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    Turns out the rules don't allow Toyo to be in the Campaign because his character is in FoS already.

    So 6 of you it is. Post coming after this.

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    The time has finally arrived. 35 individuals had had letters sent out to them, inviting them to Amazonia, the Nation of Female Warriors called Amazons. Amazons were known to be fierce warriors, and so no man ever dared step onto the soils of Amazonia. However, with an invitiation from the Queen, 35 individuals now finally had the chance to come to this dream nation. Needless to say, they were not there to enjoy the women, but rather, to talk about the Unity Project - the new Queen was ambitious, and she invited man to Amazonia to further Amazonia's military might. The 35 individuals were from far and wide, and they were from all sorts of affiliations. Affiliations mattered not to Amazonia - there was only man and woman, and now these two affiliations would come together. The more important of the 35 individuals were Fischer, a man that unknown to the Queen hailed from Wano, Arya, Captain of the Crazy Rainbow Stars, Anomaly, who was an enigma, Jack, a Marine, Sissel, a detective of the Paranormal, and Morticia, Captain of the Deep Delvers.

    The day was nice, as was the weather. Amazonia was getting ready to welcome the 35 individuals, though the only one looking forward to that was Arthuria. The waters around Amazonia were calm, but those of the 35 individuals that were arriving by sea, would definitely have to go through a Sea King or two.

    Each of the 35 individuals had received a map of Amazonia together with the invitation - the map was not very detailed, and it only really showed five things. The four ports, and the battle ring. The four ports were the North Port, the South Port, the East Port and the West Port. Each individual was asked, in the letter, to come through a specific port. Fischer and Arya were asked to come through the North Port, Anomaly was asked to come through the South Port, Jack was asked to come through the East Port, and Sissel and Morticia were asked to come through the West Port. The other 29 individuals were all assigned specific ports to come through as well - and naturally, any other kind of entry would be deemed hostile, if found out. The other thing that was on the map was the battle ring, because that was where the 35 individuals were asked to gather for the first meeting.

    Once arriving to their assigned port, the 35 individuals would be greeted by the Amazon Guard - each of the ports boasting about a 100 Amazons to greet the 35 individuals.

    And so the first arrival was in sight. A small boat, just enough to carry one individual and some food and water, was approaching Amazonia. The boat was headed for the North Port, approaching ever so slowly. A massive shadow appeared in the water behind the boat, and a massive Sea King suddenly came out of the water. The Sea King's rising cast a shadow over the boat, alerting the cloaked and hooded individual that was on the boat. The man looked over his shoulder at the Sea King. The camera shifted to the port, where one of the Amazons was looking through a pair of binoculars.

    ''Kyahaaa, let's see how our guest deals with that one!
    If he can't even kill a Sea King, he ain't worthy anywa-!

    Before the Amazon could even finish her sentence, she saw the Sea King blown away and fall back into the water. The attack was quick. It almost looked like the man had punched it from a distance, but it was too quick to see properly.

    ''That was surprising...''

    The Amazon said. Forward a minute or so, the boat reached the port and the man stepped on land. He was much too cloaked to be seen properly, but none of that was needed. He had the letter, he presented the letter, and that was all he needed to get through. The cloaked man walked into the distance, toward the battle ring.

    Sooner than later, more and more of the invited would start showing up. Some came by boats not unlike the first man, others came by bigger ships, and yet others didn't come by sea at all - though they were still smart enough to use their designated port as their landing and entrance point. Out of the 35 individuals, 4 failed to deal with the Sea Kings, and never made it to Amazonia. Oh well.

    The camera showed the palace, where the Queen resided. The camera went through the halls, taking corners and ended up in front of a massive gate. The gate opened, and the Queen's chambers were affront. An Amazon walked in, kneeling before the Queen that sat on the throne.

    ''Your majesty, the invited are starting to arrive one after another. Four hours remain until the welcoming ceremony in the battle ring.''

    ''Good. How's our little prisoner doing?''

    Arthuria asked, glaring.

    ''She remains quiet and is not resisting her captivity at this point. It doesn't look like she will try to do anything outrageous.''

    ''That doesn't sound like her at all.

    Very well, you are dismissed.

