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    Morti continued with Aquila, having given an ultimatum and the ultimatum answered. The woman would be of snark, but she'd obey. A good sign, Morti thought, all things considered. Following the rail road once more, Morti, er, didn't have much else to say.

    The animals were all certainly dead by now, Morti satisfied only minimally in their deaths. Unavoidable for the time. Positive, Morti thought the amazons would replace them later than never. The thought died away, Morti speaking out.

    "Attacked, toyed, and now? Hmpf. A simple warning could've avoided so much..."

    Morti thought. A warning of things, be it coups or news reports scratched her head. Coos were slow. Too slow. Boarded the giant mermaid Fis, Morti would've had no warning given their flight. But if someone else had knowledge, expansive knowledge, and a way to distribute? The cogs of Morticia's mind churned, and a new thought came. She may as well be thinking, as it was going to be a walk with Aquila, explosions ringing out nearby hopefully.

    "Woman... do you have a paper? A piece of paper should do for an easy kill... I just have to give the command and it be understood, after all."
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    Anomaly and Arya - Commandeering a Ship

    Arya had agreed with Anomaly's idea to bail out of this place. They'd gotten the food, booze, and money they sought. Not to mention they had no dog in the Arthuria fight. All signs said it was time to go home. To that end, Arya asked Anomaly if she could transform into a big ol' bird. Anomaly thought about it for a moment before confirming it, in comical Anomaly fashion. Soon enough Anomeagle was born.

    Anomeagle would signal for Arya to hop on. The cat would nod before grabbing the bag of stolen treasure. With treasure in hand, Arya climbed atop Anomeagle's back and would ride off into the distance. From this vantage point they could see everything, and sure enough the could see a harbor. There was one ship in particular that caught Arya's eye. It was much larger than the others, and adorned with gold. The kitty would point towards it, signaling Anomaly to go there.

    Anomaly would drop them off into the crows nest of the ship. Both of them would peer over the side and look what they are up against. Arya would grin at Anomaly before doing a front flip out of the crows nest. Arms would transform into blades on the way down. Arya would land on the deck of the ship with a roll before pointing the tips of one of the scissor blades at the closest person. The pirate would give an ultimatum to those aboard the ship.

    Give up the ship, or else.

    Arya's voice was not menacing, rather it was quite up beat. An odd match for the words said. Though the intent behind them was clear. Though Arya would have one hinderance. Shakushi was out of the question. A blind trance risked too much damage to the ship. Arya could afford that. Luckily Arya still had one more trump card to play. The pirate waited for a response.

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    All the parties, except for the two free spirits, converged onto Arthuria's location. The showdown between Arthuria and Jack was at its climax. Arthuria came forth with incredible speed and ferocity, striking at Jack. Had it not been for Boom's interference, Jack's life would have been in danger. However, as fate would have it, both Jack and Amazonia would be saved, due to the full compatibility of Boom and Jack as allies. Boom's body, or an unknown part of it, popped up inbetween Arthuria and Jack, taking Arthuria's blow. It got through to Jack as well, but didn't pierce him completely, due to Boom getting in the way. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Jack unleashed his most powerful explosion. A bright light came from the sphere that he had been creating, and then came the explosion. Everybody that was anywhere in the vicinity would immediately run away, and those that couldn't, such as Amira and Akame, were picked up by their able allies, such as Yue. The core of the explosion took a large part of the castle, and its shockwaves and bright light reached as far as the ocean surrounding Amazonia, though mostly dissipating by that point. Before long, the explosion subsided, and Arthuria was seen standing above Jack, who had collapsed. Arthuria's body was black, charred severely, and blood covered most of it.

    The obscurity cleared more and more, and survivors came into sight. Yue, carrying Amira and Akame, stepped forth. Scar did as well. Irra, along with the Amazons behind her, was there as well. Fischer was alive as well, though if he came back down was up to him. Boom's gooey body took form anew, in a sitting position next to Jack.

    ''That was a big boom. Boom impressed.''

    The slimey fiend said, staying by Jack's side. The two almost looked like friends. A few seconds after, Queen Aquila arrived at the scene, along with Morti. Morti had no paper in hand, so it could be assumed that Queen Aquila didn't have one on her. Walking, Queen Aquila's head kept shifting to different directions, looking around. She sighed, unhappy with all the damage that had been caused. She continued to talk, right up to Arthuria. Arthuria was unmoving, and everyone could be certain of her state. She was dead. Queen Aquila tried to grab Arthuria to lay her down, but Arthuria's body suddenly started to fall apart, turning into ash and dust from having taken the full brunt of Jack's immense explosion. Before long, Arthuria's body collapsed into a pile of ash and dust, at Queen Aquila's feet. The Queen spoke.

    ''What a fool you were, Arthuria.''

    Queen Aquila said, sighing at the disappointment. There was grief in her voice as well, as her most trusted subordinate, after becoming a traitor, now lay at her feet, dead. Killed by Jack, literally speaking, but by her greed, figuratively speaking.

    ''Mother, you came.''

