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    *An escort of amazons would follow and help guide Jack to the location designated on the map. While making his way through the jungle his nose could be seen flaring up .. the aroma of the women he was surrounded would be a temptation for him. Though keeping his will strong he fought back his desires .. for it could lead to more harm than good. He would have to prove himself to the amazons first otherwise he would just come off of another typical male their island wants to keep away. Keeping track of his desires and continuing to wade through the jungle he would soon find himself in front of one of the entrances into the location marked on the map. Escorts still around him he would enter the building. Reaching into his right pocket he could be seen pulling out a small metal container and a lighter, from his lips he would pull the ass end of a cigarette butt out of his mouth and place it into the metal container while pulling out another fresh one. Placing it to his mouth he would light it taking a puff before turning to one of them.*

    I'm a bit curious .. could you tell me about this queen of yours and why it is she is letting men on the island?

    *Exhaling a large cloud of smoke away from the amazons he would await their answer, for it was just himself and his escorts at the moment. He hoped he might learn something unique from them about her and maybe why she decided to let men stay.
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    Battle Ring

    Fischer presented the letter as proof to be officially allowed to enter Amazonia and a guest, but he also noticed that it appears that there was no hesitation from the Amazons, the guard didn’t even attempt to a visual check, merely to see if the letter is merely present. It merely tells Fischer one thing – people may attempt to steal the letter and attempt infiltration into Amazonia right now. Trained as a Ninja this may be seen as a weak level of security especially in this period of time where people are allowed into the island. In fact, Fischer wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen, but he doesn’t really care about security breaches since it does not concern him at the moment, and after all the guard doesn’t seem to care anyway. Fischer continues on as the amazon guards group him to accompany and guide him towards the battle ring, something like an arena – perhaps for fellow amazons to prove their strength to their peers. Although it appears that he wasn’t led to the audience seats however, instead he was led to the centre of the ring, which per instructions to follow the hallway down.

    “Not really liking this situation...”

    Fischer, in his jackrabbit-human form muttered under his breath as he surveyed the situation – the ring is slowly filling up with audiences from all around, and it appears that it would seem to be the rest of the participants to Project Unity ended up at the centre of the ring, seen as there are actual guys around him instead. Fischer suspected that this is likely to be some kind of battle royal amongst the participants, but for Fischer this is something that he while enjoy challenges, did not seem to like the situation one bit, he dislike being put into such trials for something that was meant as a discussion for the future of Amazonia. Lingering towards the back, slightly further away from the crowd gravitating towards the centre of the ring – there Fischer observed several people, taking note of the people around him. In particular, the quieter ones tend to be pretty dangerous – those with things to hide, with Scar being one of the people – noting his physical appearance and the rest of the people.

    Slightly putting himself a little closer to the crowd to hear chitchat, Fischer moved to one of the 35 people and asked a question, to see if any of them know what is going on at the moment. Maybe he is simply left out of the loop and maybe just some kind of grand welcome speech for the participants of Project Unity.

    “Hey, you know what is going on around here?”

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    West Port
    Sissel, Morticia

    Both the letter and the map sufficed for the Amazonians to escort Sissel further. They'd escort both him and an unknown individual to the inside of the battle ring. Once here Sissel noticed that a lot of them had already arrived and were simply waiting for the green light to enter the ring itself. Sissel would take a seat if there was any, if not he'd simply lean against a wall and wait. He didn't interact with Morti as he did not know her nor did he know anyone inside of this room. The man wasn't that great of an icebreaker and well there was something off about Morti that Sissel couldn't exactly pin point.

    For now though the man would concentrate by closing his eyes which his shades would conceal. The man would go into a very concentrated form of Mantra and checking out the battle ring in its entiretiy. He was scoping out the battle power of the others who were present those of the women in the audience and also if this ring was hiding something an unknown dungeon for example. Evil forces mostly originate from dungeons or hidden rooms and if there was someone there, Sissel would find them.

