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    From Irra, Sensui flew out in anger, his body clad in a beam of light. He charged the Oracle, but failed to finish her off. The Oracle was calm, unwavering, as if she had no fear for the people that were currently after her. Everyone gathered. Roku, Queen Aphrodite, Xing, and Leanne exited Irra's castle, Ichimonji, Omega, Icarus, Fleet Admiral Torque, Juri converged on the area as well. Johnny demanded answers, as did Sensui, and the Oracle complied. She told the real story of the Sky, and foretold what was to come. The Oracle's story was perhaps cut short by the sudden emergence of three black portals, and an unknown woman, at least, unknown to Irra, immediately darted for one of the portals, disappearing in a flash of light. Normally, Irra would have stopped such an escape, or at least made a good attempt, but she was incapable at this point in time, due to her exhaustion.

    When Scylla disappeared, the Oracle urged Johnny to enter one of the portals as well, and find the key. His daughter. Maeve. Whether Johnny did that or not, Irra finally stood up and walked up to the Oracle. She wanted one of her own questions answered, as well.

    You said that the strands of fate cannot be moved by a mortal. Roku told me that my daughter would be a victim of my rage.

    It is in my nature to fight the World Government, and that is something that will never change. What danger lurks around my Lyza?

    Irra questioned, determined to continue her personal story, but ready to alter her way of doing things if it meant Lyza would be safe.

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    [Johnny | Irra | Seizen]

    Seizen hardly took notice of the new arrivals and their actions toward the Oracle who readily dealt with the new occurrences. Ignoring the newcomers nor bothering to introduce himself to them, Seizen dispassionately listened to the Oracle as she gave a summary of this place's history. While most of the information held no importance to Seizen as it did not pertain to his mission, eventually the Oracle got to the most important part: revealing the appearance of the one deemed as the current Pandora and that she would need to be sacrificed. That was somewhat contrary to what Seizen had been told. The mysterious man had only said to retrieve Pandora's Box yet he did not mention that the Box was in fact a person and that they could be killed in order to kill the Titans. Did the mysterious man not tell him the full details of the mission because he feared that Seizen would renege if he knew everything? If so then it was darkly amusing to Seizen that the mysterious man had no trouble planning the desecration of bodies yet hesitated in mentioning killing a child to an assassin which caused Seizen to mutter quietly to himself...

    Interesting. It seems my associate should have clarified the mission. This is no longer an acquisition mission but a termination one.

    Meanwhile after showing everyone the appearance of Pandora, three black portals appeared in the distance which seemed to be some sort of signal as Scylla immediately rushed toward them as a bright light briefly flashed before fading away to reveal the portals were now white as if they had been activated. As such, without bothering to interact with the others, Seizen made his way toward the portals before deciding to enter the middle one.

    It seems Scylla really was a key.

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    Seemed Johnny wasn't the only one that was angry. Sensui went off at the Oracle, filled with rage. Johnny could understand the fishman very well. But despite his rage, Sensui did not strike the woman down. Other figures soon joined them, encircling the Oracle. Despite how high profile some of them were, Johnny's focus did not leave the Oracle for a second. She turned to him, and finally she would tell them what was going on. She told a story, a story about the history that had brought today's events down upon their heads. She ended her story and turned to Leanne, who was back to her old self. But the Oracle wasn't finished.

    "There is one hope for the Sky. Pandora.
    That is the 'Light of Your Eyes'. And I speak not of you, granddaughter Leanne.
    I speak of the 'Light of Your Eyes', Johhny Ridden.

    The Titan Daedelus needed a source powerful enough to house the power to defeat the Titans.
    There is only one force that is strong enough; a Mother's Love. We call that power, Pandora.
    Every few decades, the power of Pandora, holding Daedelus power, awakens.
    Once every few decades, a mother will give the ultimate sacrifice. In giving life to her child, the mother will give her own life.
    A love unlike any other. A power unlike any other, enough to fell a Titan.

    The ultimate sacrifice. Death at childbirth."

    Johnny turned pale, mouth open slightly in shock.

    " can't..."

    Johnny stammered his words, unable to speak. The Oracle raised a hand and conjured an image. Johnny nearly dropped his Eisen Sword when he saw it. A young girl in chains, little more than a child. Her beautiful face marred by a large scar, but even so, he knew. He knew who she was. His little girl, Maeve. He whirled on the Oracle, black clouds pouring from the Eisen Sword into a sword that pointed at the old woman's throat.

    "What.......WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LITTLE GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?!"

    "The only way to save the Sky is through Pandora.
    The only way to save the Sky is through your daughter's sacrifice."

    The Oracle didn't waver. Distracted by his anger, he didn't notice that portals had sprung up around them until some stranger ran to them. He turned to see a bright flash of light, and when it dimmed it seemed the portals were activated. He turned to the Oracle, then turned back and chose the portal on the right.

    "Find Maeve inside. Find Pandora inside Daedelus's Labyrinth.
    Be quick. Do not fail, like Diyonis before you."-

    The Oracle spoke one more time, and Johnny turned to look at her, his face an impassive mask of rage. He said nothing and entered the portal unaware that someone else would move to another portal just after he did so.

    Faced with the Labyrinth before him. Johnny held his Eisen Sword before him. Multiple black tendrils poured out, and he entered the maze. The tendrils would move ahead of him, branching with each split in the path. If one of the tendrils reached a dead end, it would return, letting Johnny know which way not to go. As he moved, he thought back on his life. He'd lost his wife, his friends, his home. Nearly everything had been taken from him. And now he was told to kill his own daughter. It was laudable just how much life seemed to despise him. Nothing ever seemed to go right in his life, and when it seemed like it would, it just meant the fall was that much greater. He shook his head as tears began to pour out of his eyes again.

