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    The Last Inn - Clam's Pearl
    Hype, Ichi, Guren, Kaka

    Dani was the first to take the stairs up to the second floor. So far so good, but then her hopes of flying under the radar went haywire when the drunken merman stumbled and rushed past her to the room. He was the first to burst into the room, and was promptly met by a wall of steel bars to halt his advance. He was greeted by a voice that Dani immediately recognized. The voice of one who spoke Engrish instead of English. And more importantly, one who could speak the language of the Great Ones.

    After the wall of bars dispersed, Dani gripped Sensui by his collar from behind using her right hand. The one that had the gauntlet. Pulling him by the scruff onto his feed, she gave him only one warning.

    "She wants you to behave."

    Dani let go, leaving Sensui to his devices as she proceeded into the room. Seats were offered, and Dani made herself comfortable by taking one and spinning it around so that the back faced the benefactors. She sat down, resting her arms on the back of the chair. Dani ignored Krieg and Cage for the time being, instead focusing on the benefactors who were in front of her. Dani didn't know either of the two, but the one who spoke broken English and Aklo, she suspected to be Nya. Nevertheless, once everyone was present the pleasentries began.

    Right off the bat, it was made known that there was a trespasser in their midst. Dani looked in the direction Morti and the TV head girl did when he was mentioned, and saw the perpetrator for herself. She wouldn't have noticed him if he hadn't been pointed out. But in the end, though it was annoying, he was given a chance to partake. If it didn't bother her benefactors, Dani was okay with it...maybe.

    The objective of the meeting was to put together a party and hunt paranormal creatures. This was work that Dani was cut right out for, because she made a living off of investigating and resolving problems pertaining to the supernatural and the occult. A list of four potential targets were listed, and the party could only choose one so that they could split the earnings. The monkey man wanted to find the one that created tremors, while the black man wanted to chase after the Fae. Dani was considering choosing the dragon due to the fact that the others had a high chance of morbidity whereas she'd be fine. More earnings for her.

    You know what? That sounded dandy.

    "Personally, I'd rather chase a Dragon than a Fae. Those things can be nasty little shits if you're not careful. At least with a dragon you know it'll either try to eat you or burn you alive, both of which are quicker than a fae wishing you death by a thousand cuts."

    Dani halfway glanced over at Krieg.

    "And I'd rather not chase a monster in a mountain that can create earthquakes, stable ground or not. That's near certain death in my professional opinion."

    Dan then looked back at Morti and the TV head girl.

    "I choose the dragon. Brutes can be brought down if you know how to mitigate their problems."

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    Last Inn - Four Paths

    [Sensui | Helgirl | Cage | Krieg | Sissel]

    With a shout and a swig, the merman had run towards the second floor. His fellow ally Krieg had downed his next drink and followed the drunken merman to the second floor. By all intents and purposes, Krieg acted as chaperone and was allowed to come with. After the initial line led to the second floor, Sensui accidentally bumped Dani and went for the door. The cloaked figure standing guard acted, and Sensui found himself being knocked over by a barrier. Sensui fell on his butt, clamoring out in apparent pain, as a child would when hit. The guard spoke a command, but before Sensui could look up, he was whisked off his feet, literally and figuratively.

    It was as if a bolt of lighting ran through the merman's body. Something occurred within Sensui, a feeling he had not felt before. The touch of the woman, even such slight as the tug by her gauntlet, sent chills through the merman's body. The merman was frozen. The woman passed by him, telling him to behave. Yet, Sensui did not answer - could not answer. His eyes quivered, as they followed the woman that walked away. The merman's mantra was focused on her, and he saw her aura. He noted her frame bumping the back of her jacket as she walked away, and his breath quickened. His heart would pound faster and faster until it started pumping in and out of his chest.

    By touch only, the merman was whisked off his feet.

    "I-I-I-I... H-h-hey! Umm...
    Well, I-I-I. Ohhhhh, boy. WAIT!!
    - the merman fumbled his words, running after Dani

    Sensui entered the room, his eyes stalking Dani. His mantra alerted him to all in the room, including Sissel. Yet, he cared not, his eyes followed Dani. Only when he passed the cloaked figure that had stopped him before, did he veer his eyes. Sensui drunkenly bowed and apologized, before walking into the room. The merman hiccupped, his cheeks still red from the alcohol. Indeed, his eyes glanced towards the woman Morti and the tv companion. The merman squinted his eyes for a moment as he saw Morti. He had seen the hunched woman somewhere before, but he could not put his finger on it. Sensui only felt a chill of cold go through his body, and the large wound on his chest laid there by Koko flared up for a moment. Perhaps if he was not drunk he could recall. In this room, Sensui only truly recognized Krieg. Perhaps he would recognize Cage's name if he heard it, but he had not heard it yet, and he could not recognize him off appearance alone. Nonetheless, Sensui turned again to Dani, his tongue flapping.

