bunch of powerful people from all over the world, from the oceans to the heavens and everywhere in between! We can fight that thing out there, but not alone! So don't do this!"

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    The Summit - Mountain

    Fist after fist after fist, Torgue exploded his punches to blow away the Titan's defenses and reveal the juicy bits that actually hurt when touched beneath. Icarus and Omega both struck in tandem with Torgue, and their efforts combined had managed to do some actual damage to the Titan by destroying the outer layer of armor to expose the light beneath. The Titan wailed and groaned when the trio hit the light beneath and started to stumble backwards. They were hurting it.

    But then Torgue felt a giant force hit him from above and knock him out of the sky. The Titan's hand sent him rocketing to the side of the mountain where the summit had previously been, causing the side to crater around Torgue and him to create an imprint of his body in the center. Icarus and Omega were caught in a volcanic blast that sent them falling with smoke trailing from their bodies. Steam wisped away from Torgue's body that was red with heat from his burns.

    Torgue pulled himself out of his crater and spotted Omega and Icarus trying to recover while falling. With a blast of his feet, Torgue sent himself flying through the air, utilizing his Bomb Step to propel himself forward. He moved to catch Icarus and Omega in his arms, wrapping them with one arm each one after the other, and then carrying them to the nearest foot hold where they could sit and catch their breath.

    "Guys, I only have one question for you. WHAT THE F(bleep)CK IS THAT THING AND WHY DOES IT HAVE A HATE BONER FOR EVERYONE?!"

    The Summit is Falling
    Juri, Irra

    Goliah let go of the Summit and hopped on top, allowing it to fall while he caught a breather. Holding up such a large and heavy construct was taxing even for a giant such as he. The Summit began to fall, or rather, slide down the mountain. Juri was surprised herself at how she had managed to successfully pull off the stunt. But they weren't out of danger, not by a long shot.

    The Summit continued to slide down the ramp pathway Juri constructed, and it picked up some speed. Constantly producing snow and constructing it into a pathway for the summit to ride on wasn't easy, not to mention tiring. Nonetheless, Juri persisted and continued to construct a path for the Summit to slide down. She made the path take the direction of the shortest path to the ground or nearest large area where they could somewhat safely stop. As soon as she found a suitable stopping place, she would move to put the Summit down there.

    Continuing her snow path, Juri would level out the Summit and guide it to where it was flat on the ground. She would then make it so that there was excess snow in front of the construct so that it had to slow down. She kept on adding more and more snow to cushion the landing and stopping of the construct until she brought it to a halt.

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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Isla del Encanto
    The Mountain
    The Ancients Awaken - The Titan!


    The four sent reeling, the Titan's roar subsided, now taking a step towards the falling Summit. It seemed unmoving, with an unnerving resolve. Icarus and Omega fell in a ball of fire before they were swooped up their feet. Admiral Torque had caught the two, landing on the side of the Summit Mountain, on the mouth of a cave. The two immediately released themselves from Torque, each turning to the Admiral. Icarus seemed to be preoccupied with the Titan who took a step towards them. Omega, however, looked into Torque's eyes.


    The young woman balled her fist, before bringing her right hand towards Torque. The wind whirled beneath her sleeve.

    "Stop, Omega. We need him. If we don't control άδης, the Father will return, and the Sky shall once again fall into despair.
    You remember the bedtimes stories as much as I. Of how Raizen and the Titans ruled the lands in oppression.
    It was Oldgate and Majuro that used Pandora's power to defeat them and imprison them forever.

    Today, human. The hate you brought to the Sky must have set them free.
    The collective hate felt by the Sky after seeing their heart and soul, reached the heavens above.
    It is you and that woman's job to fix it."
    - Icarus said, revealing the call of the Titans

    Omega had lowered her hand. She turned to the Titan, who slowly approached. It was the hate of the people of the Sky, summoned by Torque and Irra, that released the Titans. The story that explained the Titans would be familiar. Torque had heard it once before. The camera would whirl, taking Torque back to Sand Sand Peaks, where Grandma Flexington, or rather Priest Meepoman, engaged him in battle. At the time it seemed to be another droning on, speaking lies. Now, Priest Meepoman's words in Sand Sand Peaks seemed to have been true. The Sins of the Father. (yes, I've been planning this **** since then). Icarus would interrupt once more, as he bent his knees.

    "Torque, take this not as forgiveness. Once this is over, you shall pay with blood.- Icarus whispered
    "FIND ITS CORE AND DESTROY IT! LET'S GOOOOO!!!! "- Omega hollered, the ground erupting below them

    The ground below the three exploded outward, and a surge of wind blew the three towards the Titan. A sphere of wind carried the three towards the Titan's chest. This time, Icarus movements and Omega's movements followed Torque's closely, as if working in tandem. The Titan roared, bringing its hands affront him, at the ready.

    The Mountain
    The Ancients Awaken - The Titan!