    Arthuria said, waving her hand. The Amazon bowed and left the chambers. The camera zoomed out and into an aerial view of Amazonia. The day of Amazonia's fall and rise was upon it.

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    To the Northern Port

    “Amazons. This is like a dream come true, for many.”

    These are the words and the reaction in which Fischer had when the letter of invitation first arrived, although he wasn’t worth to be mentioning in terms of actual popularity, he is almost a complete nobody, aside from being in the list of criminals from Wano Country, due to its isolationism policy that gave the man a criminal status. It is interesting, a project for the Amazons to increase their military might by inviting both men and women to their island. Project Unity, the letter by the Queen mentioned, likely this wasn’t meant that they are going there to enjoy, which is slightly unfortunate. Although Fischer wasn’t really going with the idea of actually copulate with a group of Amazons, he may possess the Jackrabbit Zoan but he wasn’t going to be like most rabbit or hares when it comes to multiplying.

    Days later, Fischer would take the letter with him as he traveled to the destination on his own, with the map in tow – not too detailed but it does specify his destination which is the northern port of Amazonia. Travelling via a merchant ship on its way near the Calm Belt and Amazonia, Fischer managed to persuade the trader to bring him as close to his destination as he could, which the merchant’s generosity and kindness agreed to the request. However, as they arrive close to the island, a dark shadow swam underneath the ship, rocking the ship as it passes through.


    “I think it is a Sea King!”

    One of the sailors under the merchant exclaimed, having believe that they are under attack, though not too surprising considering where they are, but the merchant and his crew wasn’t really on a panic mode, but slightly agitated – they are experienced in this situation as it appears. At last, a Sea King, possessing a tiger-like face as it appears in front of the ship, roars at the ship in anger – attempting to destroy the ship.

    Half an hour later, Fischer arrived on his own to Amazonia. However, though details of the Sea King encountered wasn’t seen by many, it can be heavily implied that Fischer successfully defeated it on his own – after all he arrived on the northern port, not by ship at the very end of the journey however, he seems to be able to cross the sea by jumping from point to point in the air from the merchant ship, though not before thanking the merchant for the helping him to shorten the distance.

    When Fischer arrived on the port, the Amazons would notice that rather a human being, a snow-white Jackrabbit-Human hybrid form instead can be seen, sporting black ninja-like garment and shorts, a short sleeve black coat that complements the overall clothing style. The lower half of his face covered by the long sleeve turtleneck-like shirt, though he would promptly lower the cover back down towards the base of his neck. Passing the letter towards one of the Amazon, so that she would be aware of the beast being a participant of Project Unity.

    “My name is Fischer. May I know where is the destination that I would be heading to?”
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    Arriving at the eastern most port on the isle of amazons a marine ship could be seen docking. Crewmen aboard the ship could be seen hustling on deck as if in a panic, tying ropes, lowering the sails and lastly lowering the down the stairs. Once the stairs to the ship had been lowered the marines would line up in a series of two lines parallel to one another right outside the door that lead to the galley of the ship. The door would slowly open, inch by inch, soon a foot would appear out of the shadow and step onto the deck and before long the rest of the man. He would be the average height for a human in their world his short shaggy hair blowing softly in the breeze. Perched between his lips would rest a single death brand cigarette, the trail of smoke streaming up in front of his right eye.

    His uniform was also strange for a marine, mainly being clad in black the only white on him being his dress shirt. He looked the odd man out within the sea of white on the deck of the ship. Pulling the cigarette from between his lips and placing it between his index and middle finger he would take a deep breath of the air around him.*

    Ahhhh, It sure smells nice here. This is truly a island paradise. *The words he spoke were quickly followed by a trail of blood running down from his nose. In his mind he was truly in paradise .. an island full of women.*

    *Though he was quick to remember the invitation he had received, reaching into his right pant pocket he would pull out the folded up invitation. As he would begin to look it over he would begin to move from his ship to the dock. Along with the invitation he was also given a simple map .. one with four locations as indicators for the docks and another larger point within the middle. Looking around the docks the women there tending to their duties would give him and his crew glares that would burn holes through normal men. Looking back to the ship he would give a command to the men aboard.*

