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    Sissel was the first to order, getting his drink delivered to him promptly, but he would not drink it. A shame of an action, but he was not to be alone. Speaking to his ghosts, he'd soon be joined by someone new. A man who had a past that no one knew had joined Sissel. This was Arthur, the poison man, who also did not drink what was put before him.

    More came in to ask, but never confirm. On the precipice of adventure, in the metaphorical danger zone, stepped Krieg. Monkey mink and dangerous in his own right given his connections, he too ordered a drink. A simple drink of vodka, Kahlua, and stout. At least he'd grab the drink offered, but he'd puts around it, not drinking a damned sip.

    The two observing quietly, though one less so given her head was a television box that played constantly, gave an silenced shudder of surprise. A tiefling arrived to the bar and, in one smooth move, asked for the drink... and drank it. A contender who confirmed the contract. Sadly, this woman knew nothing, absolutely **** all, about the contract and the fliers. An interesting candidate, and one Morti might very well warm up to as a fellow demon (though one who his her appearance well.) Her name was Dani, a member of the Ironbeards who was on a tight line of interests.

    The next unlikely soul to join the caste was the bartender's help. Cage, taking a break after his moon stint that nearly ended life itself, was stocking shelves and cabinets. The day was long, so he ordered and made a drink for himself. Incidentally, he accepted the contract.

    Then, someone entered. Someone who ruined it all by applying twice. Application was order, recieve, and drink, and this man stole one and got another. He'd never drink the second, but Sensui had stolen a drink from Krieg. This baffling move was not unheard of for the two friends, but it had implications. Terrible implications.

    The last one to enter was a man named Johnny. A troubled man with a past, but with a future just as much. Unlike the last three successes, he too would order a drink and never touch the sweet nectar. It sat before him, stout bubbling, waiting.

    Morti and her friend would sit, watching without actual eyes, unseen in their snooping. A woman, a robot, would come from the second floor. First a door opened, then she descended stairs, quietly approaching behind Dani and Sensui.

    "Hello, wonderful flesh pile. Can I have an audience with you upstairs? My broker promises a treat if you follow."

    Nonchalantly, the bot would walk to the swing door of the bar, lift it up, and accost Cage. Standing before the man, eyes gleaming yellow, she would speak to him as well.

    "You seem to attract people who want to use you. I am sorry. Not really. My broker would like to see you as well. There will be... prizes."

    The bot would turn, to head up to the stairs, only to spin her head around. An eye brow raised.

    "You could even have my panties, you pervert."

    The bot would leave, going back upstairs to her private room, however strange. The others were not greeted, and now they were certainly in a confused place. If anyone looked to either Morti or the strange robot woman, they'd both have left the bar. Through the front door, as if they had finished and were departing to greener lands. They even left a tip on the table.

    As for the others... well, perhaps there was another way? They did not know that was the contract on the flier inviting those three, nor did they know if there was a second chance. Perhaps the ones who drank first? Or perhaps the ones who found the mystery...? It all depended solely on their next actions, as their broker who was hiring was looking elsewhere despite their best intentions.

    A Long Journey, Only to End
    How awkward.

    When Marcus entered the Last Inn, he'd find himself at a loss. Marcus could not find the Clam's Pearl, a common complaint to many a stressed relationship. Instead, he found a bar named after the city he was stuck within, the Last Inn of Last Inn. This satisfied the gas man, though he would find his drink was a simple one of vodka, coffee liquor, and stout. He'd find he was alone in drinking it, as the others all went to the Clam's Pearl.
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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
    Everyone else present at the pub

    It didn't take long after Dani had joined for others to also join at the bar. It seemed quite a few people had also read the flyer that she had read, but not everyone was drinking. A mink on the other end sat looking nervous like he was about to partake in a shady deal. A drunken merman loudly drank said mink's drink and ordered more. Hell, even the human bartender drank one. Dani sat quietly at her side of the bar, letting everyone else be loud and obnoxious while she reconsidered her decision in wanting to partake. She didn't like crowds.

    While the merry making was going on (being led by Sensui), a female robot sashayed down from the second floor. Dani was the first one she'd greet, inviting her upstairs to meet the benefactor. The female robot seemed...odd, to say the least, given her choice in speech. The robot also invited the drunken merman and the human bartender. Of the rabble that had congregated at the bar, only three had been invited. Probably because only a few had actually followed the directions. Dani waited for the female robot to walk back upstairs before going herself. She'd let the common rabble carry on so she could slip under the radar.