    With Krieg and Dani taking a chair and Cage standing, Sensui took the last chair. Women would be able to testify as to how annoying a man staring at you is, accosting. The merman did indeed note Morti's appearance and hear her initial words of hunting the paranormal. It would end there. Alas, he did not catch her description of the "paths". Nay, Sensui had long since made his mind as to what he would do. The merman's eyes flashed golden, shining a low light that one would only catch if one looked directly at him. The Commander's vision, partially transformed, increased exponentially. He saw past the darkness that cloaked Dani's face and saw her features, but not color, left open by the googles. Not much to see - it was enough. Sensui's eyes turned from golden, to pink, and hearts began pop out once more.

    The merman's tentacles grabbed his chair, and he began to jump in his chair towards Dani. Sensui would be right next to Dani as she gave her answer. The merman's cheeks were not just pink with the touch of alcohol, they were ripe red. Sensui was visibly shaking, and his stomach began to growl in nerves. The merman's words slurred as he gave his answer.

    - Sensui shouted, way too loud for how close he was to Dani

    Suddenly, he would lean back for a moment before leaning in again. His brow would be raised, and he looked at Dani sultrily. The stench of alcohol followed his words.

    "Hey... How YOU doing?"- the merman said proocatively, striking a sexy pose showing his whole body

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    Last Inn - Four Paths

    [Sensui | Helgirl | Cage | Krieg | Sissel]

    The man had hidden himself but before long two would spot him as the woman with the TV for a head would point at him as if he was a naughty child. Sissel would sigh as he'd move up from the ground phasing through it and finally taking a seat. The red suited detective at this point would cross his legs and arms and listened intently to Morti as she began to explain the four targets that were available.

    Morti at this point would've explained what the four targets were: a being causing earthquakes, a possibly mothman, a fae and a dragon. They weren't exactly ghosts nor paranormal in Sissel his eyes. But then again the man was obsessed with ethereal creatures. He wasn't exactly sure which one would bring him the most notoriety without having to do a lot of effort as most of them sounded rather tasking. As he was thinking the others would cast their votes rather quickly.

    Krieg would vote for the tremors while Cage would vote for the fae. The hellgirl at this point would chose for the dragon as it matched her skills better than the other options, the merman who was infatuated with her would follow. The dragon was winning with two points and Sissel could either make it a two way tie or be the deciding vote for the dragon party. While Sissel his speciality was ghosts and spirits his purpose for coming here was to get acknowledge by his peers that were in the same business. The delvers had a bit of a monopoly on that aspect and Sissel too wanted in the big leagues.

    And what better way to get notoriety by tracking down a what would be dragon? There was also something else that sparked Sissel's interest in this mission besides the possibility of a dragon and that was the abandoned fortress. For what its worth it could also be a fire demon that has been bound to the fortress that's causing all the trouble. In any event if he'd succeed in taking down this creature it'd look rather well on his paranormal portfolio.

    "I'll also go for the dragon or mutated kabutops beetle." Sissel would say knowingly. His vote had been the deciding factor in which being they'd chose.

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    Depth Charge - Bad

    *Deep beneath the ocean lay a city named "Depth Charge" illuminated by the sunshine that would travel through the red wood mangroves mighty roots. Filled with fishmen, mermaids and your occasional cyberpunk hipster the city bolstered the bulk of the underwater trade. Stands and stalls littered the streets, neon signs strewn up almost everywhere giving flare and name to which stall or stand would be what. Hues of rich royal blue and deep crimson red were the primary colors, the streets, a calm silvery grey that simmered with the reflection of the light mixed with water. One place within the city would stand out, a building located within the center of the city would hold bright pink neon lights, accented by a shallow and dull yellow.

    L G
    O A
    V L
    E O
    R W
    S S

    *The sign did not quite match the unique wares that would be sold within, for while on the outside the building would look much like that of a love hotel. Though within, the walls would be adorned with unique and macabre artifacts. Unknown to much of the natural world, above the surface of the waters. Though today was a special event, littering the city would be criers, bells in hand and voices bellowing out loudly.*

    Lover's Galows, lookin, needin, wantin' a man or woman seeking adventure. Tier 5 relic found! Reward negotiable!....Probably...

