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    Abyss Heights - Pit of Despair - Tryouts
    Hype, Yuki, Yami, Bbomb, Reiji and Ellie

    Kamina's display went rather unnoticed because of it's simplicity. A bullet to the center of one's head was not exactly impressive or unique. The perfection of the entry and the lack of actual metal substance inside the man's skull would go unnoticed except by the morgue. Whatever the case, someone didn't fail to disappoint. The slime creature proved almost immortal definitely making a marksman such as himself feel very uncomfortable but in the end they were on the same side so it matter not at least at this point.

    Kamina's audition wasn't the only one that went rather unnoticed by the leader of the group. Sentai Pink, the strange quirky woman a victim of sexism and a creator of invisible barriers. Reggie or the hood didn't display his abilities initially but when on the verge of being overlooked he turned a glass cup into liquid. Kamina didn't exactly understand how he did that but it was definitely a notable ability. Lastly, a heat wave entered the bar.
    Strange for a dark, wet, and cold town. Kamina's haki narrowed it down to a single man emanating all the heat. He could see the heat rays increasing the room's temperature in just seconds. The group had been chosen and their goal explained. Protect Krew and his crew while they mined crystals to power the town. Simple so it would seem. At first light they'd set out and meet him at the river's end.

    The group dispersed everyone to their own businesses. Kamina would find himself on a rooftop trying to think back until he passed out late that night. Next morning, he'd wake bright and early unfortunately haunted by childhood nightmares that had seemingly too place on days ago but when he came to his senses he'd realize the many many years that went by. Kamina hadn't spoken a word other than his name since last night and he'd hold his silence when he met Krew at the river's end.

    Krew was accompanied by metal robot miners and tank submarine. He was also adorned in a fancy metal armor that definitely did more than act as a mere armor. Kamina mounted though a little hesitant. He was more of a fresh air, high places type. 1000 meters under wasn't his sort of op but he was searching... searching for anything that would bring it all back.

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    Abyss Heights- Sentai Pink
    Her question was met with an answer. They would commence the operation in the morrow. To avoid the dangers that come with exploring at night. Surprisingly, all she would give in response was a nod. A rather calm gesture, given her recent exploits. She turned to face the group of people she'd be working with. There was a brief pause, as she were thinking of the right words to say. After a moment of this, she decided it best to leave anything she had to say until tomorrow. And so, she would head out of the bar. Her showy side emerged once more, and utilizing the same methods, she launched herself backwards, and after a series of backflips, found herself at the door. She opens it and takes her leave.

    Once away from prying eyes, she undoes her transformation. Now in her normal attire, she heads to the inn she managed to procure for herself. After checking in and having some dinner, she heads up to her room. Plopping on the bed, she instantly falls asleep. She wanted to be fully rested for whatever trials she would come to face tomorrow. When morning comes, she wakes up bright and early. After a shower, she gets dressed and heads downstairs. Enjoying a nice breakfast, she is finally ready to head to the meeting place. She heads to her room and transforms into Sentai Pink once more.

    The power that shields good from evil, Sentai Pink!

    When her transformation completes, she exits the building via her room's window. Jumping off of the still with one of her Grasshopper platforms, she travels across the town in a similar fashion. Bouncing from place to place. She would not even require a surface, as her barriers acted as if they were placed on a surface, despite being placed midair. To any of the group who arrived before her, they would note her odd, but effective means of travel. She lands in front of them with her typical flair, announcing her presence as she does.

    Sentai Pink reporting.

    She said, taking a pose that had her right arm crossed against her chest, as she held out her index and middle fingers, extending them past her left shoulder. She would then notice that the entirety of the group, aside from the chief and those he hired yesterday, were robots. Not only that, but the chief himself had on an interesting looking suit. It seemed a lot more bulky and cumbersome compared to her Sentai Pink suit though. The chief introduces the device that would be taking them into the depths. It was a vehicle that resembled a tank, but it was noticeably different compared to a standard tank. She boards the vehicle, and then announces to the group something important.