    Irra was next to Queen Aquila, addressing her. If Sissel were there, he would now realize that back in the cell, when he had overheard Irra speaking, when she had referred to herself as the Queen's daughter, she did not mean Queen Arthuria, but Queen Aquila, the previous Queen that had been presumed dead.

    ''Too late, it seems. How's my granddaughter doing?''

    ''I'm sure she's fine.''

    Irra answered, slightly direct, too direct coming from a mother talking about her daughter.

    ''Aquila-sama, how?!''

    Lady Yue was next to the two women now as well, shocked at the sight of her Queen. Irra seemed to have known all along, having probably met her mother on her way to Amazonia, but Lady Yue was in the dark all along.

    ''Yue, it is nice to see you again. It's a long story, that I will share with you later.''

    Queen Aquila said, before clearing her throat and turning to all the rest - Morti, Jack, Fischer, Scar and Boom, the five invited that were present.

    ''Let me introduce myself. I am Queen Aquila, the Queen of Amazonia.

    I had been stranded at sea and in my absence, it seems that my former subordinate had announced herself the new Queen and made a fool of herself.

    I would like to apologize in her stead.

    Queen Aquila did not bow in apology, due to her position as the Queen, but it was clear her apology was sincere.

    ''It seems that in my absence, Amazonia had fallen, but it will rise again. For all of you that had been invited to Amazonia, I would like to extend gratitude for helping save Amazonia, whether that was in your intentions or not.

    As such, I will permit you to stay here for 7 days to rest and recover. You will have food and drinks, and as the 7th day comes to an end, ships will be prepared for your departure.

    If you wish to leave before then, with or without our assistance, that is fine as well.

    The Queen said. Some of the Amazons that had been brought by Irra rushed over to Jack to take him away and provide medical assistance. His life was, after all, in danger. Queen Aquila walked up to Morti, stopping right outside her personal bubble.

    ''If it is within your power, I ask you to release the Amazons under your control. They, too, will be in need of immediate medical assistance.''

    Queen Aquila asked, firmly.

    In the meantime, Arya and Anomaly took high up into the air, spotting a ship of their preference in the distance. Predictably, it was the biggest, shiniest and most expensive looking one of the lot. With the speed of an eagle, Anomaly descended upon the ship, the two landing in the crow's nest. Arya jumped out of it and landed on deck, pointing her scissors at the Amazons onboard. The Amazons turned around, facing Arya. Coincidentally, the Amazons onboard that ship were the ones enslaved by Morti, and as Arya was ''getting in their way'', they attacked. If Arya and Anomaly managed to fend off the Petomazons, they would conquer the ship and be ready to set sail with all of their winnings in tow.
    (I will let you decide the appearance of the ship, since it is now yours. Whether you can keep it as a reward, is up to GM discretion.)

    And so ended the chapter of Amazonia's Fall and Amazonia's Rise. Some made new friends, some fought to their heart's content, and some reunited with family. As for Amazonia, its period of rebirth was just starting, and under the rule of its capable Queen Aquila, it was sure to become a force to be reckoned with once again.

    OOC.: Thank you all for participating, and staying until the end. I am sure I made mistakes, and I welcome all the criticism now that it has ended, so that I can make the next more enjoyable. I encourage everyone to make their last post to give the story a proper ending from all sides. Thank you
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    *Laying there, injured and finishing his grandest of explosions, Jack. A man of action and power, was resigned to the feeble and waiting, such was life. Though as he looked on at a now dead ex queen people would begin to surround the area. One being the true queen of the amazons Aquila. She not only apologized for the mess her absence had caused but for all else that happened because of it. She also permitted everyone to stay a full seven days for recovery, thanks and gratitude. It would not be long after that Jack himself would lose consciousness, after all he did release a megaton explosion in such a short period of time and was stabbed numerous times.

    Three days would come and go. Jack being tended too while he slept, his wounds being cleaned and bandaged. On the night of the third day Jack would awaken with his head in the lap of an oddly dressed amazonian woman. Her attire was unique to say the least, though slowly Jack would raise up. His injuries were nothing more than mere scratches now, amazonia medicine is quite the remedy. On base it would have taken a few weeks to get this much better. Up and off of her lap she would introduce herself.

    You're awake, ****ing finally. Queen Aquila sent me on her behalf .. lazy ****. My name is Maki, sister to that lazy **** Aquila. When you leave .. I am going with you. I believe you remember some stupid agreement with Yue, yes?

    Mmm, yeah. To have CP and Amazonia to become allies.

    Bingo, well after your actions, all though stupid. Saved Amazonia, dethroned a a dumb **** and restored peace once again. Her words were "How could I possibly refuse such a request." Now, I, the true ****s sister. Will be the going as a representative, of sorts. Sounds good. yes?

    That sounds good to me. I am ready to get back to CP1 HQ, it's time for a vacation.

    *After the light and brief conversation held between the two they would make their way back toward his boat, crewed with marine, ordered by CP. With Maki in hand, Jack would give the orders to set sail. Back to home, back to where he can go back on ice and sleep the good sleep, that he's on vacation, with cookie milk!*
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