    *Many of the resident could be seen avoiding the criers, the fear surrounding them would be palpable. Time and time again fishmen and mermaids going on lower tier missions often never returned even if the relic did. Would there be a brave enough adventure to take on the request of the criers, to visit Lover's Galows. Or would the relic sit, forever forgotten to the annals of time.*

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    Depth Charge - Touma's Quest

    A small squadron of marines from G-3 base had made it to the Red Red Forests in pursuit of a small time pirate crew. Touma, currently serving as a marine under assuming the identity of someone else, was part of this squadron, but unlike them, he actually knew where they had escaped to. The pirates had spotted the warship from a good distance away and began their escape immediately, making it hard to capture them. The captain of the squad was able to deduce correctly where the pirates could've escaped to, but once reaching this island, they all realized how hard it was to find a scattered crew. Touma suggested they all split up to make the search easier and that's how he ended up alone wandering around in Depth Charge.

    Of course, nobody was actually in here. Touma could see them all as clear as day and they were in the exact opposite end of the island. He chose this particular location on purpose so he could slack off and not get involved in anything too troublesome. Besides, this city was nice to look at. The bright neon lights bouncing off of various buildings made his eyes tingle with excitement. The usual setting that relied more on natural sunlight was getting rather dull.

    "Hey, hey, hey, do you see all those people running around asking for adventurers? We should go"

    A dwarf named Dawn crawled out from his custom made marine coat. It was stitched by Touma himself to hide not only the dwarf, but his weapons and ammo. It was pretty much like a normal coat, but a little larger and came all the way around his shoulders with a button at his neck and a hood, making it look more like a cloak than a coat.

    "Of course I see them, I was just looking to see how our "friends" were doing before checking this out. From the looks of it, they'll be busy long enough for us to get sidetracked a little, so shall we?"

    Dawn would nod along and Touma would motion her to go hide again. There weren't many people who knew about her and he'd like to keep it that way. His old crew knew, but most of them ended up dying and the other remaining one chose to quit. To protect his own identity and her life, it was best to keep her hidden.

    For now, he would go to Lover's Galows, an easy find for someone of Touma's skillset and inquire about the aforementioned adventure.

    "Hi, I'm here to talk about that adventure with the tier 5 relic. Whatever info you have, lay it on me, and don't skimp out on the details, you hear?"

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    Depth Charge - Touma's Quest

    *A "marine" dressed the nines in an outfit that would make most within the depths envious, it's pure snow white color a rarity down below, would arrive to the city of lights. Within his coat hid a woman, a dwarf .. even more the rarity down below the oceans surface. She would be caught by the calls of the criers, asking the marine named Touma if he wished to go on an adventure of which they spoke of. With no hesitation within Touma's voice he would speak of watching the others for a moment before he would agree and make it way toward Lover's Galows.

    *Opening the door and walking within Touma would notice the numerous rare artifacts, oddities and macabre objects housed within. Confidently and with little greeting he would bring attention to himself, stating he would be there for the relic that the criers would be speaking of. No one would come, nothing could be seen yet within a moment of speaking a door from within the air would open itself. Rearing out from behind the door would be a a man, slowly walking out toward Touma. Stepping out of the door the tip of his mask being the first to peak out, soon followed by the rest of the well dressed gentlemen. His make was easily recognizable to anyone ever visiting a place of heavy poison of disease, it was that of a plague bearer.*

    Hello, good day young man. Tier 5 relic you say?!

    *The voice that would come out of the mask would sound harsh, course, moist and muffled. His accent was very British, something not seen much down below. The moment the man finished walking out of the door, with little intent a sickle could be seen racing toward the neck of Touma, at a speed that would be far beyond human. The force would be enough to cause the blade to howl as it would rip through the air, though the man held no intent to kill, no lust for blood. What was the goal he was trying to accomplish by attacking the man asking to take up the request of the tier 5 relic. Though the mask, Touma would be able to see the mans, calm and heavily scared face, his one eye intently focused on what it would be Touma. If he were to read the mans thoughts all he would be able to hear would be "The right, next the left then down the center." .. "Show me you've got what it takes to hunt a relic." It would be clear it was a test by that, though just how far was he willing to go.
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    Depth Charge - Touma and Dawn

    Touma walked into the strange shop whose name didn't match the items on display. He could see all of it from outside, so it wasn't much of a surprise to him, but it was certainly one to Dawn. She was expecting something a little more inappropriate than what was presented in front of her. There was nobody in the shop, but the young "marine" went ahead and called out for someone, leading to the appearance of a fellow with a beak-like mask. His entire attire was something neither Touma nor Dawn had ever seen. For the latter, it was just creepy, but for the former, it was an inspiration for a new costume design.