    Listen up! It's best if we stick together. I am capable of creating just one shield at a time. While the size of the shield can be quite large, it wont do if danger arises and we are all scattered. So if at all possible, I urge you, temporary comrades of mine, to stick together!
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    The events that took place within the Tavern would end that day. Underneath his clothing, every part of his body was burning a bright red. At least the parts that weren't visible. The group would meet tomorrow, today anyways would haunt him through the night as watched everyone leave. Leaving him behind with the bodies of two innocent men. Sure this place was a gathering of criminals, but no crimes were committed by any of the populace here except by those that were chosen to help Krew. He clenched his teeth hard enough to draw blood that boiled into a red steam before escaping his mouth. Quickly however, he had to remain calm. The floorboards under him was now charred. The cool, crisp air that normally found it's way to Abyss Heights would return. The man with the fireman's jacket had left the Tavern. He needed to recollect his thoughts if he were to confront the criminals he would be teaming up with. Having went to a hotel where he had checked in the day before, he looked at a massive clay gourd with a strap connected to it. It was clear that this was the only item he had with him. The contents unknown, but currently it was only half full. He would remove his clothing, they were caked with dirt and mud. The next day, there would be two mounds of dirt within Abyss Heights. Two fresh graves.

    The next day came, getting fully dressed he hoisted the gourd, the strap going from his right shoulder, crossing his torso and looping around the left side of his waist. Checking out of the Hotel, he walked towards the meetup spot. Walking along the riverside, his left hand was in his pocket. The water within the river would lift itself dancing in the air before entering the gourd on his back. His other hand, he simply seemed to be curling his fingers. But would soon stop once the gourd itself was full. Once he neared the group, images from the event of the day before arose in his mind. Just like those images, the water beside him would boil, releasing steam into the air. He will confront these killers before setting off. He needed to get that off his chest before doing anything. Or else he would pose a danger to everyone within the vicinity. His teeth clenching,
    the first he saw was the man named Kamina. It would have meant something in the criminal underworld. But to him, a new Marine who had done work as a firefighter before hand. It meant nothing. He saw that Kamina would hesitate before climbing into the tank. This Marine would ignore what Krew and his crew looked like, he was letting his anger get control of him as such he ignored Krew, the crew and even Reggie since he was an innocent. His body heat emanating from him as he went to reach for Kamina's ankle stopping close enough to just let the man feel the heat. His eyes looking at Kamina dead on, should the man raise his gun at him he would simply meet it was a bestial glare. "Kill another innocent in front of me, and not even ashes will remain", The marine stated. His words were calm, yet anyone close enough to hear could feel the blind fury behind them.

    His teeth still clenched, he withdrew his hand, making his way into the tank. He heard what Sentai Pink would say. His rebuttal, stepping close to her getting all in her face. He was challenging her authority which she had none. "Just like how that innocent man was protected by your barrier?!" Yes they were criminals, but in that instant. They had done no crimes before him and thus did not deserved to be punished the way they were. After asking Sentai Pink that rhetorical question, he walked to Uus, following up with what he had said earlier "If not for you! He'd still be alive!" Turning around, so that everyone's attention was on him. His voice raised, without warning the temperature rose like the day before. "How can you three protect Krew and everyone else here?! When because of you three, two men have already been killed in cold blood!!" He exhaled sharply. The tank was hot to the touch, but not hot enough to malfunction or not work properly. He was showing extreme control over his devil fruit prowess even if his emotion was all over the place. He seemed so indifferent, so unfazed yesterday. But this was who he really was. Someone who was passionate against crime. Calming down after a few moments, a few deep breaths would take place. The temperature returning to what it once was before he arrived. His body was still much warmer than the norm however.
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    Green Finale - Tor & Paf

    "Value is such a strange thing, isn't it. Everyone values something. But nobody can quite agree what it is."

    A soft voice intruded upon the spiderling, having abandoned the cyborg only moments after meeting it. The voice was calm and gentle; not a hint of hostility but a perpetual sense of eeriness would not elude the spider's keen senses. Mantra would find nothing, and sight would be useless. It was just... there.