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    North Port

    The North Port of Amazonia. Little did Arya know it, but this port would be the place of complication. The pirate ship that Arya had managed to hitch of ride on would not retaliate to the knew addition. The pirate captain of the ship sat quiet. Arya thought he was a brooding edgelord, but wouldn't voice these thoughts out loud. Mr. Edgelord would present his invitation and be allowed passage into the island. Next would be another stowaway on the same ship Arya hitched a ride. This stowaway would introduce herself as Anomaly, and she'd praise Arya on dispatching the Sea King.

    Aww, it was nothin'. I'm Arya by the way.

    The cat captain would reply with a blush and a curtsey. Arya would let Anomaly go first in line. The letter would be presented, and then a snafu would occur. It would seem that Anomaly had entered the wrong port. This was most concerning. The Amazonian were clearly not pleased with this, and thought to halt Anomaly's path until good reason was given for this incident. Arya decided to chime into things, hoping to try and smooth things over.

    Can't you make an exception this one time. I'm sure it was an honest mistake.

    The kitty captain would say to the Amazonian present, all while giving them the sad kitty face. While Arya knew nothing about Anomaly, and really had no reason to help, the pirate captain liked the cut of her jib, and thought sticking with this Anomaly girl would be a source of great fun. Arya would wait to present the invitation until this whole situation was resolved.

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    Ge moved into orifices usually clean for fire and plasma. Each vent was pooled, and each ready to be fired like a missile. Morti was in a land,
    surrounded by intelligence, all ripe for her taking. A voice in her head, not of her own, would speak.

    "Cannons loaded, Morticia."


    A discussion no one would hear went inside Morti's head. Computer and brain, connected through wires and wear, discussed about the Amazon kingdom. Happi was, after all, Morti's second brain. Linked directly, the two were inseparable short of killing Morticia herself. Now, they discussed just what might occur as they wander in this land of women warriors.

    'Strong' was the one word to place on them. 'Corruptible' the second. So many slender frames and powerful bodies. These new powers Morti acquired, ever since her life and death experience with Cran Yam, have been scratching her mind. The solidarity of this island is possibly the only reason she came; no one would miss them in the greater theater of politics.

    Brought to an arena with many other guests, Morti began to question the legitimacy of this place and this event. A society must have had other means of accepting diplomats and other figures, yet to take them all to an arena? Suspicious was an understatement of a word, and Morti was moving through the crowds. Occasionally, she would touch a shoulder that got too close, at least four individuals not named, with a green goo leaving her hand and forming a jade bracelet.

    If noticed, she would smile at the offended and say to them "do not think about the bracelet and do not make a scene." A simple command that would force the individual to not think about that bracelet, for it was a peto collar. A preemptive plan, that was only going to grow...

    Sissel kept quiet, leaving Morti to mimic. The man was an eyesore, wearing red, leaving Morti to desire him last. Flashy people showed her powers. However, there was one person, for whatever reason, Morti attatched to. Not Scar, the man of a million dark corners. No... it was Fischer. Moving through the crowd like a paper on river's surface, she'd be before the

    "Ehehhh... there are so many things here... but we are guided to an arena? We cannot even join the seats."

    Morti broke the ice, asking Fisher with rhetorical questions. No influx, all blunt, and all to get his gears moving.

    "Maybe it's morbid... but I think they are trapping us here. A trap. Hey. my name is Addams."

    A single hand came forward, offered to Fischer. Should hands meet, Fisher would find the green goo. A simple goop, that would form rings around his fingers before hardening. More stressing, Fisher could feel the seastone in Morti's hands; perhaps even more so than the green gel.

    "Oh, sorry... it's coolant... I am a machinist. Don't worry about it."

    A secret command: Don't worry about it. If Fisher obeyed it, the rings would stay on his hand, passively waiting, his mind elsewhere. Morti did not know this man was special, but she wanted to find out. How else, but a little gesture?
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    Man and woman came from all over the world, and they were all convering in the battle ring.

    Anomaly had explained her situation. At some points, the explanation made a lot of sense, at others, not so much. But perhaps Anomaly's strategy to confuse would actually work. She claimed to be illiterate and that somebody else had explained to her what the letter said - and failed to mention that she had to go through a specific port. That, together with that short pitch on feminism, did the trick. However, the security still seemed to be oddly lax considering the situation, and anybody with a sense of worry would surely feel some type of oddity in all of this. Regardless, the Amazon deemed Anomaly's explanation good enough, and the two Amazons behind uncrossed their spears. Arya, now that her new friend was granted passage, would likely present her letter now as well, and she would go in without any problems. The two, just like any before them, would be escorted by 10 Amazons each, to the ring.

