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    Free Roam - Frost Fire Canyon

    Frost Fire Canyon (FFC)

    The island of Frost Fire Canyon is one of duality. As the name implies, Frost Fire Canyon in an island of opposing forces. In the simplest terms this island could be split into three distinct parts. The western half of the island is covered in a scorching desert. The eastern front is blanketed by a frozen tundra. The separating line between the two is a massive canyon that cuts a snaking path through the center of the island. This canyon is the dividing line between the blazing west and the frozen east. The geography of the island itself is also unique. Frost Fire Canyon's coast is completely covered in cliffs, placing the island proper on the plateau summit of this drum shaped cliff. To overcome this, port towns were built into the cliffs. These port towns are known for their gondolas that ferry passengers up to the island proper.

    The Blazing West of Frost Fire Canyon is an inhospitable place. The dry desert landscape is harsh, and the people who live here are just as harsh. Small mining towns and various cattle farms dot the landscape. The Blazing west is known for three things. The precious metals and gemstones found in the mines, the beef and leather goods from the cattle, and lastly the prized cactus juice. The purified stuff makes the drinker feel happy, but the raw stuff found in the wild is said to cause hallucinations.

    The Frozen East of Frost Fire Canyon is just as unforgiving as the west. The cold landscape makes it difficult to survive. To combat the dire cold, the locals of the east build settlements around large generators. These generators are the heart of the east. The frozen east is known for a few things. First of all is their abundance of coal and steel, secondly is their factories where they build automatons, large mechanical entities capable of doing an entire crew's worth of work by itself, and finally fish from the various ice fishing holes dotted around.

    Finally there is the canyon itself in the center of the island. This canyon is the life blood of the island and a major point of contention for both sides. Both the east and the west seek to control the canyon, but it is guarded by a powerful militia. The canyon is home to a sprawling jungle in its depths. A large rive cuts through the very center of the canyon. The walls of the canyon are covered in various holes that extend into mining tunnels, many of which are considered dead. The canyon supplies the rest of the island with rations of food and lumber from the jungle. The militia controls the distribution of these rations.

    Gondola Town Igneous (East)
    - The Eastern Port Town. Serves as the entrance to the Frozen East.
    - Igneous is known as a fishing town.
    - Town built into the cliff side wall.
    - Gondolas transport citizens up and down to the various levels.
    - Top level on the island plateau hosts the town square, fishing guild, and stables to rent and buy Hawk Striders.
    - Hawk Striders are large ostrich-like birds that are skilled in traversing the frozen landscape.

    Gondola Town Basalt (West)
    - The Western Port Town. Serves as the entrance to the Blazing West
    - Basalt is known as a town of merchants.
    - Town built into the cliff side wall.
    - Gondolas transport citizens up and down to the various levels.
    - Top Level is host to the wealthy, red light district, casinos, and the train station.
    - Train runs to various places across the Blazing West.

    Winterhome (East)
    - The largest settlement in the east.
    - Entire city built in rings around the massive generator at the center.
    - Important infrastructure and the wealthy live toward the center.
    - Poor live on the cold outer rings.
    - Everyone works for the good of Winterhome, even the children.
    - Factories dot the outer rings.
    - Expedition Parties sent out to explore the tundra.

    Santa Destroy (West)
    - The largest settlement in the west.
    - Old Wild West Town.
    - Built around a large fresh water spring.
    - An Oasis in the desert.
    - Black Market of outlaws operate here.
    - Mayor believed to be a figure head, outlaws run the show through bribes.

    Haven (Center)
    - The home base of the Canyon Militia
    - Large settlement sprawling the jungle floor.
    - Large trees act as natural barriers.
    - Farms and orchards spread around the area.
    - Captain of the Militia acts as the authority of the settlement.

    Places Of Interest
    These are places outside of the main settlement hubs that can be used for various adventures. They are open to interpretation and intended as a template for ideas to be built upon.

    - Abandon Laboratory (East): In the Frozen East is a large laboratory that has long since been abandoned. Despite this, signs show that someone might still be using this lab.

    - Jungle Temple (Center): A sprawling temple tucked away deep in the jungle of the canyon. Strange deities were worshiped here.