    "Why am I still here? Just to suffer?"

    Since he'd arrived, he'd decided to live for Maeve. If she died, he'd have no more purpose. Now people wanted her to die just for some stupid prophecy. Wasn't even a good one. But faced with this, Johnny wasn't in the mood to care anymore. They wanted to kill his little girl. If saving her meant the world would burn, then let it burn. From what he'd seen, it would burn itself anyway. Today had shown him that, even with their little prophecy, the Sky still burned. What was the point of sacrificing your own children just to 'hope' that you could stave off Armageddon for a couple of decades. If you were killing your own flesh and blood for that, then you deserved to burn. Even Oldgate had killed his own child, according to the Oracle's story. Johnny was just glad that Leana wasn't alive to hear that, or know about any of this. To discover your dream of peace was built on the blood and bones of your children,..... He didn't think she'd have been able to handle that. He certainly couldn't.

    As Johnny moved further in, he resolved himself. He'd find Maeve, take her away. He wouldn't let anyone hurt her any more. If it led to the world's destruction, so be it. But there were some powerful people on these seas. Maybe no one person could fight the Titans, but a weakling like him fighting together with Irra had been able to fight their weakened forms. If more powerful people gathered, and all fought together, then they'd stand a chance. So to hell with the Oracle and her prophecies, and to hell with anyone who followed them.

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    Was hoping to have a bit more time to think about what to write, but since Ichi needs to close the campaign soon I decided to throw something together and post it.

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    [Johnny | Irra | Seizen]

    The portals shimmered, showing Daedelus Labyrynth inside. There was a quaint silence. The Sky warriors looked to Johnny Ridden, to the revelation that his child was Pandora, and indeed the key. She was trapped inside of the Labyrynth; she was Pandora's box. History repeats itself, and it seemed that this time was no different. Johnny could now understand that Leanne's 'Light of her Eyes' was indeed Maeve. Her knowledge of Johhny's sword, of Dyonis, of Maeve, it all came from that connection. Like Johnny, Maeve was important to her. But time was quickly of the essence. The Oracle looked at the portals, urging the group to hurry. Slowly, but surely, the portals were closing.

    "What.......WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LITTLE GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?!"- Johnny screamed, seeing Maeve's face

    The man from the Blue Sea flew into a rage. The Sky was built on hypocrisy. The story was long, and untold. Johnny would find the true story inside of Daedelu's Labyrinth. But indeed, choices were made. Terrible choices that would haunt a soul even in death. History repeats itself. Determined to change the course of history, Johnny decided to go against fate. He was one of the firsts to charge the portals, the memory of his wife, branded in his sword, leading the charge. He would let the world burn for his child. In that moment, Johnny chose choice over the fate that the Oracle foretold. The strings of fate rarely waver. Johnny would fight even the Gods and the Titans for his daughter. Thus, he plunged into the Labyrinth, disappearing within.

    Ichimonji was the first to speak. He said he needed to stay behind and curate the Sky Council. After the revelation that it was blue-dwellers who felled Majuro and Oldgate, peace was but a stretch now. Omega and Icarus wasted no time, and each took the respective corner portals. Their bodies disappeared within. Seizen was next. His journey was not the Sky Warriors knew, but one most important. The man had been the one who sent the feed in the funeral and brought pandemonium. Seizen continued his mission, taking the words of his benefactor and jumping in the middle portal, disappearing within.

    The Revolutionary Irra came forth with her own agenda, her own Pandora. She had questions. The strands of Fate moved for no mortal. The Revolutionary's thirst for power was one with sacrifices. The Oracle's eyes whirled white upon Irra's question, looking to the strands of fate.

    "Thy strands of fate are intertwined with your daughter's, since birth.
    Lyza's strand of fate splits into several. Which one, even I do not know.
    I've told you before, chid. Choice is the only thing that blinds these eyes.

    Lyza's strands of fate all end in despair, each one worst than the next.
    There is a fate worse than death. Arthuria knows this fate very well.
    Pray tell, unless thy believes to be more than a mortal. Like your predecessors.

    Go. Try your hand at changing the strands of fate.
    The Sisters of Fate await within Daedelus Labyrinth.

    The Oracle gave Irra a choice. But was it a choice, or history already written? Was the Oracle writing history as she spoke? The answers would be found within. The Sky Warriors entered behind Johnny and Seizen. Leanne jumped in the portal Johnny went to. The Funeral of the Sky was the key for peace. The Sky watched to see if the races, if the Blue Sea, could coexist. In the funeral of those who had saved them, they sought peace. Yet, hatred had taken over the funeral. There was no peaceful resolution. The people could not put their differences aside, their hate aside. What was supposed to bring peace to the Sky, only awakened something terrible. The Titans were back with a terrible resolve. History had been written, but at a terrible price. Fate against those who would change it - inside of Daedelus's Labyrinth.

    The Oracle eventually stood alone, as the portals fizzled out. The rolling magma was the calm after the storm. Footsteps echoed behind the Oracle. A hooded figure stopped next to the Oracle. It was the mysterious man that had set Seizen in the mission to awaken the Titans. The Oracle gently turned, her face clad in a grin.

    "It is done, Daedelus. Humans and their emotions. Garahahahha.... How easy to manipulate.
    The Strands of Fate have been changed. We shall feast on Pandora's Box..."
    - the Oracle said, chuckling with glee

    "Yes.... we shall feast on the world's evils at day's end."- the man said, his voice maddening and dark


    Spoiler: OCC - ALL
    I hope you all enjoyed it! Feel free to send me a PM with your thoughts, good or bad, and with advice on how to make future IC better for y'all (besides better posting speed)! You guys were great!

    Thanks for playing!

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