    Jack, while being escorted to the battle ring, tried to find out who the Queen was and why she was letting man into Amazonia. When he asked that, especially the latter part about the Queen allowing man into Amazonia, all of the Amazons that were escorting him looked down, almost as if in shame, some even going as far as gritting their teeth and clenching their fists, showing signs of anger. One of the Amazons answered, though the tone that she had would likely prompt Jack to not ask any more questions of that nature, as they seemed to be highly frowned upon.

    ''I don't want to speak of that. Stay quiet and follow.''

    Fischer, who had arrived to the battle ring already by that point, was getting an eerie feeling from all of this. The fact that all of the 35 invited were being led into a battle ring, with all of the local Amazons safely in the audience, certainly didn't have a very welcoming feeling to it. He tried to get close to one of the other 35 invited and asked if he knew what was going on. The person that he stepped close to was the cloaked man that was the first to have arrived on Amazonia earlier in the day. He was still cloaked, and still mysterious.

    The man answered, his voice eerie as hell, and almost as if he had only learned the tongue, and wasn't born speaking it.

    ''Boom not know. Boom arrive early morning and wait here long time. No woman talk to him.''

    The cloaked man said, his voice higher in pitch but feeling heavy at the same time. Right after the cloaked man answered Fischer's question, or rather, failed to answer it, Morti stepped close, inserting herself into the conversation - at that point, she already had four of the 35 invited under her ring's command. She said that this all felt like a trap, and offered a handshake to Fischer. While this was going on, the cloaked man's left eye, glowing a pinkish hue, was watching Morti from under the hoodie. The cloaked man already didn't like Morti much, for whatever reason.

    Sissel didn't interact with anybody, instead opting to stay out of everybody's attention. He focused on his Kenbun-shoku no Haki, and scanned everybody's power levels. The average Amazon sitting in the audience section was about as strong as an average Marine Captain. A few among the crowd were as strong as an average Marine Commodore. At the podium, that is, the section where the Queen's seat is, two Amazon guards stood on either side of the Queen's vacant seat. Those two guards were as strong as an average Marine Rear Admiral. Also standing about in various parts of the podium, were three other Amazons. Their power levels stood out from all the other Amazons, and towered above a Marine Vice Admiral, and under a Marine Admiral, closer to the latter than the former. As far as the 35 invited, their power levels ranged across the board, from as strong, or rather, as weak, as an average Marine Commander, to as obnoxiously strong as an average Marine Admiral, a few even slightly above that.

    By that point, Anomaly and Arya finally arrived to the battle ring. Nobody new had arrived for the past few minutes, so when the two finally showed up, all of the eyes were on them. It only lasted for a few short seconds, though, until the horns finally blew, signifying the start of the event. One of the two Amazon guards standing next to the Queen's vacant seat stepped forward to the edge of the podium, and addressed the 35 invited. Well, the 31 that were there.

    ''Greetings all!

    I introduce to you, the Queen of Amazonia, QUEEN ARTHURIA!

    The guard's words were few, almost as if she didn't dare keep the attention to herself, knowing that the Queen was waiting to speak. When she announced Queen Arthuria, all of the Amazons in the audience stood up and bowed. The horns blew again, and a woman walked out and into the podium, toward the edge of it, so that any and all could see her from anywhere in the audience section, as well as from the center of the battle ring. It was Queen Athuria herself, in the flash. Arthuria looked at her Amazons and then at the invited. She had a serious look on her face, if only because that was the only look she had, but she didn't give off any hostility - that is, it didn't feel like she would come out of nowhere and order all of her Amazons to jump into the battle ring and slay the captured. Instead, she gave off an air of command and regality, the top of Amazonia's food chain.

    ''Welcome, man.''

    Arthuria said, pausing for a moment, almost as if letting the moment instill fear into the weaker of the invited.

    ''I invited you here today to speak to you about the future of Amazonia. The letter called it the Unity Project, but that is all it is - our future.''

