Coldrend - The Town of Frolic
The Warm Hole Festival Begins

Leonard - Hugh - Risky - Arya - Maki

Despite the festivities, Leonard was in the town of Frolic for a different reason. While the reason behind the Warm Hole was an interesting oddity, it was likely not in his area of expertise. Instead, he was here to acquire some fish. Why? Because the fish in this area were very strange and he wanted to get his hands on some for study. There was no grand plot behind it, he was simply curious and had some time on his hands. Though he was likely to learn nothing from the fish and it was doubtful any had any abilities that would interest him, it was still good practice. And who knows, maybe he'll get an idea while performing an examination.

Leonard had just finalized a deal with some of the fishermen and was walking down the street when he noticed the Marine presence. But it wasn't the fact that they were here that drew his attention. The real draw was that they were all unquestionably dead. Leonard knew a dead body when he saw one, having seen thousands as a Cipher Pol 8 scientist. But these dead bodies were moving around as though they were not dead. A cursory look told him that there were many undead Marines around the town square. While he couldn't actually tell at a distance, the fact that there was one meant there were no doubt many. Leonard paused and turned his focus inward, searching through his memories to see if he knew anything about any secret projects utilizing undead Marines from CP 8. Though he wasn't privy to many of the plots that were being plotted by the scientists, he could not recall any other scientist that was able to create undead. He doubted that the Marines would have their own group turning their own members into zombies. Perhaps New Age Genetics? He didn't recall them using undead before.

Leonard's interest was piqued. Someone out there had created zombies, and he didn't know who. It was also possible the source was a devil fruit, but he had no way to be sure. But all the Marines that were likely zombies seemed to be crowded around the entrances/exits to the town square. Leonard walked out of the square and went into an abandoned alley and jumped to the roof of a nearby building to give him a better view of the square. Although he was a government agent, he cared little for the inhabitants of the town. Indeed, their sacrifice would be better to root out the source of the zombies. Though he had no idea what was going to happen, the obvious place for it to happen would be the square that is surrounded by zombies. So Leonard stood on the building and watched, waiting. He just hoped it'd make for a good show. As for the deal he'd had with the fisherman, it was only a minor inconvenience. No money had exchanged hands yet, and there were always more fishermen that would sell him their unusual usual fare.