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    [Discussion] Anone


    Drama: Anone
    Romaji: Anone
    Japanese: あ の ね
    Director: Nobuo Mizuta
    Writer: Yuji Sakamoto
    Network: NTV
    Episodes: 10 (to be confirmed)
    Release Date: January 10, 2018 –Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan


    The story begins with a girl (Suzu Hirose) who has no family, other than family loss She also gets lost from the right path and loses her view in life and is expelled from society. The girl was named Harika Tsujisawa and met a much older woman named Anone Hayashida (Yuko Tanaka).


    Suzu Hirose as Harika Tsujisawa
    Yuko Tanaka as Anone Hayashida
    Satomi Kobayashi as Ruiko Aoba
    Sadao Abe as Kaji Mochimoto
    Eita as Riichi Nakaseko
    Shohei Hino as Manpei Hanafusa
    Reina Usui as Arisa Kasagi
    Yui Kitamura as Miku Amishima
    Katsumi Kiba as Kyosuke Hayashida
    Mitsuko Baisho as Masako Tamegai
    Hiroya Shimizu as Kanon-san

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    You will find 51 minute of each ep go by very quickly. Lots of seem to be ordinary people but have their own story to tell. There's good sense of humourous scenario mix with ridiculous situations and end up in an unpredictable way. I am to ep 3 and waiting the sub for ep 4.

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    This drama is such a beauty hidden gem that make me love every episode of it.
    Ep 5
    Harika-chan so lucky to have found Anone, a completely stranger but now treating her like her own daughter with all the love & cares like most of the mothers in rhe world.
    I wish Harika can meet Hikoboshi-kun soon. My heart is aching for the unspoken feelings of the two holding for each other.
    Nakaseko is a mysterious man with an ambitious goal to get rich even if he needs to use the illegal way. Will Anone agree with his request?

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