    You lot better stay on that ship .. Or you'll have something far worse than these ladies stares to deal with when I return.*He said in a stern, gruff tone. His eyes piercing through them causing the crew to fall back in fear.*

    Y-Yes sir!*The men would say standing to their feet and sending him off with a salute.*

    *With that he concluded he only need head to the central most point on the map as travel elsewhere would probably lead to an act of aggression. More importantly he held a deep curiosity for whatever the "Unity Project" was mention in the invitation. While the details were vague for the queen of the amazons to invite men to the island it must be something of great importance. With that he would briskly begin to make his way toward the middle of the map .. were the largest of locations was.*

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    Northern Port

    The Island of Amazonia. Not many had the priviledge to see this island. Especially those of the testosterone driven gender. The number of men who had been on the island and lived to tell the tale are few and far between, but all that is soon to change.
    The Unity Project, a grand undertaking born as the brainchild of the new queen, Arthuria. Thirty five men and women from around the world would be invited to the island. This was touted as a way to increase the military strength of Amazonia.

    Thirty five invitations were sent, and one of them happened to end up in the hands of the captain of the Crazy Rainbow Stars, Arya Monroe. Whether it was intended for the pirate, or if Arya simply stole it from its true owner is unknown. The fact remains that this pirate captain is showing up to the party. Claims of it sounding fun, and that this would be an adventure were all the retorts given to protesting crew members. Arya was going alone, as the invitation didn't mention guests being allowed. The captain had the crew bring the ship within a reasonable distance of the island, before the frilly dressed cat hopped in a lift boat and began to row the rest of the way.

    About half way between the Crazy Rainbow Ship and Amazonia, Arya would run into trouble. A shadow swelled under the water. Waves began to grow. The head of a sea king would rise up from the deep. Arya gave an impressed whistle at the mighty sea beast before it would thrash down upon the small boat. The boat was smashed to splinters, but Arya had jumped at the last minute. The pirate would land atop the beast's head and survey for a moment.

    Aw, you broke my boat... Now let's see... Ah, there we go!

    The captain surveyed around a moment, standing atop the seaking's head. Arya was looking for another ship approaching. The plan was to dispatch the seaking and hitch a ride. By this point the Seaking was growing more angry by the second, but soon Arya would enact the brewing plan. With a small jump, the cat would leap off the seaking. Hands were now transformed into large scissors. A few quick and precise strikes would take the Seaking's head clean off. The captain would ride the tumbling and lifeless body down, before dismounting and using the falling momentum as a boost. Arya landed cleanly on another vessel headed toward the northern port.

    With that little snafu out of the way, Arya would make it the rest of the to the port without issue, though odd glances were shot toward the pirate. The crew were rightly confused by this new addition to their ship.. Once the ship was docked, the frilly dressed cat would leap over the side with a flip, landing with a roll, and springing up to meet one of the Amazonians.

    Hi hi! I'm Arya Monroe, where's the party?

    The pirate captain would ask. Whether or not there was a real party, Arya was essentially asking where to go now. Though at a glance, few would be able to guess Arya was a pirate. Before the amazonians stood a half mink cat wearing a frilly blue and white dress with matching socks and black tights. One of many curious details upon this pirate was the fact that Arya had not one, but two tails. One thing was certain, with this cat around things were sure to be interesting.

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    Some Weeks Ago, Maelstrom's End

    Deep inside the seedy harbor district of Maelstrom's End, goods and coin exchanged hands through both legal and illegal means. Sailors, fresh off the boat, would often wind down in the bars. Some, however, preferred to spent to take a little gamble to get a little bonus on top of their measly salary by playing games. Unfortunately for unwitting visitors, many of the people running these little games aren't exactly honest.

    "Teehee, won again. My god, you're like... really not good at this huh?" the mocking voice belong to a grim-looking, filthy little man. He giggled and laughed as he pulled his winnings towards him. The woman sitting across the table from him was Captain Liz of the Shellshock Pirates. She sighed deeply, searching through her pockets for anything she could use to take back her winnings. Unfortunately, she came up empty.

