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    Free Roam - Red Red Forests

    Red Red Forests (RRF)
    A chain of islands less island than normal, who's lands are red with bark and life; for other than the mountain at its center, the lands are massive bars of red wood, red wood mangroves at that, who listen to no known mortal and rest peacefully. Their roots go deep into the darkness of the ocean, where some may find life not unlike the Fishman Island itself. Civilization has nestled among the branches and massive trunks, living in harmony.

    Centered around a slew of islands lies the Mountain of Jubilation, named so for the excellency of its minerals, glittering ever so brightly in the sunlight and moon. The mountain has been excavated, though much still remains unknown and mysterious. After all, the range is huge, almost losing the island moniker for being an island. Wide, but also deep, this mountain goes to the bottom of the sea depths, coming from a trench of darkness.

    Growing from the mountain comes red woods of all variety. Their thirst for salted waters easily quenched, their growth unchecked, and their existence more than unique. The wood itself is resilient and powerful, with even the strongest of horrors unable to scathe its surface deep. Rich with nutrients from the mountain, the red woods have permitted life to grow atop, with greenery and dense forest on most of the islands. Islands, only in name, as anything not the main mountain is simple massive red woods tangled around.

    Many a city exist on these woods, the major ones all being built from the abundant material. Bridges, tall to allow ships to travel beneath, allow for the outer branches of the red wood mangrove to be reached. Small pocket cities litter the woods, each having their own communities however big or small. Beneath the waves, other cities flourish. In the mountain, pockets explode with growth, with some even digging through to see the sun shine upon their growth.

    The Mountain of Jubiliation (Center Dots)
    - A large mountain that almost disqualifies the island to be called as such.
    - Its bottom goes below a trench that spawned it, with it the mystery of the deep waters.
    - Contains massive reserves of minerals, its surface alone sparkling when light touches it in any way.
    - The mountain has many forests where they could grow, trees sprouting almost anywhere they can that isn't too steep.
    - At the surface and maybe a league bellow, civilization has taken root.
    ---> Mining parties and botanists mostly inhabit, to mine and research the ever resilient red wood.
    - To the North West, atop the mountain, lies a forest that is inhabited by para-natural observers and botanists.
    ---> Named Dewey Pines.
    - To the South West, in a crag, lies the main city of a mining company. A river passes through their development, from the mountain.
    ---> Named Gruncle Oaks after the owner of the mining company.

    The Last Inn of the Forest (East Dot)
    - Named so because it is the first and, often, last port in all of the Red Red Forests.
    ---> Not to say it is the only one, but it is the most popular.
    - A port city that is situated in the easiest to navigate waters of the red wood mangroves.
    - A pretty generic port city, though it does have its own police force and government separate from marine influence.
    - Allied with the World Government, but does not bow to the Government due to trade laws and contracts.

    Lumbering Grove (North West Dot)
    - A lumber mill city that is made of harvested red wood.
    - The wood harvested grows back rigorously fast, allowing for perpetual construction.
    - Nearly all buildings are reinforced sky scrapers, built akin to pyramids stretched to reach new heights.
    - Businesses have taken root, allowing for many a trade to come from the city.

    Depth Charge (West Dot)
    - An underwater city located in the swaying roots of one of the red wood protrusions and roots.
    - The entire city is made of plasteel, a sort of plastic alloy.
    ---> Strong, durable, heat resistant, but plastic.
    - A dystopia of plastic punk concepts, with fishman and outcasts thriving somewhat peacefully.
    - A place where people go to hide.
    - Owned by a underworld executive, with an open trade network.

    (South West Dot)

    (South East Dot)

    Add Your Own
    - Give me a description.
    - Say who lives there, if anyone.
    - What makes it special.
    - Do it in bullets.
    - Follow the above, and I will add it.

    Details & Rules
    - Don't be a dick.
    - Always try to ask before joining in some way or form in more private stories.
    - Characters can only be in one free roam at a time.
    - No quest limit. Not enough GMs, to be honest.
    - Avoid cramming all of your PC into the same plot line out of courtesy.
    - The current Devil Fruit on the island are: Gura Gura, Mochi Mochi, and the Magu Magu.
    ---> If one of the fruit above is not yet seen, it can be changed upon request by Ellie to a more desired fruit, should he care.
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    Do You Know The Way, Brother
    A Bar in the Outskirts of The Last Inn, a Small Coastal Town

    Out of the way. Quiet. Peaceful. These were the words to describe the Clam's Pearl. A neat little bar off the wooden path, in a small town that allows comfort over activity that is seen at The Last Inn. Fine wood floors, polished glazed tables, a barkeep more machine than man, and the clinking of mugs after swell were all one would get from that bar.