    Arthuria explained. As she spoke of inviting man to Amazonia, and said that that was the future of the nation, a number of the Amazons in the crowd gritted their teeth, clenched their fists, pushed the palms of their sweating hands against their knees. It was not too apparent, but it was also not too difficult to notice, that Arthuria ran a Dictatorship. Most Amazons did not agree with inviting man to Amazonia, and were only cooperating out of the fear that they had for Arthuria.

    Arthuria continued, and what she said next was... frightening. It showed that she did not know how politics worked, how the social system worked, how... the world worked. She thought of herself as the top of the food chain, and that was all there was to it.

    ''As you may very well know, Amazonia has secluded itself from the rest of the world for centuries. With that in mind, you might be asking yourselves... how were the 35 invited handpicked? After all, none of the Amazons, including their Queen, had ever left the country, so none of them personally knew the 35 invited, or even knew of their fighting strength, rank or accomplishments?

    That is correct. That is why... the 35 invited were picked mostly randomly, with slight speculation. And that is why, among the 35 invited, there are severe discrepancies in terms of fighting strength. Some of you might feel it already.

    For the weak, you are not needed. Any man that steps onto Amazonia is a risk factor in our eyes, and unwelcomed. The only way to earn your welcoming, is if you can prove that your fighting strength can increase our military might, the number one goal of the Unity Project.

    The 9 last standing will be invited to further talks. The rest...

    Arthuria paused...

    ''Will leave Amazonia willingly... or die.''

    Arthuria sat into her seat and waited. It was almost awkward - she did not even entertain the thought of asking if everybody found this method fair. One of the invited yelled out, protesting.



    With blinding spead, a sword came flying past the protester, slashing at his calf as it flew past him and stabbed into the stone floor behind him. Another one came, slashing at his thigh. Three more came, straight through the chest and the stomach. The protester coughed blood and Arthuria glared, her head leaning sideways, supported by her right hand.

    ''You're the only moron who came to foreign land without his weapons.

    You are one of the invited that was definitely not going to make it to the last 9. I felt it from the moment I walked out here.

    Arthuria said brutally, watching the man fall onto the floor face first and bleed out. 30 left - and they had a choice. Go with the terms, or protest.
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    *Information gathering was one of the occupational prerogatives of any good agent within the pols, though he would find more than he was looking for. The amazons would answer his question more with their body language then with words. In fact their words were stern in this displeasure in both the question and answering it. Their body language on the other hand spoke volumes of their extreme displeasure in men being here and within their queen herself.*

    I got it .. I'll stay quiet.

    *He would says as a plume of smoke would exit his mouth, his back leaning on a wall to the rear of the coliseum. It would not be long before all of the attendees would arrive .. a strange lot to say the least, but most were here, even the strangely late ones who would steal the coliseums glance only if momentarily. Though soon after they would arrive one of the amazons would begin to address the crowd as a sudden quiet would fill the coliseum. She would be introducing the queen herself, a woman named Arthuria a name that in and of itself rang out power. In a slight panic the amazon who introduced the queen would scurry off.

    The queens presence was clear, demanding and menacing something he had not felt in quite a bit of time. This feeling left a chill of excitement up his spine and as such a creepy smile would cross his face as she spoke. His escort would surely notice his expression as well as the overwhelmingly lust to seize power oozing from him. She spoke of unity project being their future and that only 9 of the 35 would be allowed to continue on. The terms were simple and clear .. reach a total number of 9 people. Though protest did arise and was meet with clear and concise action .. his death via dismemberment.

    Jack, very aware of the situation going on would take no time in joining the fray. His mouth would open as he would take in a deep breath, liquid would begin to rapidly produce within his mouth and throat as the breath would finish. In the next instant he would exhale and with it explode the nitro within his mouth and throat and direct the force and fire toward crowd in front him. The destructive force would be enough to blow a hole through the crowd and the wall on the other side of the coliseum. The flames spewn about would carry a deep black hue and spread as such. He figured those strong enough would not get caught up within a blast like that, but if they did it was not skin off his nose. Though he would certainly hope to take out a deal of the weaker, less useful fodder that was useless to the real reason they were here. Which he still very much did not know himself.*

    Spoiler: Tech used
    Biggu ban-Kokyū {Big bang Breath} - From the users mouth they are able to release a powerful torrent of explosive force and fire causing large scale destruction.
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    Anomaly & Others - Arena

    The witty Anomaly had succeeded once more! The Amazons before her were no match for this ingenius plan she had concocted. Not only that, be she seemed to have found a new pal. Arya was neat, and passed without problems. Now, however, there was going to be an escort; about twenty Amazonians for the both of them combined. Anomaly sighed deeply, letting out a long grunt that wouldn't relent.