    - The Deadmine (West): A long neglected mine. Was sealed up years ago. Officially it was abandoned because the mine was stripped clean, but rumor has it something is living down there and it chased away the miners.

    Add Your Own
    - Give me a description.
    - Say who lives there, if anyone.
    - What makes it special.
    - Do it in bullets.
    - Follow the above, and I will add it.

    Details & Rules
    - Don't be a dick.
    - Always try to ask before joining in some way or form in more private stories.
    - Characters can only be in one free roam at a time.
    - No quest limit. Not enough GMs, to be honest.
    - Avoid cramming all of your PC into the same plot line out of courtesy.

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    Odd Times in Frost Fire Canyon

    As if the landscape of Frost Fire Canyon wasn't odd enough, the rumors flooding both of the Gondola Towns were quite odd in their own right. Whether one boarded the port town of the Blazing West or the port town of the Frozen East the taverns, pubs, and bars all spoke of a pair of cultists. The rumors spoke of one cultist who worshipped strange deities, and the other cultist who took abuse of people's worshipping for his own personal gain. As to which cultist was which, both towns had their suspicions.

    In the Gondola Town Igneous, there is a pub-like hut called Trouts and Stouts. Like the name suggests, the place is known for selling Seafood meals accompanied by Oyster Stout. Fisherman often spend time in the hut, and the ones with the best catches are normally paid well for selling to the chefs. The pub gets a lot of foot traffic, and with traffic comes rumor. Rumor has it that there is a cultist who frequents the pubs at night, looking for those who have seen or experienced odd behavior. The only rumors that spread more than cultist rumors are the ones pertaining to oddities and strange occurences all across Frost Fire Canyon. There are tales of people being pulled into the icy waters of the Frozen East. Even in spaces where the ice is thickest, fisherman have been seen falling through the ice, as though an immense weight had overcome them. It is said that the cultist frequents bars, collecting information on these oddities, and hire some to investigate further oddities.

    Meanwhile, in the Gondola Town Basalt, there is a tavern that merchants and other strange types frequent in the Red Light District. The tavern, known as Basalt and Vinegar, is a gathering place for trade. Whether it be food, mining equipment, mercenary work, or information; anything one is looking for, they can find it in Basalt and Vinegar. Like in the East, there is a Cultist who frequents the bars, only this one sells information about the oddities around Frost Fire Canyon. He tells of a snake deity that squeezes the life out of those who curse others. He tells of an ape who aids people in doing harm to those they wish the overcome. He tells of a snail, whose trails can lead others astray. He tells of a lot.

    Both sets of rumors have spread from the outermost parts of Frost Fire Canyon into its center. There, the militia has been forced to step up security. Strange people, followers of cultists, treasure hunters, and other eccentric types. have all made their way into the Canyon, and with them comes a series of strange events not unlike what's happening in the East and West. The militia has opted to seek help from the World Government, hoping that the influx of travelers to the Canyon doesn't spark a war between the two sides. They also intend to investigate the cause of these inconvenient occurences within the jungles.

    Spoiler: OOC
    This is a story all about how...
    But seriously, feel free to join.
    I'll be taking at most 4 people on this journey.
    Note that even though I specified the WG are helping the militia, don't feel like that is the only reason for WG presence. If you can find a reason for your character to join, feel free to.

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    Blazing West - Gondola Town Basalt
    The Tavern

    [Beowulf (Odin)]

    Western Port Town. Entrance to the Blazing West. A gondola traveled along the many, from the entrance of the town to higher levels. The fornt piloted by a worker. At the back of the gondola, a woman in plainclothes sat - fodder. On her shoulders, a stark contrast to the woman, was a dwarf. The dwarf was a mere 20cm tall. The dwarves left leg was gone; replaced by a golden peg leg. He wore Viking attire, down to the mask atop his head. The mask was golden, with horns out of his head, covering the dwarves face; his real identity would be shrouded in mystery. The talk of the WG involvement forced the RA Commander to hide in plain sight. The mysterious dwarf had his hands crossed affront him, eyes closed. Purposely, the dwarves aura was hidden as much as possible.

    It wasn't long before the Gondola worker turned to the woman and asked - 'where to?'.