    [Irra | Ichimonji | Juri]

    The Summit slid down the side of the mountain. Snow acted as an impediment until the Summit hit the base of the mountain. The impact, though lessened by sand, rocked the Summit whole. Half of the pillars fell, some on top of Goliath. Xang immediately rushed over to Goliath. Somehow, they had pulled it off. A roar signified the Titan getting closer to the mountain. Torque could be seen flying towards the mountain way above the Summit, looking like a dot. Irra had taken a breather, sitting down at the base of the Summit. Juri had seemed to take a breather as well. New Fallen soldiers climbed the Summit, now grounded, and began attacking the group.

    Ichimonji began to cut down the fodder soldiers while speaking towards Juri and Irra.

    "Both of ye! I have a plan! And I don't care about ye differences!
    Today we work together! LISTEN UP!"
    - Ichimonji said, drawing attention to himself while working on the Fallen soldiers

    Ichimonji referenced Juri and Irra's exchange after the Fall of Majuro and Oldgate, where their differences could still not be put aside. Could Irra and Juri put their differences aside and work together? Was that even possible? The swordsman seemed to have changed from before. Irra and Juri could feel the killing intent of a warrior within. Awakened. Irra's words had released the dormant warrior. Ichimonji began to speak, informing them of the plan. The swordsman told them of how they needed to attack the Titan from both inside and outside. He referenced Torque, Icarus, and Omega as attacking the outside. It was a wild idea, but Ichimonji did not waver in his conviction.

    "It will take all of my vitality, but I shall summon Olympus's Phoenix.
    To sever the Titan momentarily and allow ye both a second to infiltrate.
    Juri, you will need to protect ye both from the fires within with your snow.

    Once inside, find the Titan's core. We shall hit it from the outside and inside!"
    - said Ichimonji

    Springing from the Summit, Ichimonji rushed the Titan, running on the scorched ground. The man began to glow, and the aura of a phenix appeared behind him. Assuming, but not determining, that Irra and Juri put their differences aside, Ichimonji would ask them to put their power on his blade. Above them, Torque, Icarus, and Omega rushed the Titan at chest-level.

    Inside Irra - Dining Hall
    The Ancients Awaken - Leanne's Identity!

    [Leonard | Roku]

    Guided by holy light, Leanne was lifted up into the air. Her eyes glowed white, and the air around her contorted. Something had taken over, and the woman that was once on her knees stood above them all. With rage, the woman lifted her hand, it glowing. White light concentrated on her palm before it exploded outwards. The white beam sought Roku and Aphrodite. The ground shifted in response, and a golem rose up. The palm that took the beam was utterly destroyed, but the golem kept building in size until its size overwhelmed the beam. The golem stood in front the group, declaring an explanation.

    It received something else. A ball of white light suddenly appeared on the golem's abdomen, the loud crack signifying the break of the sound barrier. The ball would explode outward, to the golem's size. It would have the capability to destroy it on a molecular level. The white light forced Aphrodite and Xing to cover their eyes. The woman kept rising, extending her palms upwards, with two more white balls taking form. Suddenly, Johhny sent out his Eisen dragon. It wrapped around the white light that surrounded Leanne. The Eisen Dragon would find the white light acted as an armor of sorts; reminiscent of color of armor, but outward. The dragon pulled Leanne closer, but she only pointed her palm towards Johhny.

    But Johhny interjected.

    "You came here to try and stop that thing from coming, right?! Like Dionys?!"- Johhny screamed
    "Dionys? A weapon that can be used in peace..."- Leanne whispered, a phrase that would be familiar to Johhny

    It was momentary, but clear. Upon hearing the name 'Dionys', Leanne's eyes flickered from white to her normal pearl red. The white light that surrounded her began to fade. Suddenly, a trident soared past Leanne's head. The woman had tilted her head, and the trident narrowly missed its mark, passing her cheek. Leanne brought her finger to her cheek, before staring at the blood it recovered from the cut on her cheek. Behind Leanne, Xing panted, with Aphrodite behind him. Suddenly, Leanne's eyes turned white again, and the white light began to whirl once more, with even more fury.

    "RAHHHHHHH!!!!!!- Leanne screamed

    Pushing Johnny's dragon back, the white light compacted to form a humanoid figure, akin to Leanne. The figure disappeared, appearing between Aphrodite and Xing, kicking bot to the end of the room, an explosion following. The real Leanne had extended her palms outward. From it shot dozens of palm-sized white blasts. Leanne spun, shooting the blasts all over the area, leaving little area to dodge. The attacks would be mini-shockwave balls, though not as strong as the ones used against the golem. Roku, Johhny, Aphrodite and Xing would be the targets.

    The Sister of Fate was furious.
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    The summit slid down the slope, Juri's seemingly endless snow helping in this endeavor. As the summit was sliding down the slope, Irra's eyes never left the Titan, as well as those fighting it, namely Torgue, Icarus and Omega. It looked like they had their hands full, and Irra figured the Titan still had more to show, so things looked grim. However, before long, the summit would stop its descent, and Ichimonji would be the one to start the offensive for this party. Unsheathing his swords, Ichimonji spoke, telling Irra and Juri to put their differences aside, and to help bring the Titan down. Irra stood up, and even though things were all sorts of crazy inside her own castle, she had to focus on the Titan for now. She started to walk toward the edge of the summit, while addressing what Ichimonji said.