    Morticia sat at a booth with a neat little window looking out to the sea. Her booth was large enough for humans like her, more than enough room for her to prop up an elbow or two. Sitting across from her, with a fine note pad who's lines were millimeters thick, was a strange robot. More girl than boy, it was dressed in a school outfit and sported six arms. Each gloved, each waving, and two holding pens for writing, that was not the most outlandish bit from this person. It was the massive television screen she had for a head. On it played TV shows, with people's faces mimicking her current emotion. When the screen went still, it would change to an axolotl floating aimlessly.

    The two shared a booth, speaking to each other. The language between the two was something foreign, almost completely robotic in the whirs and bleeps each gave each other. A robot language. Quite enough to be background noise for the gentle pub, but loud enough for either to hear the other.

    The bottom floor had Morti and her guest, the top beds, and the area was spacious enough. Not meant for giants, certainly, but more than stable for who might arrive. After all, Morti posted fliers on several lamp posts and bounty boards.


    Hunters, navigators, trackers.
    Looking for abnormal creatures and mythos.
    Dispelling rumors of Jubilation.
    Need strong and smart.
    Mostly smart.

    Reward upon completion.
    Split evenly for all participants.
    Find more out at the Clam's Pearl.
    Kindly order, and drink, a Irish Russian to notify liaison.

    Those who would answer the morbid woman's call may very well be plentiful. Or, completely absent. No real information short of location was given, and a way to notify the contact. Otherwise, it was lacking. This did not bother Morti in the slightest, for only the smart would join her... hopefully. If not, she had her retinue. A good retinue,
    after all.

    Be sure to follow the instructions. When entering, only one PC per player. Of those who may join, only five may be chosen. This could be random or first come. There will be a posing time limit for this event (three day rule for players.) If I think you cannot keep up with a three day posting limit, you will not be allowed to join. If you fail to follow the three day limit and do not notify me and I approve, I will eject you from this event.
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    Marco - Four Paths

    Marco was a freelance, currently, looking for something to do. His old crew had disbanded and reformed with the captain presumed to be dead and every other crew member either confirmed dead or missing. One lived, however, Marco wasn't a big fan. As things stood, he was no longer a pirate. At the same time, he had amassed quite a bounty to his head so options were severely limited. He had one major call from an old flame, but Marco preferred to not go that way, but every other door seemed to have been shut down for reasons there he had yet to find out, making him pretty desperate. For now, he went around looking for new upstarts. The kind of people who were rapidly rising in the whole piracy business but instead of turning them in for money, Marco would usually help them out. Stabilize their infrastructure, help them build an identity that can stand out among the thousands of others in the same business, and get them connected with the right groups. These were his investments. Most wouldn't amount to anything, but who knows? Not like he had anything better to do.

    On one such tour to find potential clients, Marco noticed a flier on the bounty board. The piece of paper caught his attention over the sea of posters with faces and numbers. There wasn't a harm in checking it out. He figured that even if it wasn't something that interested him, others who answer to this request could prove to be worth investing in.

    The Last Inn

    Things often happened in bars, so Marco had become quite adept at tracking down their locations and despite this one being placed at a location that was impractical for business, he'd somehow made it. Marco stood in front of The Last Inn with doubts in his mind. He had expected more people and was now wondering if the whole thing was just a sham. A childish prank by someone who had way too much time in their hands. Since he'd come this far, he may as well see it through till the end.

    Marco would enter the inn and head towards the bar and take a seat on one of the high top chairs placed in front of the counter.

    "An Irish Russian, please." he'd order to the cyborg bartender and await his drink, looking around as he did.