    "What do you value, spider? Tasty flies? A long lost city? Perhaps a dusty corner to make your web?"

    A slight chuckle followed that last line. Suddenly; a point of origin for the voice. There was a boy, not much bigger than Paf, sitting some twenty feet away on a large rock jutting from the cavern walls. His attire was simple, and his face kind. His nose was long and pointy, very much like the large hat upon his head. He carried a fishing rod in one hand, a pipe in the other. He took a drag from the pipe. The tobacco was strong, but pleasant to smell. He looked at Paf with a childlike curiosity, awaiting an answer to his question. Would Tor join them? So many possibilities.

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    Abyss Heights - A Plan Up in Flames
    Hype, Yuki, Yami, Bbomb, Reiji and Ellie

    Krew and his Robot Miners waited outside the tank that would take his crew and his hired guardians down into the depths of the abyss. One by one, those hired would make their entrance. Reggie was the first to show up, but much like the night before, offered nothing worthwhile before the mission was to begin. An odd fellow for sure, but Krew thought nothing of it. He'd prove his worth soon enough. The Abyss wasn't a place where you could descend into it and survive on sheer luck alone. Next was Krew's favorite, Uus. The slime woman had easily proven her worth, and she seemed eager enough to participate. Without pause, the slime made her way into the tank, ready to set off once all the members had arrived. Kamina followed soon afterward, like a zombie, he walked into the tank. Sentai Pink showed up in her extravagant fashion, much like she did the day before. Her display of power wasn't as great as Uus, but what she did show was a drive to protect, something that Krew took seriously. The mission was to protect him afterall, and Sentai Pink seemed the only one set on that alone. Lastly, was the man in the Fireman's jacket. He seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder, and an attitude to boot.

    Never addressing Krew, the weird male went straight toward the tank, stopping Kamina before he could enter. The river beside him boiled, due to the immense heat wave that randomly appeared. These caverns weren't known for heat, so it was quite obvious that the bastard fireman was behind it, as Krew suspected the night before. He had hoped that the man would only use such heat when necessary, but it seems Krew misjudged him. He was a hothead, simple enough. After threatening Kamina, the fireman entered the tank. Krew quickly moved toward the door, he needed to tell the man to knock it off before it was too late. Inside, the man heated thoroughly, scolding Pink and Uus, whilst heating the tank to the point that even touching it heated up Krew's metal suit. Such heat, manifested from inside, was sure to overheat the tank, which it did. The trio inside would quickly see red flashing lights, and an alarm go off within the tank. Smoke filled the inside, and fumes emitted from outside. The tank's engine, had overheated, and it wasn't even turned on. Additionally, what the hothead hadn't realized was that the heat he emitted would surely heat the liquids in his gourd, which would likely cause it to boil over.

    "Are you F**KING kidding me!?!?" Krew shouted, motioning for those within the tank to get out of it.

    It was clearly overheating, and if Krew wasn't sure of it before, he was sure now that the Fireman was responsible for this particular setback. Once the trio inside made it outside, Krew himself would make his way inside the tank. He'd have to endure the heat for just a moment, checking pressure gauges and the source of the overheating. A short moment within, Krew had to activate coolants and heat sinks to dissipate the heat and smoke. It would take some time, but the tank would cool down, eventually. Storming out of the tank, the large, metal-clad man would eye the hired crew, specifically the Fireman.

    "Well... I hope you're happy. You're little b**chfit caused the tank to overheat. You literally had one job. One. F*cking. Job... JUST ONE!!! Make sure Krew get's down in one piece, and make sure Krew gets back in one piece. THAT'S IT!!! You're not here for some morality mission. You're not here to get revenge on the fallen. You have one job only, and you already blew it. For F*cks Sake.!!!"

    One would think it would be difficult to make a worse impression than your first impression, but the man in the Fireman's jacket had done just that. He had first terrorized the bar with his unbearable passion for heat, and now he almost ruined the mission with it again. Luckily Krew was able to save the tank, but now they need wait for it to fully cool down.