    ''I don't intend to forgive anything, but I'm not so stupid as to fight Juri now, with that big lump of lava going around. You can consider me an ally, if you wish, but don't expect me to do anything extra. My only focus will be the offensive.''

    Irra said. In other words, Irra would help bring the Titan down, but that was all, and it would not be wise of a Marine to expect Irra to go as far as to go out of her way to save a Marine's life, even in this situation. As such, they were together on the offensive, but every man and woman was for themselves as far as keeping themselves safe was concerned. At that point, Ichimonji took off, running on the scorched ground toward the Titan. At the same time, Torgue's party was up in the air, flying toward the Titan at chest level. Irra sprung off of the summit as well, using Kamisori at first to catch up to Ichimonji, and then running next to him while matching his speed.

    ''What do you need me to do?''

    Irra asked - the two were friends, but they had not fought many battles alongside one another, so they would still have to communicate with words. All parties were converging on the Titan, and it was clear that a big assault was under way.

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    The Summit - Base of Summit
    The Ancients Awaken - The Labyrinth

    [Seizen | Reggie | Scylla | Unkown Man]

    "Trust...? Do ye really trust those around ye, human? Myself?
    Daehehehehe. Trust is none around bandits. Go forth and find Pandora."
    - the figure said, as the rock fixture closed

    The long winding hallway led to the outside. Seizen would find himself at the bottom of The Summit Mountain, witness to a charred land. In the distance, the Titan could be seen, too high to see past the clouds on its waist. Explosions signaled the Titan fighting. Suddenly, a crack would echo from above. Meepoman held Scylla against the mountain before the woman blew him away in a holy light. The impact caused the mountain to slide, towards Seizen and Reggie, who just appeared a few yards away. Seizen would use his chains to evade the rockslide but would find the impact would push him back. If he was attentive, Seizen would notice Reggie did not move. The volcanic rockslide claimed him, burying him in volcanic rocks surrounded by lava. Reginald was buried in what would be a small mountain.

    "Pandora will fall today. The Ancients will reign!"- Scylla hollered
    "Majuro spirit flows through us! The Father shall fall again!"- Meepoman responded, before inhaling deeply

    Scylla stood across from Meepoman, both giant-sized. Seizen would have ended up a few yards away from them but seemed not to be noticed. With the last words, Meepoman took a deep breath. His mouth crackled with electricity, as a large ball of fire appeared. With a mighty roar, the ball of fire exploded outwards. Scylla cocked her arms back, before bringing them forward. A likewise giant beam of light exploded outward. The collision created a large-scale explosion of fire and electricity, engulfing both of the giant monsters. Seizen would also be in the explosion's grasp. After the dust had settled, both beings appeared on their knees, panting.

    Another large bang echoed. In the distance, about a kilometer away, the hall of the Summit had landed in the base of the Summit mountain. If Seizen looked up, he'd see a path of snow that slid the hall of the Summit from the top of the mountain to the bottom. From the hall of the Summit ran Ichimonji, Irra, and Juri. The three ran towards the Titan, with killing intent on them. Licking their wounds, both giant monsters slowly got up. Assuming, but not deciding, Seizen survived the explosion, the question was his next move. Help Scylla, Meepoman, the Titan, the three, or do nothing at all? From the darkness around him , normal-szied Fallen soldiers appeared, slowly approaching. He'd have to decide soon.

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    Inside Irra - Dining Hall
    The Ancients Awaken - Leanne's Identity!

    [Johnny| Roku]

    As Johnny talked to her, he began to see that he was indeed getting through to her. Even though she had pointed one of her palms at him, he did not falter. He knew she could come back to her senses. Unfortunately, they shared company with fools. One of the mermen threw his trident at her, narrowly missing her head but close enough to nick her cheek. Johnny whirled to see who did it.

    "You idiot! Hold your-"

    Leanne's scream cut him off, and he turned back to see her eyes once again go white with light.

    "Leanne! Wait!"

    The light burst forth from her body, forcefully uncoiling the Eisen Hydra from around her. Johnny quickly brought it back and turned it into a wall as Leanne began to unleash energy bolts in all directions. A second Eisen Hydra formed and snaked out along the ground toward the Sea Queen, transforming into a second wall of haki-enhanced ironcloud once it reached her. Johnny also darted around, keeping his wall between himself and Leanne, as he hurried to the Sea Queen's side. Once he reached her, the two walls would merge into one, becoming bigger and thicker. Johnny turned to the Sea Queen.

    "I nearly brought her back! Keep your men in check, Sea Queen, or we might have been better off out there in front of that titan!"

    Johnny once again turned his attention to Leanne.

    "Leanne! Please! Remember why you came here! What you fought for! What Dionys fought for! What we all need to fight for!"

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