    "You must be the shopkeeper, I presume?" Touma asked the masked gentleman

    Upon taking a closer look, he could see a scarred face beyond the mask and figured that's why the mask existed. The face was too hideous to be shown, after all. Once the supposed shopkeeper drew near, he'd attempt to behead Touma in a single burst of motion too fast to be seen by most human. It could've very well been the end for the sniper if not for his eyes that could see everything. From the electric signals being fired by the neurons to the twitch of every single muscle fiber, Touma could see it all. Time slowed down for him as the sickle approached his neck and Touma quickly jumped back. He was unable to dodge all of it tip of the sickle would leave a visible scratch over Touma's marine coat. As with most of his equipment, this was also made up of expensive material, Darwin Bark Spider's Silk, in this case and may have saved the sniper's life.

    " The **** do you think you're doing!?" Touma exclaimed. He couldn't read minds without physical contact with a target, so he didn't know what the shopkeeper was up to, but he had every intention of retaliating for that sudden attempt to his life.

    First of all, Touma would focus on dodging. This was the least effective range for him, but there was someone with him who could fare much better hiding in his coat. Dawn surrounded the sniper with a number of ghosts, all negative horos, but to an onlooker, it would just look like that was Touma's ability. They'd appear from his back and put anyone coming near Touma at the risk of being depressed. At the same time, some more would shoot out towards the shopkeeper and attempt to go through him in order to neutralize his threat. If hit, the man would hit the ground immediately and find his life to be so worthless, he'd beg to be killed.

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    Depth Charge - Touma and Dawn

    *The kepper of the shop was in for a rude awakeneing, for he was not attempting to take one life, but two. Though he did not know that. Touma, whos eyes would surpass all would see the mans every movement, every muscle fiber tightening and electrical empluse being fire out. Time for him was also slowed, if only visually, which would give him just enough time to avoid the sickle, even if only just barely as a scratch would appear on the nape of his marine coat. Which alone was made out of material that would be extrmemly hard to cut through, as if that was much trouble for the shop keep as it were. Avoiding the attack Touma would still find himself at quite the disadvantage, for a sniper was never meant for melee combat. Though luckily for him, his coat held a nasty surprise for his attacker.

    Dawn, hidden and out of sight. Would from his rear produce ghost, goofy in appearance they were quite deceiving. The shop keep would keep on his attack, his sickle being tossed to his left hand as he would begin to spin, lining up a upward slash toward the center of Toumas body. Though before he could the ghost would pass through the man, stopping him mid attack and causing him to retreat into a fetal position within the corner.*

    I wish I dead, if I get reborn, I want to be a sea cucumber.....

    *The duo was able to subdue the man, if only for a moment, safety was within their reach. Though the effects would not last long. Soon the shop keep was back onto his feet, this time he could be seen brushing off his outfit. His sickle would be placed on a notch in the rear of his belt, as his hands would then raise in a sign of defeat. Walking over toward Touma the man could be seen opening up a door to the air world once again, though only large enough for his hand. Reaching in he would pull out several small capsules before he would speak to Touma, and unwittingly to his partner Dawn.*

    It seems you've got what it takes or at least it seems that way, pardon my actions earlier. I need to test the people seeking powerful relics, if you can survive my first attack. You pass. So far, you're number two.

    *The mans voice was ever as displeasing to listen too as the first time, though he would begin to divulge the information Touma came for.*

    The relic I seek is one said to be a map of sorts, a road poneglyph. One that leads to a location held within the deepest depths of the ocean. Though the facility it is housed in, is said to be otherworldly, with technology we've not seen in 1000's of years. Basically the relic is a map.

    *He would take a short pause as he would begin to hand over three capsules to Touma, all labeled for convenience. The first would be a bubble coral capsule, it was smaller than bubble coral and help far more oxygen. The second would be a capsule filled with equipment that would be used to record the information on the Road Poneglyph. The thrid and final capsule, one that took the shop keep a lifetime to create, was a portable door generator with two uses, best used as a last means of escape. Something the shopkeep hoped he wouldn't need to use.*

    It seems simple enough, though the man I sent out before you .. well.

    *The shopkeeper held out a forth capsule, then pressing the button on top a body would poof out of it, disfigured, puddle like and yet seemingly still alive.*

    This is what is left of him, though if you're still willing to go. What is it you want your reward to be?

    *He would reach back into the mini door he had opened prior and would pull out a log pose, one aimed directly at the facility. Touma would need to travel underwater to get there. But would he still choose to go, after being show the last man to go, he would need to first accept and speak of his reward to the shopkeep.*

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    Depth Charge - Touma and Dawn

    The man continued his attack, but eventually succumbed to Dawn's ghosts, dropping down to his knees in despair immediately afterwards. While the shopkeeper recovered from its effects, Touma began position himself closer to the exit so that if something were to happen and escalate this fight, he could quickly get his butt out of there. His fortune was good as the shopkeeper admitted defeat and stopped attacking further. He also laid out his reasons for attacking Touma. What he was trying to do was understandable, but dangerous nonetheless.