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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
    Everyone else present at the pub

    3 members had been chosen when Sissel snapped out of his flashback. He was talking to no one because of it. A vision of his past perhaps? In any case Sissel at this point would drink his drink in one quick swing. However with the two strangers leaving Sissel had a hunch that whoever was watching wasn't watching anymore and that was a bit of a problem. "Hey fella, thanks for the drink. Here, keep the change." Sissel would say paying for his drink with a bit of a tip as extra and left the bar. While the man was outside he'd turn to face the bar one more and observed where the 3 chosen currently were hiding out with mantra.

    Once he had found their location he'd sink into the ground and moved through it. He'd move through the bar again while walking beneath its floor and went up towards the other their locations stealthily. Once he had reached the floor he'd check for a good hiding spot and pop his head out, allowing him to listen to what the plan was. Sissel's preferred locations were the corners or the ceiling so his body wouldn't be left hanging out in the open like some twisted hunting trophy.

    This gig was his shot at getting his name in the big leagues and he wasn't going to give up so easily

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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
    Everyone else present at the pub

    *Having had the shot placed before him Arthur would place the drink to his lips and partake of the bubbling brew, it was bitter and sweet an odd concoction. He would watch and listen to the woman bot speak, mentioning something of a broker and rewards going so far as to even mention her panties as a reward, all within her room. It was a good deal, he thought, but as quickly as she appeared she would vanish again back to her room. Reaching into his pocket he would pull out enough to cover what he figured the cost of the drink was, if indeed there was a cost to be paid now.*

    Here you go, thanks it was strange but tasty.

    *Having paid the bartender and drank his shot he would begin looking around noticing the lively lot that gathered around. They too seemed to be interested within the fliers as everyone had be given the same drink. Though the audience was to take part within the chamber room of the robotic woman, he would instead, excuse himself much like the rest, toward her chamber of secrets.*
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    [Sensui| Helgirl | Cage Morti]

    With a shout and stout, the merman commander greeted his fellow brother in arms Krieg. The drunkard Sensui swiped the man's drink, and downed it, unaware of the implications. The merman hiccupped loudly, his cheeks beginning to redden as he shouted for another drink. A man with Skypian wings, unknown to Sensui to be Johhny Ridden, shouted at him to keep his voice down. The commander flashed a smile, brought his new poured Irish Russian in a form of toast, and apologized loudly. The merman downed the next drink and finished kissing Krieg awkwardly. The merman laughed uproariously. Sensui looked around, seeing various men and women with their drink in front of them, and some with empty glasses.

    It wasn't long before a figure approached them, a robotic woman with less than charming words.

    "Hello, wonderful flesh pile. Can I have an audience with you upstairs? My broker promises a treat if you follow."- a robotic woman said

    - Sensui shouted, his voice sustained in a high drunken pitch

    Sensui did not walk, he ran upstairs. He mistakenly bumped into the tiefling, saying "Sorry, beautiful!", before continuing his chase. The merman swayed a bit side to side, and his tongue flapped as he ran behind the robot. The merman would be the first one upstairs, literally jumping into the room, falling forward upon entry. Face-up, Sensui looked around, flashing a smile, looking for more alcohol.

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    Krieg had read the flyer, knew he had to order the Irish Russian, and drink it. However, he was messing about for too long, because he knew how he would get if he drank even the tiniest of alcohol. Before he could make his decision, Sensui walked into the bar, saw Krieg, wrapped his tentacle around him and pulled him off of his stool. With another tentacle, he grabbed Krieg's drink and downed it. The merman's cheeks reddened and he suddenly started spouting the most outrageous of things, including Krieg's identity, affiliation, and what the Revolutionary Army was SECRETLY up to. Krieg sighed and spoke to Sensui, his voice booming as a big ape's can be, so at this point not even Krieg was being too discrete - perhaps he no longer cared to be, since Sensui already shouted everything out into the open.

    ''Sensui-san, you shouldn't have said all of that, you're being ridiculous again.''