    "Here's the deal. We're gonna wait for this to cool down. I'm gonna need one of you to babysit ol hothead over there to make sure he keeps his attitude in check. Once the tank is cleared, we'll take off."

    Green Finale
    Tor and Paf

    Tor's response to Paf's question seemingly angered the Spider. She could not comprehend such a massive man made of machinery having no worth and no value. It was a mere misunderstanding. Tor did not mean that he had nothing to offer to society, or that he takes his body for granted. In Tor's mind, he could not give worth or value to something until it is complete. Tor wanted only to perfect his Karate, and be the best example of a Karateka that he could be. Only then would he have true worth; true value. Paf would retort that Tor should give himself to others to balance his negativity with positivity. At least, that's what Tor thought she said. Her simplistic speech was hard to grasp fully.

    "You misunderstand Tor..."

    The borg would begin to speak, but before he could get out what he wanted to say, the Spider leapt onto a wall, skittering away. Tor could still sense her, his electromagnetic sensory would aid in the matter, but again he was confused by her nature. The Spider was circling the walls of the cavern, and Tor would soon move to find out why. The large borg was slow to move, his body wasn't made for fast movement, at least for transportation. The Borg would sense another near Paf, and upon rounding the corner would see both the spider and the odd boy who spoke to her. The boy asked Paf what she valued, and Tor was interested to seeing what the Spider's response would be. Stopping short of the web, the tall borg would kneel down, sitting down on his legs. He placed his palms atop his knees, looking forward at Paf and the boy. He aimed to learn, as a Karateka gains inspiration from anything. If Tor were to answer the inquiry of what he valued, instead of what his value was, this situation would have been different.

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    The flamingo and the pink warrior would arrive, without much to speak of. Uus would smile, ever so lightly, at Pink's energy. It was going to be needed, for the abyss was always a dark place, metaphorically speaking. There was a lot of bad; chipper attitudes would be good for Uus. Yet there was one man who seemed to want to ruin everyone's day.

    The weirdo from the bar who barely did anything was suddenly lashing out. First he attacked Kamina, who Uus didn't even know killed anyone. It was a sudden thing, after all. Then, he ahd the nerve to attack the one ray of sunshine. Finally, he made his way to Uus, and Uus was certainly ready.

    "Who? The man who harassed Uus who is still alive? Uus did not kill him. Idi nahui, blin!"

    The hot headed heat man would get into Uus face and Uus would spit right back. Holier than thou as he was, she did not kill anyone. Yet, this hot potato headed man was implying just that. Uus recalls that the man "struggled until he was unconscious," putting him to rest for being a belligerent drunk. if only Shiro had decided to check for the man's pulse, he'd find a man who was knocked out.

    Instead, Shiro decided to throw a tantrum. Uus' eyes narrowed, annoyed this man was going off about protection when he didn't do jack squat. A dead man was as much his fault as it was Uus as it was the Sentai Pink's; a bystander pointing when he should only worry about his own sins.

    The heat that would erupt from Shiro would finally be linked by Uus. The heat in the bar, being more than it ever should have, and the heat now. Any could link the two together, but Uus was a physicist; her eyes only narrowed with even more annoyance.

    "Cyka, you are hot head who cannot contain self? Uus sees man who will destroy entire mission because tiny splinter gets stuck in his own ego. Peh." Uus' said, making a spitting motion but couldn't... because it was her body.

    Uus would only grumble as Krew also went off on the Hot Head. Constantly emitting heat like a steam vent, it would be no surprise that the area would become something super hot. Heat naturally traveled to cool areas. Thermodynamics. Microwaves. Conventional ovens.

    Once Krew was done, Uus would refuse to deal with the marine. Hypocrites made bad warriors and were poor to trust. However, she would offer her mist unique service as a slime; cooling.

    "Let Uus help cool. Uus may have burning passion, but Uus is also liquid... cooling."