    "So I'm the second survivor of many who have come in here to inquire about the tier 5 relic, is that right? Do you realize that you're confessing to potential murder? Maybe even multiple. I could lock you in for the rest of your life for this" Touma said with a serious tone, but would lighten up immediately "Good thing I don't give a ****. But seriously though, stop swinging around that thing so carelessly"

    Touma and Dawn listened to what else the shopkeeper had to say and the request was simple enough: retrieve information from a road poneglyph. The shopkeeper even gave them some equipment that would make the job relatively easier. From the remains of the last guy who took up this job, it is apparently extremely dangerous. The poneglyph itself is supposedly housed in a facility with some nifty traps laid out for its protection. Touma gave it a little thought and when the shopkeeper asked about what kind of payment he'd want in return, he figured this was the perfect chance to weight out the risk vs reward

    "I have a weapon. A rifle, specifically. I want it to reach Saijo O Wazamono grade without losing any of its current capabilities. If you can do that, I will bring that map to you. Oh right, we have yet to be formally introduced, have we? I'm Commodore Thomas Crunch of G-3 base and what's your name?"

    If the shopkeeper said he could fulfill Touma's request, the sniper would ask the man to shake his hands and during the physical contact, he'd probe the shopkeeper's mind to make sure none of this was a bluff. Should everything check out, Touma and Dawn would accept the three capsules and make their way towards the part of the ocean that contained this poneglyph housing facility.

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    *Touma, ever the understanding man that he was, dismissed in jest the shop keepers admission to multiple murders. The two continued to listen to the man as he would regale them of the mission in which they were to partake, it was dangerous, enough so to return a living puddle back to the shop in a sign of warning. One of course the shop keep would fail to mention as well as ignore to a great degree, after all he was sending people out, not going himself. Soon enough he would finish, asking Touma what he would seek as a reward had he happen to succeed in his retrieval of the map. He spoke of upgrading his weapon, to that of one of the rarest. After which he would also introduce himself asking the shop keep for his name in turn.*

    Tro'll {Tro-el), thats my name.

    *His responce was, short. His right index finger would begin to tap on the tip of the beak of his mask as if deep in thought.*

    Is that ... really your name? Thomas? Hrmm .. I keep hearing something else, more feminine maybe?

    *While Tro'll was not on to dawn, what neither of them would know is he held a level of CoO that while not the highest tier, one that let him travserse the world safely within his door world.*

    So you say you'd like to upgrade your weapon, hmm.

    *Walking around Touma he would make his way toward the sales counter, more importantly behind it. Squatting down, he would once again open a door using his powers. This time a door would appear within the floor, placing his hand within he could be seen pulling out various odds and ends. Till he would find four different pieces, they would closely remember the pieces on his current weapon. The pieces were a stock, barrel, scope and trigger mechanism.*

    I believe I have all I need to preform your request.

    *With that the parts would be placed back within the door, closed in safety. Coming to an agreement the two men would shake hands. When their hands connected Touma would become aware of the blob man being sent alive as a warning from the facility, though everything else would check out. Sadly, when Tro'lls hand touched Touma's Dawn's presence would be reveled to him, Touma wuld also see this but also saw no intent to do a thing to her, more affirmation he was right about a female name.

    With both in agreement Touma and Dawn would set out, before them lay a trail that would span beneath the oceans surface. The two would have time to prepare any odds and ends via random various stalls on their way out. Once they would reach the exit point of the city, leading to the area in which they would need to travel they would need to place themselves within a bubble, for unless they were fishmen the depths was no place for a human and even less a dwarf. Exiting the city they would notice the complete darkness, the cities lights came from the roots and where they were headed the roots were sparse.

    As they would walk on they would begin to notice random bioluminescent creatures swimming around, some small but most were the size of the average whale or larger. The path the pose would lead them on also lead through a undersea valley of volcanic vents, one wrong step leading to being cooked alive. Soon enough they would be faced one of the hazards that come with living in the depths ... A massive ship eating sea beast. One that, around it's neck could be seen trailing around what would look like underwater mines, each the size of the sea beast head. The beast spotting the marine thanks to his bright white coat, would rush in toward him, maw open. It's aim was clear, it was hungry and wanted to eat him .. if that were not bad enough for every inch it got closer so did the mines, if not taken care of at a distance they were in danger of the mines exploding on them.*

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