    It was meant to annoy, and annoy she would. Hopefully Arya wouldn't mind, but they the two of them hadn't exactly been friends long enough for Anomaly to truly care. She wanted to voice her disappointment, and so she did. The escort would lead them to an arena after an unspecified amount of time, where all 31 surviving invitees had been gathered. There were men and women, some stranger than others. There was one fellow clad in black and scars; he was quite edgy to look at. Beyond that, a guy in a suit who seemed a little to excited to be on an island filled with women, a woman who felt... strange, and others Anomaly didn't really care too much about.

    "Ey, who dat?" She said, as a new figure showed up amidst the crowd. She proclaimed herself to be the queen of this island. Then she issued them a challenge.

    "We gon' do what now?" she said, looking at Arya.

    Regardless of whether or not she got an answer, things would kick off. A huge explosion near Anomaly would sent the weaker contestants flying, likely in parts. Anomaly, on the other hand, saw an opportunity here. She dashed out of the way of the explosion, and would use the resulting smoke to transform out of sight. None would likely see it, but Anomaly had become tiny. Almost as if she'd disappeared.

    In reality, she had not.

    She hopped from stone to stone, moving towards Arya. Anomaly was a flea. A tiny flea that none would see, but Arya would feel. Anomaly clung to Arya's legs, slowly making her way upwards, right into the danger zone. What she found there was incredibly amusing to her, but she'd keep her mouth shut, instead hanging on for dear life.

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    Arya in the Arena

    The whole situation at the north port would be resolved as quickly as it started. Anomaly gave an explanation, and the amazonians accepted it, at least for the most part. Arya's invitation was presented, and the both of them were escorted away. Anomaly was clearly bored by this turn of events, making sure everyone knew it. Arya on the other hand walked with a bit of a bouncy step. The pirate was thinking of the great banquet they were almost certainly headed toward. While not from any amazonian mouth, the cat was promised snacks, and so snacks were expected.

    Soon enough the duo were brought to an arena with the other thirty one invitees. All eyes were on the latecomers as they entered. Arya wasn't the least bit flustered by this turn of events, instead flashing a peace sign and a wink to those present. The pirate saw many people present, but most were so uninteresting that a single care couldn't be found. The more noteworthy that stood out were Fischer, who was either a mink or a zoan. Sissel, who was dressed in a manner that one could hardly miss. Lastly there was Morti. Arya couldn't miss Morti, seeing as she was having words with Fischer.

    Everyone else the pirate cared not to pay to much attention to at the moment. The festivities would begin soon enough and the queen took the stage. Arya was still wondering where the promised snacks were. The queen would talk about the selection process for the invitees. Turns out it was mostly random. A boring answer, but truthful. Then came the next point. A culling of the weak. Arya would groan in response, similar to Anomaly earlier. Then, finally, one protester would be struck down. Thirty people were left, and only nine would get to stay. Arya wasn't really in the mood to fight, though. Still, the cat would play along for now, muttering a few words before preparing for what was to come.

    This isn't snacks at all. Gonna give that queen a piece of my mind...

    Though Arya's train of though was soon interupted. One of the people that had been mostly ignored by the captain would be the first to start this shindig off. An explosion would take part of the arena, send dust and debris flying, along with likely a few invitees. Anomaly took advantage of the situation and would transform. With this new form, Anomaly would take to seeking shelter in Arya's Netherlands. At this point, Anomaly clearly knew much more about Arya than anyone else present.

    Hey, get out of there! Ugh, I'll deal with you later.