    With that, Uus would begin to move into the tank's body, keeping her torso inside the tank through its crack while her head out, should Krew give her the thumbs up. Breathing in, she would begin doing what was, essentially, liquid cooling for computers and engine blocks. True, she could melt steel beams like a jet engine, but she could calm her hot slime enough to do just this.

    "Couldn't say, 'Uus like barrier person!' No. Uus get stupid blin screaming."
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    Hype - Yuki - Yami - Ellie - BBomb - Reiji

    He didn't need to wait long, as the rest of the people joining the expedition had quickly arrived. The first one to appear was Uus. He was surprised by the slimes figure. Due to his forgetful mind and the fact that the previous day he didn't pay much attention to the other members, Reggie forgotten how they all looked. Analyzing the slimewoman, he really was starting to like this mission. Soon after Kamina had arrived. Reggie didn't think much about him, except that he seemed a bit disturbed. It was the same thing for Sentai Pink, her fashion sense had made him feel a bit cringey. Too flamboyant for him, but nonetheless he decided to keep quiet. He didn't want to seem rude, or more precisely, he didn't want to attract attention on him. Then came Shiro. Now that one had left an impression on Reggie. The first thing he did was threatening Kamina. Reggie wasn't aware of what happened the day before, so he was a bit confused on why the man felt that threats were a good way to introduce himself. His great astonishment didn't end there. Shiro then decided to threaten Uus and Sentai Pink.

    "There are always hotheads where ever I go.."- He thought to himself as he looked at the interaction of Shiro and Kamina.

    Reggie the followed the team inside the tank. Thinking that the they would be moving soon, Reggie was ready to relax a bit. However, Krew's tantrum told him otherwise. He quickly understood that Shiro was behind the failing of the tank. Tilting his face from right to left, Reggie showed his disappointment in the matter. As Uus decided to help Krew in cooling down the tank, Reggie knew that Shiro needed to calm down. Looking right at him, Reggie revealed a smirk.

    "Yo Hot head,
    It might be best if you calm down a bit. I honestly don't care about your biff with the three little pigs over here, but don't ruining the mission for us.

    Saying those words to help calmed down Shiro, per usual Reggie's choice of words weren't the best ones for this type of situation. He then walked towards Sentai Pink and pulled out his right arm to handshake her. This was an attempt to make things better by introducing himself to the woman. However, this act may have had the opposite affect.

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    Abyss Heights Adventure- Sentai Pink
    Shortly after explaining her barriers some more, another of the hired protection would arrive. The man who sad so little on the day previous. He seemed to be rather furious at the casualty that happened yesterday. While it weighed on her heart, she knew there was no ill will from it. She was about to voice her condolences to the man, who seemed to be taking the death extra hard. However, before she could, he would voice a complaint to her. He shouted that her barriers did not protect that man. She thought for a moment about keeping her thoughts to herself but this man wasn't one who would let up if left alone. So she decided to speak up. However he had already receieved a talking to from both the slime girl Uus and the man who didn't kill anyone. Her voice and her tone was quite different. She was being very somber.

    ... I fight with no one who would call me an ally, and I fight many who would call me an enemy. I do so because I cannot stand injustice in the world. When I see people being taken advantage of, or wrongly accused or anything of the sort, my heart breaks. I regret what happened to that man, but the man you threatened just now... I truly feel he bore no ill will towards the victim, and that what happened was an accident...

    There was a brief pause before she would continue speaking, the somber tone from before would disappear. Her more flamboyant manner of speak would return, and she would continue.

    As for my barriers! You missed my explanation, so let me recap for you! I am restricted to one barrier at a time, and there is a limit to how large it can be. There was also the matter of the man being a good distance away from me, and the fact that I do not possess the Observational Haki that some do.
    With all of that said, let us begin our...

    She would stop her speech after the captain confronted the man about getting too hot headed and causing some damage to the vessel that would be taking them into the depths. He went on a rather angry rant, and ended with a request that someone babysit the hothead. She thought long and hard on the matter. She could handle the task, but would that be the best use of her abilities? She thought on this for quite a bit, and then decided to accept the job.