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    Sissel - Four Paths

    Sissel sat on his desk left arm leaning against his head as he tapped his desk with the fingers of his right hand one by one in a tune of boredom. It had been a slow day many people had come to his office by now claiming to have lost their loved ones due to a ghost or a spirit. When Sissel inquired more about the cause of their missing it was easily deduced that they were knocked out in a bar or their spouses were overly concerned. It was the drawback of being rather known in a small community, he had to find a way to boost his reputation a bit. But how would he do that? The man would sigh as he stood up and turned around, opening his vertical blinds slightly. The man would eye the pretty scenery from this local city until a knock would clear the silent office. "Yes?" Sissel would say wondering who it'd be. The door would open and revealed a young red headed girl. "Oh it's you. My number one secretary." Sissel would say jokingly. The young woman at this point would close her eyes pretending she hadn't heard him. "You know my name Sissel, please use it." "Apologies, Lynne. Listening to every woman claiming their drunk husband is possessed honestly took the joy out of me today." Sissel would say sighing as he closed the vertical blinds and turned to observe his noir looking detective desk. The man would sit down back in his chair as Lynne took a bottle of scotch with two glassess while holding some kind of paper under her arm.

    She'd sit on the opposite end and would pour two glasses for both her and him. Before they'd drink however she'd show him the paper which he'd read in silence. The man after finishing reading would simply grin as he'd toast with his secretary. "I'll be on a bit of a leave then. Do keep the fort healthy my number one secretary!" The man would smile as he'd toast with Lynne, his joy had returned.

    The last Inn

    A bar named the clam's pearl. That was all Sissel had to go with. It took him a while to find it but with some questioning and some old fashioned tracking Sissel would find the place. It'd have been easier if this thing wasn't somewhere in the middle of a god damn forest. But the detective would keep the frustrations to himself. With a click Sissel would open up the bar and looked around. His quick gaze would only find a single person sitting at the counter together with the barkeeper. The detective would too sit down at the counter leaving one chair between him and Marco. Sissel knew how to respect personal space and it'd be rather odd for him to sit right next to a stranger. "Irish Russian, my good friend." Sissel would say looking at the cyborg before looking at Marco. "Good day to you. Good sir." Sissel would say with a nod and a friendly greeting. The red suited detective was unaware that Marco had ordered the same drink as him.

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    Arthur - four paths

    *Usually in the average life of a doctor they spend their time treating patients and curing illnesses, today was quite different. Seen within a studio, one meant for dancing, a marine named Arthur could be spotted. Clumsily, with two left feet he could be seen within the embrace of a lovely woman. Her movement's were flawless and graceful even in line with his klutzy, left stepping and while one her face an expression of joy could be seen. On Arthur's only one of glazed discontent, this was not quite the mission he had in mind. He had arrived earlier within the day, by special order, something he found odd in and of itself, he had never been here before. Though once he arrive he clearly knew why, the girl he would be clumsily be dancing with earlier in the day was on the verge of death, having been poisoned by a unique and rare variant strain not seen very often.

    Luckily for the woman, her name being Cheryl. The marines had just the doctor for her and thanks to the ties she held thanks to her families wealth, getting him there in a timely manner was a drop in the hat to them. Soon after meeting her family and being taken to her, he quickly realized just how dire her situation was. She skin was a light blue, her eyes, nose and mouth all trickling out blood in small ever flowing streams. Her voice was gone but yet, she would still cry out in pain letting out wispy, short gasp. With haste he would begin to get to work, he had to identify the toxin and once he did that quickly work on a antidote. This is where Arthur shined, for it would not be long that he would identify the toxic, one that was derived from one of the more heinous ways of getting poison. Gathering of hundreds of bugs together and placing them within a jar, till only one is left. The one left becomes the more venomous and lethal bug of the group, also creating a new powerful poison. As such Arthur had his work cut out for him, soon he would begin to synthesize each poison until he would recreate the purest form of the poison and begin to create a antidote from it.

    Hours would pass as the morning sun would turn to the midday sun, toiling and sweating away within Cheryl's rooms. Not only to keep an eye on her and administer treatment as needed, such as padding off her sweat, giving her light painkillers for the pain and keeping her as comfortable as possible. As the one o'clock hour would chime in the antidote would be complete and after hours of work he was ready to give it to Cheryl. Pursing the antidote vile to her lips he would pour it in her mouth as he would then massage her throat to get her to swallow it. Coughing would ensue as the woman would begin to toss and turn violently, a sign the antidote was taking effect. Her violent spasms would soon subside as she would once again begin to gain consciousnesses, the trails of blood now being nothing more than red lines on her face save for the whites of her eyes.

