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    Another Drifter From AU

    Hello, it's just as the title says, drifted here from Anime Ultima, I miss talking about on-going anime~

    Whether Anime Crazy remnants, Anime Ultima Remnants or anyone who still enjoy using forums (which seem to be dying in favor of things like discord groups and reddit) to talk about Anime\Manga related stuff, hope we can have a good time together

    Spoiler: My genre preferences
    While I do have my genre preferences (Shounen, Adventure, Action, Fantasy), I try to be open about trying out anime from different genres as long as they seem interesting or\and fun, and I do have genres I don't watch (Shounen-Ai) and genres I don't fancy much (Idol, Music, Mecha) unless a particular anime is really interesting from those genres

    Even though I included Manga in my intro, I don't really read manga unless I'm getting impatient and want to spoil myself about a long on-going anime or check how an anime that wasn't fully adapted ended, I did read ReLIFE and thoroughly enjoyed it though so there's a chance for more

    I included my anime list in my signiture if you're interested in exchanging recommendations~

    I'm also interested in games and learning languages so feel free to talk to me about those, although I still haven't ventured much into the latter -if at all- but hopefully one day! What else...oh yeah English isn't my first language so feel free to correct my spelling\grammar\punctuation, I appreciate useful advice
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    Thanks MarikaTachibana for the avatar and sig / MAL

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    hello there
    welcome to AF


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    Oh! hello thee and welcome to AF
    maybe more ppl will make this site more alive... xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post
    hello there
    welcome to AF

    Quote Originally Posted by Dany View Post
    Oh! hello thee and welcome to AF
    maybe more ppl will make this site more alive... xD
    Thanks, are you the same Dany from AU and mal?

    I hope it'll be lively enough too, to be honest I made my account a while ago and the posts on first page were a bit old, now that I saw they're more recent I got encouraged to make an intro

    Thanks MarikaTachibana for the avatar and sig / MAL

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