    I will still his flames. While I feel Miss Uus' abilities are better suited to deal with him, she does not possess the needed qualities one typically seeks for this kind of thing.

    She would wait next to the heat man, at a respectable distance. She was easily within striking range, should he start to act up again.

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    The Green Finale - The Edge

    It has been months since the Yonko warsong came to his end. The left over members of his crew scattered into the known world, choosing to live in the shadows for the remainder of their lives. Ironically those that managed to end the life of Warsong too finally met their end and they too vanished from the world. However weeks after the death of Bryanne a group of scavengers in the Green finale found a desolated house of wood and green vines. It was an old vacation house to Warsong where in the inside of this house one single letter was pinned on the wall. The scavengers did not hesitate and went to verify its authenticity. Afterwards the information within the letter went all around the world.

    "In the unlikely event that I have died, do publish this letter of mine. Or not, it's up to you.
    The Green Finale in the abyss beneath the Ocean itself lays a relic of an acient civilization. It's a secret that I have kept hidden to the world however from that place I only took one item with me. My famed cursed sword, the devourer. I found this blade at the second floor and returned back home. The dark secrets that were stored in that temple were too much for even me at that time. However I swore that day that one day I'd clear it with my crew. However if I have to believe that wandering card dealer I might never get the chance. So behold in the event that his words held truth, a map to find the place that gave me the power to conquer and destroy.

    Do you dare to follow in my footsteps?

    With this letter the birth place of that famed cursed weapon, the devourer, was known to the world. Who was strong enough to push through the green finale and into the edge of the explorable? Those that were strong enough to venture through these lands and had enough intel or money to buy a copy of this letter would all find themselves at the very same spot. A building deep within the woods, it's entrance high enough for even the biggest of humans.

    The home of the old Yonko was the starting spot. A trial of darkness and undiscovered lands awaited those that attempted this test of power. How far beyond would they go? And what would they do with the power that was within these relics?

    A duel of fates has begun.

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    The Green Finale

    The shadow cast by Warsong decided to reveal itself to the world long after the man's own death. It came in the form of a letter that had been leaked by a group of unknown scavengers. Various copies of the said letter had run rampant throughout the underworld, at least according to World Government intelligence and their moles. This information would, without a doubt, cause various opportunists to raise to the occasion and seek out Warsong's legacy. The Marines on the other hand would want to prevent this at all costs, but also seize the mysteries for themselves.

    The report regarding the matter had arrived at G-1 shortly after the information was leaked, and its new base Commander, Vice Admiral Indra was alarmed by the news. So much so, that he immediately decided to head out and deal with this predicament himself. He would be escorted by a very small team consisting of his most trusted and capable subordinates.

    Either way, Indra would travel to the Green Finale, passing through its inhospitable and treacherous environment in order to arrive at the map's destination spot; one of Warsong's numerous “hubs”. However, this was one that the World Government held no information over, at least prior to the contents of the letter. So much like any other party arriving here, they too, would be in the dark.

    The method Indra had chose to travel to the destination point was quite sufficient, and relatively quick, as his subordinate Candice was with him, enabling them to travel via a cloud, that was not only surprisingly thick enough to allow people to lay on it, but also incredibly comfortable. This meant that Indra would be among the first to arrive at the house hidden in the forest, but others who had gained the information before he had would undoubtedly be there. Thus the situation demanded caution.

    Upon their arrival via flight, Indra would stand up, still on the cloud and address Candice. “I'll drop here and see what's going on down there. You find a safe spot in order to hide and await my orders.” He said casually while gazing down, before jumping off the cloud and into the forest. The drop was extremely high, but trivial for a man like Indra.

    Eventually, the Vice-Admiral would find himself on a tree branch, near the building's entrance. From there, he could see a small body of people gathered at the said entrance. At first glance, he wouldn't be able to distinguish any high threats, though, this could change upon further inspection. The more perceiving individuals within the crowd would most likely notice Indra's presence, while the blind ones would carry on with their ignorance.

    It mattered not to Indra, however. He was here to secure Warsong's legacy for the World Government.

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