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    [Discussion] Here to Heart ❤

    Title: Here to Heart
    Chinese Title: 温暖的弦 / Wen Nuan De Xian
    Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
    Broadcast Website: Youku, Tencent, Mango TV
    Broadcast Period: April 30, 2018 - May 26, 2018
    Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (two episodes)
    Genre: Romance, Workplace, Business
    Language: Mandarin
    Episodes: 46
    Director: Huang Tian Ren
    Screenwriter: Zhao Weina, Xie Xiaomi
    Region: China
    Source: Adapted from the novel Warm Chord by An Ning 安宁

    Synopsis and Plot Summary:

    A story that tells a long-running romance that spans ten years.

    Nan Xian (Zhang Han) is a sharp young man who was able to foresee the technological boom. He collaborated with some classmates to create a company and was able to weather the storm despite only a 10% chance of success. Wen Nuan (Janine Chang) is an accomplished career woman who quits her high-paying job in England to work under Nan Xian as his executive assistant. As it turns out, they were a couple before and Wen Nuan is determined not only to help Nan Xian at work, but also to rekindle the love that they have lost. (Source: DramaPanda)

    Hans Zhang Han as Zhan Nan Xian
    Janine Chang as Wen Jing
    Chao Jing Chao as Zhu Lin Lu
    Zhang Jia Ni as Yi Xin

    Supporting Cast:
    Jocelyn Zhou Qi Qi as Wen Rou
    Jin Ze Hao as Guan Ti
    Liang Da Wei as Pan Wei Ning
    Ji Xiao Bing as Gao Fang
    Guo Zi Qian as Ding Xiao Dai


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    I usually don't like to follow Chinese melodramas as I would easily feel frustrated and give up in half way or so. But with Zhang Han & Janine Chang in this I can't help myself to be curious & tempted.
    For now I am enjoying the storyline & the acting hence nice scenery & formating. So keep up the hope I guess.

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    Ep 7 & 8
    What do you think? The 2 main leads are still madly in love with each other but everyday they putting on a mask and pretending they are okay. Why? Because they thought the other have already taken.... And who are those people? Just fake boyfriend, girl friend!

    How long will it take to have them finally realise about their own feelings and admit it? Won't be less than another 30 episodes maybe!

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    Ep 9 & 10
    I can't believe how low Du Xin Tong willingness to go. Her plan to have Wen Nuan just got exposed then she set another trap for her by pretending fall down while struggling with Wen Nuan. Now she will blame her for the loss of her "baby"....
    I am happy to see CEO Nan ran to Wen Nuan and being by her side. It seems all of the obstacles just brought them closer to each other.

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    To ep 21... Too much dragging
    For goodness' sake, just let him know the real reason why you broke up with him 7 years ago. Wen Nuan u makes me tired of watching the never resolving conflicts between you guys
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