    "Well then, looks like I'm gonna have to le... what's that?"
    "This... this ain't up for gambling."
    "Look, Lizzle Pizzle mah Shnizzle, I'm gonna sweeten the pot, hear me? If you win this round, I'll give you back everything I've taken from ya plus a lil' extra. If I win, you gimme that lil' piece o' fancy paper ya got there."

    Needless to say, the prospect of winning back everything she'd just lost (including her prized captain's hat) was too enticing for Liz to ignore. Fifteen minutes and one despaired Captain Liz later, the dirty man could be seen alone in a nearby alley, holding the piece of paper Liz had held. The camera would swirl around, only to reveal the dirty man had been replaced by a young woman.

    "Well this looks strange... but fun. Should be good for a couple of laughs."
    "Whoops, time to skedaddle!"

    Another transformation. A raven this time. Leaving behind the confused Captain Liz and unfortunately her favorite pair of loaded dice, the girl known as Anomaly was off; off to the island of Amazonia.

    Current day, Amazonia

    Having decided to become an albatross, Anomaly had no problems passing the calm belt. Sea Kings left her alone as she flapped her wings through the still air, holding the slip of paper in her beak. There was no wind, which made the entire ordeal a little more tough, but still preferrable to dealing with the Sea Kings below. Fighting was not exactly her forte, and thus avoiding it was usually her main priority. She saw the wreckage of others ship, bodies in the water. Kind of gruesome, but also kind of awesome. The island was in sight, and Anomaly grew excited. Then, she saw something interesting; a seaking, cleanly beheaded like she'd never seen, was used as a jumping pad for a catperson to leap aboard another ship. Anomaly, deciding to hitch a ride, flew down towards the ship before landing in the crow's nest. There, the albatross became a woman once more. She decided to hitchhike the remainder of the trip. Once the ship docked, she'd leap out of the crow's nest, landing on deck. Completely oblivious to how this might've surprised the people to whom the ship belonged, she followed the mink to the Amazonians.

    "Heyo friendos. Gots me an invitation for this shindig. Real great meetin' you all yadda yadda. More importantly; where's the grub at. Flying makes you hella hungry, apparently."

    Anomaly suddenly remembered the mink next to her. The one who had originally piqued her interest. She extended a hand to the cat.

    "You dang-diggity cut the **** outta that Sea King. That was pretty rad. Anomaly's the name, fun's the game. How ya do."

    Anomaly's behaviour was beyond relaxed.

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    West Port

    "Possession....or a curse...hmmmmm..." It was the only thing that came from a certain blond haired individual. He kept saying that single sentence over and over again like a pendulum. His right leg was crossed over his left while his left hand rested upon his chin, thinking out loud. The young man was in a single boat with one other person who was simply rowing him towards his location, promised of fame if he could bring him there. The man agreed of course but only if the blond haired man could defend them from the unavoidable sea king attacks. Sissel agreed and told the old man to not worry about it.

    And as pretty much expected they finally came across a massive sea king roaring at both the 'captain' and Sissel. This things appearance was the first thing that caused Sissel to look up and finally snap out of his thinking. "Ow..just ignore it...we'll be fiiiiiine!" The man would say as the captain looked in shock at him, he couldn't believe what he was saying. Ignore a seaking? Is this lad mad? The captain said but Sissel wouldn't respond and reverted back to saying that one sentence over and over again. The seaking at this point did not hesitate and attacked the boat Sissel and the captain sat in. Looking from a distance one could without a doubt perceive it as Sissel and the old man having been eaten alive right then and there. But when the massive serpent dove and went underwater their boat still remained on top of the water it was as if the snake had missed its target. With confusion the captain kept rowing further as the serpent kept trying to eat them over and over again until he at last gave up on them out of pure frustration. How the snake kept missing them for now would've been unknown to everyone except Sissel.

    Now with finally land at his feet Sissel would stretch his back and do some light gymnastics, sitting in that boat gave him some slight sore muscles. The old man with fear in his heart of trying to get back decided to wait at the shore line until Sissel returned. The young red suited man gave the chief his card so he could connect to his secretary she would provide for a safe way out for him. The old man frowned at it since that would result in him losing money instead of keeping some. But he shrugged as Sissel moved further toward the West port right in front of the Amazonian guard.