    Hours would pass once again, he sat by her side as she rested and recovered. He was making sure the poison fully left her body for he was sure the family paid a large sum to get their daughter healed. Reading a book he had found in her room, one regaling of a girl a lion and something called a "tin man" it was interesting and spoke of a different world. As he was getting engrossed within the book Cheryl would wake up, refreshed and needing of a shower her health was in light, restored. She needed more rest but other than that, his antidote did it's job. With that he would wish the woman good bye or at least, he would try. As a way to thank him she insisted she give him a free lesson in dance as she was the star of the studio and the reason her family was so rich, not her parents like he though. He time and time again tried to refused telling her she needed rest, though with a quick promise and thanks to her enthusiasm wore him down. Were we meet the two now, dancing with one another. Though as the sun would recede from the sky he would take his leave, being sent off by Cheryl with a joyous wave. Tired and wanting to relax from his day he would make his way to get a drink, though on his way would pick up a flier, one of the many strewn up. Reading it over, he figured, while here it might be a great way to kill time as another ship would not arrive for him for a few days anyway.

    The last Inn

    While the town was small, he was new and had little clue on where everything was. He would soon stumble across a man, his whole being wrecked of booze. "Perfect" Arthur thought to himself, he figured he could point him to the location of the inn/bar.*

    Hey there, would you happen to know where the calm's pearl is?

    *The man would break from his drunken stupor, his eyes glazing over as a look of disgust would grow over his face.*

    Wa'cha wan wi tha placcccc, huuuh!!! Tha' placcc i' *Hic* bad! Shi'e boozzzz ...

    *To Arthur the mans words seemed a warning, but the man was drunk so he paid them little mind. Though he did want the location, or to at least be pointed in the direction of.*

    So can you tell me where it is or not?

    Yaaa, ya. Hol' yor' po-knees. Is 'round corner ovr' thr'

    *He would say pointing to the area the inn would be at. With that Arthur would leave the drunkard to his own devices as he would stumble and sway back and forth, murmuring to himself as he did. Arriving at the Inn he would walk in, what he was seemed pretty normal, save for one of the boths but .. new area of the world, what did he know. Walking up to the bar he would place his right hand on the wooden counter, getting the attention of the bartender.*

    Irish Russian, please.
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    Not much had been seen or heard of Krieg since the Fountain of Giants and Uos' end. Krieg's absence was partly because he was depressed for a while, and then partly because he trained for a while, and then partly because he was promoted to a Commander of the Revolutionary Army, as well as Senior Commander of the Briggs Kingdom. The fact that Krieg was now a Commander of the Revolutionary Army just like Irra, he couldn't be around her as a subordinate of hers all the time. He had his own missions, and his own responsibilities. Mission after mission, Krieg spent his time, the rawness of the wound left behind Uos' death slowly fading and buried underneath the workload, though the memory of the giant man never will.

    Krieg's missions led him to the Red Red Forests, where he finally had a break. Krieg hung around for a while, taking it as a vacation and explored the red woods, but before long, he stumbled across a Bounty Board. On that Bounty Board was a piece of paper that stood out among the other pieces of papers, if only for the fact that it wasn't a bounty poster. Krieg stepped closer and read it. He was intruiged, rested, had free time, and 3 days were missing until his next mission. He might as well take a look, he thought.

    Fast forward just an hour later, Krieg finally found Clam's Pearl. It wasn't easy finding the remote bar, but it wasn't too hard either - a Commander of the Revolutionary Army was used to finding low key places where secret meetings were held. Krieg walked in and walked toward the bar. He sat down two stools over from Sissel, so that it went like this: Marco, empty stool, Sissel, empty stool, Krieg. Now it was time to order the Irish Russian and grab the attention of the right people just like the poster mentioned. There was just one problem - Krieg couldn't hold his liquor at all, and the poster said he had to order the Irish Russian and drink it too.

    ''One Irish Russian, please.''

    The big Monkey King said, oddly polite for somebody so big and... well, animal. The drink would eventually come, and Krieg would stare at it nervously. Should he drink it, knowing that it would leave him drunk in a bar full of - potentially dangerous - strangers? Krieg's right hand would inch toward the drink ever so slowly, and he would gulp, ever so nervously. It was right before he was about to drink it, that he would finally notice that the other three men at the bar had also all been served Irish Russians.