    Krieg said. His sentence was odd. On the one end, he referred to Sensui as ''-san'', which was respectful, and on the other end, he called him ridiculous. Likely, Krieg was polite because Sensui was senior in his position as Commander of the Revolutionary Army, and was one of the cornerstones of the entire Revolutionary Army, just like Irra, but at the same time he couldn't help but call Sensui out on his behavior. Regardless of all of that, when the second drink came, the one that Sensui actually ordered, Krieg would swipe it. Whether it was his natural speed or his Electro stimulation, Krieg did it incredibly quickly. Perhaps it just looked quick to Sensui because Sensui wasn't paying much attention at the time and was goofing off.

    Krieg would again stare at his drink, trying to work up the courage to down it. However, before he could do so, a female robot came walking into the bar down the stairs that connected the first and the second floors. The female robot walked up to Dani and Sensui and asked to have an audience with them upstairs. Krieg was right next to Sensui at the time when the female robot extended the offer to him, so Krieg spoke up. Based on his words, he was polite after all, and only dared speak ill of Sensui's alcoholic tendancies in particular.

    ''Excuse me, Miss. I am assuming this is about the flyer.
    I am also interested, but I cannot hold my liqor at all, which is why I didn't drink the Irish Russian.
    Would it be fine if I came along as well, or is it really necessary for me to drink this?

    Krieg said, holding up his drink when he referred to it, making sure the female robot saw he had it. He then looked over to Sensui for a second, and then back to the female robot.

    ''I'm a friend of his.''

    Krieg concluded, pointing toward Sensui with his thumb.

    If Krieg was allowed in, on the account that downing the Irish Russian likely only served to inform the observer of your willingness, and Krieg just communicated his willingness straight to the observer, he would go and leave his Irish Russian at the bar, tipping the barkeep graceously. He also paid for Sensui's drink and tip. Commanders of the Revolutionary Army were quite loaded with cash, Sensui likely only avoided paying because he couldn't be bothered.
    If Krieg wouldn't be let in without drinking the Irish Russian for some reason, he would think about it for a few more seconds, and then down it. There was one determining factor that prevented Krieg from drinking it before, but could drink it now. Before, he was alone in a bar full of - potentially dangerous - strangers, and could not afford to get drunk. Now, a goofy but reliable ally, Sensui, was there, and as drunk as Sensui was, he functioned well under the influence, and was sure to keep Krieg out of trouble if Krieg himself got drunk.
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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
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    Unbeknownst to himself, Cage had somehow volunteered for something by taking a drink at the bar. The Goron watched as a bot lady came from the upstairs room down to the bar, asking a pair to follow her upstairs. She'd then turn to Cage, mentioning his knack for being a pawn in other's chess game.


    This wasn't something Cage was proud of. It was actually something he was trying to avoid. Though the bot mentioned a broker and possible prizes. It was a tough decision, but Cage would take the bait for now, plus he knew how to do deal with brokers. Cage turned toward the barkeep and nodded, letting him know he'd be taking off.

    "You got this?? I'm taking off."

    He walked through the back and back into the pub, following the bot upstairs. He'd pause when she made the offer to that Cage might obtain her panties, calling him a pervert in the process.

    "Unless they're valuable, I doubt I'd want yo oil stained drawls."

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    A cold shoulder was given to Krieg. Going back in time was not something often successful, and certainly one the woman would not acknowledge. After all, she was only addressing the successful. Ignored, left to sit, Krieg would probably still follow. After all, he'd finally finish his drink and Sensui would need a chaperone. However, he'd be behind the others, as a line was forming that needed to be resolved.

    Dani was first to follow, heading up the stairs to follow the female bot some time after she'd left. Up the stairs she went, to see a hall with several doors and a common area at the end, which had even more doors. Several dark hooded figures were in this area, standing at doors like guards. The common area had two doors a side of wall, connected to that hall Dani was now exiting. If Dani was six o'clock, the door would be eight o'clock, open ajar with the robot woman beckoning. Outside that door was one of the cloaked figures, though their face was veiled.

    Approaching the door, Dani would be shoved to the side by the ever exuberant Sensui. The octopus would rush the door, only for the black figure to stop him mid rush as steel bars formed a barrier for him to run into. Every touch of foolishness would adorn his skin with a black dot, almost like a tattoo, to his back. Perhaps bruises from hitting a bakumetal mesh. The figure spoke, her Common broken and of a person new to the language.

    "No running-a in halls. Legeth'drn n'ghanglui uh'enyth."