    With letter and map in his hand Sissel introduced himself.

    "The man of the hour...has arrived!" The man would say with a hand in his pocket and a smile upon his face.

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    They knew better. They had to. A voice in their minds would kill them otherwise. The seakings would not bite that tiny raft today.

    Atop a raft, a simple raft, was Morti. A few mechanical parts before her, tubes coming out from inside her, and four heads watching. Working, safely, aboard this raft, as a tentacle beneath the surface propelled the ship many times smaller than it. A long, black thing from the depths of the calm blue. Owned by a monster of monsters, the Mother Hydra by nickname alone, it was what kept Morti going without sail or paddle. To a point, the tendril would disappear, dismissed back to wherever it went, back to the islands where gravity rises.

    Aboard that raft as it drifted to Amazonia, on waves of unseen power from a large, very large friend, Morti worked om several new devices. Happi was happy once the network was done, and all minds were unison. Well, short of two. Happi and Juli were linked with Morti, but Iggi and Gumi were not. Iggi was but a beetle in Morti's coat, sleeping, and Gumi a small face that watched bewildered at the roboticist finish up a set of special goggles.

    Time passed and the group that was one would hit Amazonia's western dock, Morti griping the dock with a strong hand and lifting herself to port. The raft would sink, showing an absolute faith in the waves that brought her. A devil's deal was in that wave.

    Morti arrived, hunched and shambling towards the center of the island. Clad in her normal armored wear and donning a wide brimmed hat, Morti was already wearing Juli. Happi, hidden next to her heart, stayed that way, borrowing Morti's mechanical eyes to see. Gumi, in-between the plates, was asleep just like Iggi the Beetle. The only one missing was Nya, the mischievous one. Lucky for the island, for what she could bring would destroy them in plague.

    A man who arrived before her was already at the gate, clad in red. He was the man of the hour, but why made Morti curious. Now behind him, or a bit behind him depending on the check in line, Morti would show her invitation. Iggi would cling to her hand as she did, and the guard would see a large Hercules beetle on the forearm of the hand that held the invite.

    "Morticia, at your service." Morti said, tipping her hat back to show her mixed, sharp hairs and dead, black eyes.
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    One by one for the most part, the 35 invited kept arriving to Amazonia. In a few cases, some came together - whether it was because they had met each other on the way and found out that they had a common destination, or they were acquaintencs from before, was unknown. It was a good sign, that is, that friendships were starting to be built among some of the 35 invited.

    Morticia arrived at the West Port in what was a cooler looking exoskeleton than any Amazonian had likely ever seen. She was in the right port, and she had her letter of invitation with her, so she encountered no problems whatsoever. No Sea King dared bother her prior either, so Moriticia's trip was nothing but smooth. Sissel had arrived just prior to her, and also had everything he needed to enter smoothly.

    Jack arrived at the East Port. He came with fellow Marines, but he had enough foresight to make sure that they all stayed away. After all, he was the only one invited, and Amazonia did not offer +1s when it came to something as big as a man coming to the island. Much less +dozens. Jack, too, was in the right port, and he had his letter of invitation with him, so as long as his +dozens stayed away, he would have no problems entering.

    Both Morti and Sissel, as well as Jack, would be accompanied by 10 Amazons each toward the center of the island, where the battle ring was located. Once arriving to the battle ring, Morti, Sissel and Jack would be free to enter through an entrance, walk down a hallway, and come out inside the ring, where multiple of the 35 invited that had already come before them, were also waiting. As for the Amazons that had accompanied them there, they went to sit in the audience section all around the ring.

    At this point, if Morti and Sissel wished to interact in any way on the account that Morti had caught a glimpse of Sissel earlier in the port, they were free to do so. The event was on wait until everybody arrived.

    The North Port was slightly more problematic than the West/East ports where everything had gone smoothly. While Fischer made it inside and was escorted to the battle ring without a problem, Arya had lost her boat and had to fetch a ride on another boat that was headed to the North Port. The boat that she landed on was not as small as hers, but it wasn't a big ship either - it was about the size of Going Merry, though much more sinister looking with black sails, and the man that the boat belonged to was Scar, one of the 35 invited. Who he was was unknown at this point, but he was clearly a pirate, and the men manning the boat his subordinates. The men were surprised by the half cat that landed on their boat, and Scar did nothing but give her a sinister glance. Luckily, he remained seated, his collar concealing the lower half of his face, and his eyes now closed, back to his nap.