    ''Hmm? How did I not notice that earlier? Must be the nerves...''

    Krieg said to himself, his hand now on the drink. Krieg was about to drink it. But he was scared and he wanted to wait... just... a... few... more... seconds...
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    The Last Inn - Searching for the Occult

    Dani had continued her aimless wandering through the New World, and found herself having made landfall on the shores of the Red Red Forests. The port town Last Inn was a humble trading port, simple enough and cozy feeling. Dani herself never got cozy anywhere she went, for humans were the sort to judge her by appearance alone. To that end, she wore full length cargo pants and a long jacket that covered up all of her skin. Her tail was hidden beneath her jacket. As for her head, she wore a hood and a simple pair of goggles to cover up most of her facial features. The only distinguishing feature shown on her was the large stone gauntlet that was her right hand.

    She carried a knapsack over her shoulder as she traversed the streets and looked about. Dani preferred to travel light, and kept only things that were absolutely essential to her on her person. She came upon a lamp post that had a flyer attached to it. She gripped the paper and tore it from the post, bringing it close to her face to read. After glancing through the paper, she really only had one question.

    "The **** is an Irish Russian?"

    Her curiosity piqued, some by the mention of occult affairs but moreso on what ingredients constructed an Irish Russian, Dani started looking around for the Clam's Pearl where the meet was supposed to be. It took some time and careful asking around, but Dani finally found the bar in question. She entered and made her way to the bar, taking a seat away from most of the crowd. There were other(s?) sitting and enjoying a similar beverage, but Dani didn't care to mingle with the other customers. She had her own mystery to solve.

    "Oi, barkeep. What's in an Irish Russian? I'd like to try it."

    Soon she would find out what kind of beverage this thing was, what with it having two different nationalities. The liaison was also to make contact with her when she did. But for now, she would simply consume her drink and unravel that mystery. She kept her gauntlet at her lap, and her left hand on the bar.

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    They place where the blind can see and the deaf can see too

    Trials, Tribulations, and a broken leg were the souvenirs Cage had collected from his last mission, the mission on the moon. He learned many a lesson, mainly how to take a punch, but now that he was back on the blue sphere, it was time to reevaluate his purpose. A brash brute, Cage had barrelled his way into trouble, and eventually punched his way out of it. Though this last mission was one where he learned that he'd need to be wiser and more diplomatic.
    He needed to stop thinking like a criminal, and begin behaving like the Rear Admiral that he was.

    This promoted him to take time off and travel around. He needed to remember how he got from where he was, to where he is now. He traveled from coast to coast, land to land meeting criminals and Marines alike. He resumed work as a debt collector and still performed his duty as a Marine, but still he could not find his purpose.

    Once again Cage traveled, searching for that purpose, trying to recall what man he was, and what man he wanted to be. He needed a break from his work as a Marine, and decided to take up work elsewhere.

    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl

    Cage now found himself in the Last Inn. Through ties between the local government and the Marines, Cage was able to get work in a local pub as a bartender. He worked backup to the cyborg, restocking drinks, handling orders when the bar got busy, repetitive lifting of kegs, barrels and crates. This was what Cage was used to, as he was a known bartender in the blues before his arrest and recruitment into the Marines.

    "Got another keg of the stout, and I'll bring out another batch of the cola."

    Cage alerted the barkeep, who was busy at the bar taking orders. The brute set down the keg beneath the bar, replacing the taps between it and another, and stocked a small fridge with bottles of cola. Once finished, he looked around to see if anything else needed replenishing, vodka was running low as well. A bartender himself, Cage mentally put together the ingredients and knew that there had a lot of the same orders coming in. If he didn't surmise that for himself, he'd hear it from the mouths of many patrons in the bar, almost only ordering Irish Russians.