    The later of her words were something Sensui would never have heard before as a language. The barrier would disappear, hopefully Sensui realizing that if he didn't calm down and act more respectable, he wouldn't be respected. After all, this was a contract and his host didn't need blundering fools... especially since she knew him very, very well for failure and that fact would hit him soon. Dani could possibly hear the voice, something familiar... she'd know the language though. The tongue of the Dead Gods, Aklo. The figure called Sensui an idiotic drunken animal. Regardless, the door was now open for Sensui to enter, as with Dani.

    Krieg was possibly following by now, lucky enough to know who to follow. Cage behind him as well, having left his duties. The robot had refused to comment on Cage's own, only winking. Cage, before he left, could've sworn he saw her shudder, a shudder of disgust. As if her act was only that, and a comeback was revolting. Robots were strange things, after all.

    The only other soul who made it, though not directly, was possibly the greatest of the nuisances. Sissel was a powerful nuisance, using mantra to seek out the group. Some drunkards saw his body moving through the floor and into the walls, but nothing would come of it as he stayed in the ceiling. Once he stuck his head through the ceiling, he'd see the room and its people.

    A couch was at the far side of the room, on it Morti. Her face was ready for all to see, hunched forward and hands clasped, chin rested atop. In a recliner next to her couch, the strange robot girl with the TV head. Behind Morti, the woman who invited the three and spurned the fourth. The girl who stopped Sensui was now standing guard at the door, still veiled. Inside, hopefully, was Sensui, Krieg, Dani, and Cage. A couch and three chairs were offered, though if they didn't use them, the guests could strew themselves anywhere near the door.

    Sissel, with his head in, was watching. The patrons paid little attention to him, since none had mantra to look for him. However, the woman with a TV head was pointing at him with one of her six hands, circling her finger in the air while nodding it left and right like one would motion 'no no."
    Morti as well, her eyes black holes where, well, eyes should be, turned her head to give a smile at Sissel. Both knew he was there, and both would be quite annoyed by Sissel.

    "Wonderful. Five guests. Eheh... one failure, one haunted, one cursed, one marked, and one... snoop."

    Morti's eyes trained on Sissel so the group could possibly see the phase man. Flee or no, he was spotted. Shuld he properly enter the room,
    he'd be offered a chair.

    "You have all answered my fliers... maybe... lucky guess. I have a job that needs unique people. Assistance in finding peculiarities. Payment will be in food, drink, notoriety, and money. After all, I am asking you to find creatures of the paranormal."

    Morti would rise, straightening her hunched back as she sat. Arms spread out, she was showing a reveal in body language. More revealing was the three suits of layered armor underneath her wardrobe; a skin of metal bones, actual plate, and thick gauntlets and machine.

    "Not normal monsters, these things are plaguing the lands. Dangerous creatures... eheh... worth a fortune if documented and caught."

    Morti would settle back down to her hunch, resting her chin on her right hand. In her left, four fingers were held up.

    "Deep in the mountain, cave ins from unnatural tremors are stopping mining operations. These quakes shake the very foundation, though they are unnatural. The red woods protect the mountain, supposedly... yet it still vibrates. My benefactor says it could be a spice wurm... if true, it's weight is that of diamonds."

    The index finger dropped, revealing that it was a countdown.

    "Some ferocity of a creature has been noted at the mountain's top. A glow at night scares the locals, and they find white feathers all along the mountain's top. This creature could be one of two; a mothman, or a something worse. If a mothman, its silk is valuable enough. If the other... eheh... ho... we report it and collect the money and never speak of it again."

    The middle finger dropped, leaving two more. A buzz in the room would alert the more attentive of something inside, moving around.

    "Something white at night moves through the forest, shinning brilliantly but destroying the trees violently. In its wake, something has been leaving... er... steamed buns. Hanging from fishing lines. This thing could be a fae creature. If it is, and we catch it, everyone in this room can become quite rich and powerful. After all... fae are magical. Eh."

    The buzz was a humming bird, and it dropped on the pinky of Morti. Her ring finger receded, leaving but one finger and a humming bird.

    "Finally, finally, there is a final creature. Reported on the mountain side are fires most brilliant from an abandoned fortress. The heat is terrible, and a few botanists are terrified of what it could be. My accomplice theorizes either a dragon or a mutated kabutops beetle. Either are valuable for their hides and their rarity. Dragons alone sell for billions of beri... billions... ehe."

