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    The Fall and Rise of Amazonia (CAMPAIGN)

    Amazonia is a nation located on an island in the Calm Belt adjacent to Paradise. It is a nation inhabited by a tribe of Amazons, women warriors skilled with their bodies and all sorts of weapons alike. No man is allowed to enter Amazonia, as it is a nation for women only, to the point where the Amazons have to leave the island to concieve children, and they only bring them back if they are female, to raise them on the island in their own culture.

    The Amazons often go on expeditions to open sea, not only to secure the sea that surrounds their nation, but also to hunt Sea Kings and other sea animals alike. The Queen often goes on these expeditions with her people. On the last expedition, a mysterious misfortune struck the expedition party, and the Queen, as well as everybody else, was lost at sea. The only one to come back was the Queen's Second-in-Command, Arthuria.

    As a nation based on meritocracy, Arthuria, as the strongest warrior in the nation, assumed the position of the Queen. Everything went well until Arthuria started with the ''Unity Project'' - a project that invited man to Amazonia in order to strengthen the nation's military might. Every last Amazonian opposed this, but Arthuria was too strong, and nobody was bold or brave enough to start a revolution. As such, the ''Unity Project'' draws near, and 35 men and women alike, personally invited by Arthuria through means of written letters, were coming to Amazonia to discuss an alliance.

    3 days to apply
    When applying, state which character you are applying with, link to the character’s biography and provide a short reason why the character is joining (if your character is male, the reason has to be the letter invitation, but you are free to decide what was the reason for your character accepting the invitation and what your character's goals on Amazonia are)
    You are only allowed to apply with one of your characters
    Only 5 spots
    Any affiliation can join
    A strict 3 day rule for posting will be enforced

    The prizes will be the following, pending GM approval
    A Rank 1 Sword
    Mystery Boxes
    Standard Tracker Clears

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    Character: Fischer
    Reason: What man can resist this? Fischer is interested in the Amazons and this 'Unity Project' after receiving the letter of invitation. His goals on Amazonia is personal, he views this as a potential chance to challenge himself in combat.

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    Name: Arya Monroe
    Reason: Arya received an invitation letter one day. The whimsical spirit of the Crazy Rainbow Star's captain was compelled to accept the invitation. Arya set sail for Amazonia post haste.

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    Name: Anomaly
    Reason: A bored Anomaly received word of massive peace talks and negotiations on Amazonia. Deciding it might be good for a laugh, Anomaly decides to head to Amazonia to see what fun there is to be had.

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    Name: Jack

    Reason: An invitation arrived on his desk detailing an island. One of which a powerful amazon woman would take charge and create a plan under the name of the "unity project" to bring in outsiders, even men to their island. Rare as this was Jack, a agent within the CP whose goal was to seek out power and those who wield it to claim it as his own thought this the perfect opportunity to do just that. He also held an underlying urge to be on an island completely inhabited by women, just the mere thought of such a thing brought a small trail of blood trickling down his lip from his nose.
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    Name: Sissel
    Reason: An anonymous caller requested Sissel's assistance as rumors are going around that Arthuria is currently possessed by an evil spirit. It'd explain why she's doing a lot of things that aren't ordinary in the community. Sissel has accepted the case as the mentioned shipwreck are natural hazards for evil spirits to roam and possess people. With a smuggled letter Sissel hopes to be able to enter the kingdom and investigate the case more thoroughly.
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    I am posting some information about the GM NPCs that will be in the story. The application is still open for a few more hours.


    Name: Arthuria
    Description: Arthuria is the current Queen of Amazonia. She inherited this position because the previous Queen mysteriously vanished at sea, and Arthuria was the strongest, second to only the previous Queen.


    Name: Tanya
    Descrption: She is one of the Commanders of Amazonia. She is absolutely loyal to the new Queen, Arthuria, and would never oppose or betray her in any way.


    Name: Akame
    Description: She is one of the Commanders of Amazonia. She was absolutely loyal to the previous Queen, and dislikes Arthuria. She wants to start a revolution, but knows that she lacks the military might to do so.


    Name: (Lady) Yue
    Description: She is the most senior Commander of Amazonia. She was the previous Queen's right hand woman. Most believe that she must hate Arthuria, considering she is a questionable successor to the old Queen whom Lady Yue was the right hand woman of, but Yue hasn't shown any ill will against Arthuria so far.


    Name: Mora
    Description: A young and eager, easily impressionable Amazonian.


    Name: Aquila
    Description: The previous Queen who was lost at sea during the infamous expedition.


    Name: Kaboom
    Description: One of the 35 individuals that were invited to Amazonia to take part in the Unity Project. He is of the slime race.
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    Name: Morti
    Reason: Sent a letter possibly due to her rising status as a paranormal expert and as the only reachable acquaintance of the Sororitas. After seeing a photo of Arthuria, Morti swears she knows her but can't figure out where. Goal wise, Morti is away willing to network and amass her wealth. Perhaps, even, the amazons have stray metal laying around to steal.
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    Name: Genji "Tenguman" Musashi
    Reason: Whilst being the first mate of the Ironbeard Pirates, Tenguman is known to travel around on his own often. His adventures have brought him slight fame and reknown for being a strong swordsman. Recently Arthuria had recieved the rumor, that Tenguman now possessed a talking sword. Out of curiosity, she had sent him an invitation. Tenguman followed the invitation curious about what might happen in a land full of strong amazons and wondering if he might measure his strength with them.

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    I did the thing, but then I decided to let all 7 of you in. Opening post will be up tomorrow at latest.

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