    They arrived soon, and both Arya and Scar disembarked the ship. Anomaly, who had been in the crow's nest, transformed into a woman and jumped out, much to the surprise of the men that manned the ship. Scar ignored her as well - he didn't seem like he cared about very many things. He didn't look like the nonchalant type, quite the opposite, he had the appearence of an uptight edgelord, so his air of not giving a **** was quite surprising. Scar presented his letter and headed for the battle ring, while Scar's ship and subordinates distanced themselves from Amazonia and anchored the ship, waiting for his return. Arya was free to present her letter and head for the battle ring as well. If she did so, she, just like Scar and Fischer prior to her, would receive the same treatment as all of the invited that had arrived before them - 10 Amazons each accompanied them to the battle ring, where they would then be left to enter, walk down a hallway and end up at the center of the ring, while the Amazons that had accompanied them joined the rest of the Amazons in the audience seats around the battle ring. Scar wouldn't initiate any type of interaction, but Arya was free to do so while they waited for the rest of the 35 invited to arrive.

    If Arya chose to not present her letter on the account of Anomaly talking to her, then she would remain at the port to witness the problems that Anomaly would have. Anomaly wasn't as unfortunate as the few that hadn't even made it to Amazonia due to Sea Kings, but she was unfortunate in the sense that she had come through the wrong port. Whether her appearence matched Captain Liz was not important, as there was no visual check, but the problem was that she presented a letter that was designated for a different port. Man coming to Amazonia was a very serious subject, and so security was as tight as could be on this day. Any type of discrepancy would be thoroughly investigated. As such, when Anomaly presented her letter, the Amazon that was in charge of checking the letters looked at her, and the two Amazons that stood behind her crossed their spears as a sign of blocking off passage.

    ''Miss... Liz. You were asked to come through the South Port. If a man made a mistake like that, we would have responded aggressively already.

    But as a fellow woman, I think you did not come here to cause problems for Amazonia. With that said, why did you come through the wrong port?

    The Amazon asked, looking at Anomaly. Depending on Anomaly's answer, she could either pass peacefully, or be turned away.

    The battle ring was filling up, and there was not much time left until the event would commence. Anomaly, and possibly Arya, were the only ones still missing, aside from the 4 that were eaten by Sea Kings, as already confirmed and reported by the Amazon watch.
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    North Port - Anomaly, Arya

    Anomaly would await Arya's response. Once she continued, however, she faced a couple of unexpected problems. As it turned out, the invitation she'd won off of Captain Liz had specified where she needed to go. Unfortunately, navigating the calm belt as a bird was kind of annoying. Anomaly was put on the spot, and she needed to come up with an excuse. Fortunately, Anomaly was an accomplished trickster, well-versed in the art of negotiation and talking her way out of a tough spot. She thought for a moment, only to lean in closely to the Amazon questioning her. She held a hand to the side of her mouth, softly whispering into the ear of the guard.

    "Ahem... ah, yes... you see... I'm sorta... *ahem*... illiterate. Someone read it for me and just told me to go to this island. I saw that lil' boat there and figured I'd hop on ya dig? I can turn into a bird, ya see? It's a real sweet lil' zoan I have. Big ole' bird person I am. But hey, I just met this really rad cat right here and kinda wanna stick around to become best buds forevah, ya hear? C'mon sis, feminism and all that ****. We gotta stick together nah?"

    Anomaly's word vomit was intended to confuse, but seem sincere at the same time. To the amazons, she might just seem like a strange woman, but she was in fact... well, just that. She was strange, but fun. Anomaly stepped back towards Arya, awaiting a response to what she'd just said. If she were freely able to pass, she'd wait around for Arya. Just now, Anomaly had decided Arya was gonna become her best friend on this island. Unfortunately for Arya maybe, but Anomaly was a good friend to have every now and then.

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