    Finally, Morti's fist clenched and she'd place that hand under her chin. In a thinker's pose, Morti would look at the room with dead eyes and a thing, lip-less smile. The bird would nestle atop the head of the black figure that guarded the door.

    "I can only send us on one expedition. As five souls who are to lay your worth for pay, decide on one. Four different paths... ehhh."

    Hand clasped and now silent, Morti would await an answer. Beasts of legend to find, of worth, of status. A dragon here, a strange animly there, and the promise of fortune extremely tempting. The TV headed woman would turn to Morti, speaking in a low robotic hum. A frequency that no one else in the room was equipped for short of the other mechanisms.

    "Even if there is nothing... you will be rewarded." The TV headed woman would say, turning to the group to finally address them all. Her voice erratic, pitched, and tuned with a static quality.

    The chamber of secrets wasn't too secret, Arthur found. Three ply, wonderful porcelain counters, and a hardwood finish. A wonderful bathroom, 'hidden' under the stairs. Arthur could relax here, as even the towels were lightly perfumed with lilacs. There, he could relax, for he missed his opportune to sneak aboard the mission.
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    Krieg was given a cold shoulder and left ignored. Dani, Sensui and Cage started to leave for the second floor, and Krieg went to the bar with his drink. He thought about it for a few seconds and then downed the drink, counting on Sensui to keep him alive until he regained his composure. After downing the drink, Krieg stood up and followed the other three, who followed the female robot. They all came to the second floor and Sensui pushed Dani out of the way in his drunken stupor. Krieg mostly stayed at the back and out of trouble, his cheeks already reddening. Sensui got into some trouble, but it didn't go too far. Eventually, all would enter through the door and find themselves in a room. Morti was there, though Krieg didn't know her. He didn't know the TV girl either. Pretty much the only person in the room that he knew was Sensui, and Cage by name alone. After all, Cage was a Marine, a big one at that, and so a Commander of the Revolutionary Army would have heard of him.

    Krieg found himself a chair and leaned into it, sighing. His head was spinning, his vision was blurring, and all the voices around him were muffled to him. By the looks of it, however, Krieg wasn't a happy drunk or a loud drunk. Instead, he was a very introverted drunk and kept to himself. That would likely prove to save him a lot of trouble with this crowd, and Sensui was the more problematic one. The next few minutes were mostly a blur for Krieg, but he managed to catch a few details, while trying to appear as if he was listening and not drunk. The details he caught were tremors, feathers, steamed buns, and fires. And all of these things were happening because of strange creatures. And they had to choose one to go after. Feathers and steamed buns didn't sound like much of a problem to Krieg, though it's true that he didn't catch the whole context due to his light headedness. Between tremors and fires, Krieg contemplated, but tremors it was. When nobody was speaking, Krieg answered in a rather low tone, rubbing his head to ease the thumping.

    ''I vote for the tremors.''

    A rather short answer, but it would do. He was still drunk, but happy to feel that it might be going away soon. Luckily, it was just one drink.

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    Cage, the last of the pack, would follow the others upstairs, eventually leading to a room guarded by a veiled woman. The room itself was nice, plenty of areas to sit, though Cage choose to lean against a wall, black man style. His eyes wandered around the room, documenting what, or rather, who he saw.

    As a Marine, Cage was definitely familiar with the likes of Sensui and Krieg. Sensui being the offspring of Oldgate and Krieg being a Commander in Irra's army as well as eerily identical to the former Marine Al Iskander who recruited Cage. Dani was indeed a new face he hadn't seen. His eyes then meet upon the women sitting on the couch. One was a 6-armed TV head. Cage would be watchful of her. He had a bad experience with a 6-armed being. The other was an eerie woman who was the very broker the bot spoke of. Cage had an idea of who she was. He had dealt with brokers quite a bit. The broker also pointed out a man who had hidden among the floor boards somehow. The party was stranger and stranger.

    The dark Man rested against the wall and listened to Morti speak. They were going to be tasked with tracking down an oddity, and attempt to capture it. Tracking was something Cage was really good at. There were four missing, but only one stood out to Cage. The white being destroying trees and leaving streamed buns seemed like the easiest job. Low risk and from the sounds of it, high reward. The black man had made his mind up.

    "Sheeit, I say we go to the forest.
    Seems like an easy job. We find this "Fae" creature and we all get paid. Ain't no simpler than that, sucka."

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