    People hadn't been ordering Irish Russians that frequently before, but Cage quickly pushed the idea out of his mind.
    He didn't want to be a Marine right now, he just wanted to be a bartender. Things were simpler that way. Though he couldn't shake the feeling that something big was stirring, something important. Cage realized that he hadn't actually had an Irish Russians, and decided to concoct one himself. Mixing his drink, Cage quickly gulped down the liqueur himself. Probably shouldn't be drinking on the job,
    but this was a side gig
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    Red Red Forests - Four Paths

    [Sensui Oldgate]

    Depth Charge

    The sound of drops of water dripping echoed through the darkness. The sound of a match lightning overpowered the darkness, showing a hand made of a tentacle, bringing the flame to a lantern. At the end of the light's grasp was a black den den mushi, covered with a cloak from head to toe. The figure stepped closer and closer until his lantern illuminated his face. The Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Sensui Oldgate stepped into the frame, his face unusually in a brow. On his chest was a new large scar on his right side, covering it to his shoulder. Small scars showing shards of ice from a late legend once threatening his life, bore deep within him.The merman's tentacle approached the den den mushi, before picking it up, his hands shaking.

    "I did what you ordered. Where is she..?!"
    "Tha' screams, do ye not hear them? "
    "WHERE IS SHE?!"
    "Follow the boards, my dear Sensui. Kuhahahaha..."

    The den den mushi's eyes shut, and the transmission ended. The merman stood within the darkness, gritting his teeth. The merman's once carefree and Oldagte-esque nature had escaped him. The merman fell to his knees and slammed his face into the ground. Sensui wept. The camera zoomed out, out of the structure, showing a large tree colored red. It zoomed out further, showing a large underwater city of plastic. Mermen and fishmen here were in droves, and one would see one like them, Sensui Oldgate, blending with the crowd.

    Hours had passed, and through interrogations, questions, and Intel gained, the miscreants at Depth Charge had led Sensui to a board posting. The underworld-esque culture of the city made for easy access to such news as a mysterious board posting. The merman had grabbed one of the bounty posters and left.

    Last Inn

    Almost a day had passed since Sensui initially made it to the Chain of Islands. The Commander now entered the port city, bustling with life. The merman had been led to the bar aptly named Clam's Pearl. The doors creaked open. Sensui took a moment to look around. Many were at the bar, the bustling of the bar loud; even strange unknown languages filled the air. The merman's eyes widened, and a smile turned wide. His eyes were fixated on one at the bar. The merman shouted one name with glee: Krieg. Suddenly, a tentacle would wrap around Krieg's neck from behind. Playfully, the merman would pull the Monkey King back, attempting to knuckle his hair playfully.

    - the merman said out loud, his voice overpowering the bar

    With no tact and no calm, the merman took the stage. If Krieg was trying to lay low, he'd find Sensui had blown his cover to smithereens. The merman laughed loudly, accidentally shouting sensitive information. As he greeted Krieg, one of Sensui's other tentacles grabbed Krieg's drink, the Irish Russian, and downed it with no hesitation.

    "MORE RUSSIONS, 'KEEP!"- Sensui shouted, his cheeks redenning
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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
    Four Paths: Johnny

    In a bar in the middle of somewhere, sat a passed out Johnny Ridden. He slept there peacefully at the end of the bar, out of the way of others. How did he get there? Who knows? Johnny certainly doesn't. He was drunk going in and he'd be drunk going out. That's just how he was. He'd quit drinking for a bit then would be right back curled up around a bottle. Didn't matter what, so long as it got him plastered, it would work.

    Or at least it would if it were quiet, but since it was a bar it was not quiet. Johnny woke to the loud voice of a fishman with the lower body of a octopus or something, who was bellowing at one of the other patrons. Johnny's face contorted in pain as the voice reverberated in his head, making his hangover feel even worse. Johnny pulled himself up into a sort of slouched sitting position and rubbed his face, slipping off his sunglasses so he could massage his eyes.

    "Hey Fishman, could you be any louder? I think they heard you on the other side of the island."

    Johnny hadn't paid any attention to what the fishman said, so he didn't catch what was said. He was too hungover to care anyway. He just rubbed his temple and tried to think of how to get rid of the headache he was feeling. The fishman and a few others had ordered drinks and so Johnny decided to get one too while the stuff was out.

    "I'll take one of those Irish Russians or whatever too."

    Johnny sat with his face in his hands as he waited for the drink. Was it any good? Seems like several people had ordered it, so it must be something. Heck, even the barkeep drank one. Must be good. He hoped it was something strong. He could really use a strong drink or two right now.

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