    Arya would say, seemingly speaking to no one except their own crotch. Arya hadn't seen Anomaly transform due to the smoke, and rather thought some bug had climbed up there. No snacks and a crotch bug. Clearly this was a bad day. Despite all this, Arya would get to work. Hands turned into large scissors, Arya moved to the center of the arena and stabbed the blades into it. Arya would run quickly, dragging the tips of the scissors across the ground. The kitty captain would run in a spiral pattern. In the path behind the pirate, the ground would flutter like fabric. Arya was planning something, but eyes were pealed in the event someone came to attack.

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    Death Battle in the Arena

    “Uh.. huh. I see..”

    Fischer’s response wasn’t a good indicator of his mixed feelings, Boom couldn’t give a good answer to his question – thus Fischer could safely conclude that no one would be aware of the intention made by the Queen to be in the arena not as audiences however, but rather of seemly contestants. This would instead allow Morticia the needed icebreaker as she would arrive to speak to Fischer out of a sudden, although her actions have already cause Fischer to immediately be wary of her. When she spoke to Fischer in regards on how they were not sitting on the seats, the ninja would agree with her in his mind, though not particularly responding due to her friendliness towards Fischer creating suspicion to a certain degree.

    Soon she would formally introduce herself as Addams, which she would offer a handshake – which Fischer seems reluctant in doing so, thanks to the trainings he received since young, he took approach the everyday life with caution especially in regards to other people’s hospitability, this made him suspicious to the ulterior motives that Addams might have. However, at the same time not taking the handshake would be rude to Addams as well, Fischer thought as he spends seconds on his decisions, Addams would notice the hesitation to her offer – but she would eventually have that offer taken upon by Fischer as the Jackrabbit slowly but surely went for her hand.

    “My name is Fischer, I – Ugh!”

    Unfortunately, before he could continue his sentence, he felt a powerful dreaded sensation that immediately weakened Fischer, interrupting him and even forcing him out of his Jackrabbit form – abruptly pulling his hand away from Addams’. Due to the seastone properties, a very obvious one at that, considering not many objects could weakened and force devil fruit users out of their comfort zone, it is a good conclusion to make. With his devil fruit powers gone of out his control, he immediately reverts to his human self, revealing a young man of a well-built but lean figure. His most distinguishing feature to others is his pair of golden eyes, menacing to some. He also possessed several scars on his face, which somehow compliments his short but messy black hair. A green-coloured gel would immediately have formed around his index finger, which Fischer immediately notices just as Addams spoke once more.

    “What are you-“

    However, before his words are complete, Fischer was hit by the command, which caused the man to be instead be puzzled by the words, but his consciousness allow him to still notice the sea-stone effect as well as a green-colored gel forming a ring on his finger. He did not seem to be bothered by it somehow, weird to anyone noticing but to Fischer he seem just confused and a little distracted. But before any more words of exchange would happened, the Queen arrived to immediately deliver her speech, before ending on a note where a fight to the death will happen save for the last 9 survivors. Fischer would slowly regain his composure, but what happen with Addams lingers around his mind, but it seems to ultimately be left ignored and pass on as 'whatever'. Though it could be said that because one of the participants died to a sudden attack after protesting to the Queen, and that another participant would follow the rules clearly that he unleashed a large stream of liquid from his mouth. It wouldn’t take long for Fischer to react immediately as he jumped away from the attack, immediately turning back to his Jackrabbit form whilst utilizing Sky Walk to get back before an inevitable explosion would trigger around the crowd.

    “Tsk. I knew this would've happened.”

    Should any of the participants attempt to attack Fischer at this point, they would find it quite difficult to do so as Fischer swings his body to the side while raising his right leg, snapping his leg towards the crowd as a powerful air blade generates out from the kick – large enough to hit quite a fair numbers within the crowd, it was not aimed at anyone in particular but at this point in time more of a defensive mechanism coming from Fischer.

    Fang [Image]
    Fischer kicks with precision and strength, usually utilizing a snap kick to generate a powerful air blade similar to the Cipher Pol's Rankyaku. However, unlike the Rankyaku, Fang does not possess varying degrees of manipulation thus only seem to vary with its strength and size. Fischer can utilize Fang rapidly, allowing him to fire multiple air blades constantly if needed.

    • Sky Walk = Geppou
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