    "To Basalt and Vinegar bar."- the woman said
    "Ya' sure? Many' a dangerous bunch, looking to' that cultist'. Okkkay..."- the Gondola worker said

    The Gondola changed direction. An hour later, the Gondola stopped. Flipping a coin to the worker, the two stepped off. Shortly after, they were in front of the Basalt and Vinegar bar. The woman entered, with the dwarf on her shoulder. They went straight to the bar, casually ordering two Old Fashions. The woman was not subtle - she looked around and tried to listen. The dwarf was different, he jumped into the drink and swam in it. Floating inside the cup, he began to drink.

    "Stay at attention, sir. We looking for information on the slave trade and the monkey."- said the woman

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    Winterhome East
    A Precusor

    Cold frosty air kept them inside. No bars, no lounges. A steam room with a few chairs, tables, and water that wasn't a block of ice. Any could come in, and many would pass through for a moment's respite, but only those two wanted to stay.

    One man sat, a mask upon his face, black and filled with tiny monitors that could reflect images. Currently, he only had the image of "Data Not Found" in bright red, a display of no importance. Thick coats hid him, but it was clear he was strapped.

    Across from him, bare chested with a glint of blue and red swirling in his eyes, was a cruel man. Paint under his lids, a helmet adorned with a spike, a nasty sword on sheathe at his leg, and a few blue balls twirling in his hands. Coated in a hard candy shell, these little drugs were called Joy. A terrible drug, with a horrible consequence for the 'weak' of body. Truly, it was all luck based.

    They both say, enjoying the warmth. Workers outside were freeing as they toiled in the Winterhome. The rich weren't so unlucky, but the poor were many. The poor were what these two men hid among, acting as if the world will continue and their atrocities never to come to light. After all, that was the current road they tread.

    "Everyone works. But they don't, do they?" A cool, Latin accented female voice spoke, tone toying.

    "The ones who don't got plenty of Joy in them. Joy or joy. You don't work, so what's your gig?" Thin lips perpetually red grinned, the words coy and playful.

    "Not much. I need Puppy to get atop a tower, move some cables, place a box."

    Razzo was the name of the man who held the blue pills in his hand. A common thug on the outside, his cruelty and cunning were not readily matched. To be here, asking, talking to this person was uncommon, even for him. His purpose a shroud, he himself a shade, sitting across from this gentry with a strange face. Simple questions, complex answers, curious debunking.

    "Black box tech?"

    "How did you know?"

    "Professor Yama's doing the same to a cult in a Joy-filled forest. Her's is more a... plant. It's weird."

    Conversation continued, Razzo smiling as he twirled drugs in his free left hand. It was an act good for fighting arthritis. Stretched the fingers. Kept them limber. The masked man only sat motionless.

    "Call it a hunch."

    "Why this chat? Why now? Me?"

    "Call it... a hunch."

    The first hunch was met with a smile from Razzo, but the second a numb face with a tinge of a frown. A hunch that was serious, something deeper than it should be. The only response from the masked man was his screen revealed a glimpse of a face, followed by a cat emoji purring. This response from Razzo was comical, apparently.

    "It doesn't bring me Joy to be here. This piss hole ain't more than that. But... we are looking at'cha. For doing jack ****, you are the hottest thing here." A pun said, based upon the cold of the the world.

    "Thank you." The female voice cooed, enjoying the attention.

    A third body was soon making itself permanent. Sticking to shadows, she watched, eyes of curiosity. The other two men paid no heed, for they both figured she was a runt. Nothing to fear. Perhaps they were right.

    Join or don't, this is a small thing. Like many of my small things, this one is my thing. It is a good thing, yes.
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    Blazing West - Basalt and Vinegar
    Odin and anyone else

    Basalt and Vinegar was a lively bar, something that Odin and his female companion would see as they set foot inside. Miners, Farmers, Merchants, and Pirates all filled the bar for one reason or another. Once the pair would reach the Bar, a burly mustachioed man was there to greet them. Two mugs in his hand, the man slid the drinks across the bar counter toward the woman and tiny gentleman. He watched as the dwarf swam around in his own drink, sipping from it as he did so. Strange, yes, but not too odd. The bartender's eyes then glanced toward the woman, who was looking around the bar, searching.

    "New here, huh? Word of advice then. Basalt and Vinegar is a nice bar. Get a lot of foot traffic from miners and merchants. We also get some strange types every here and there. If you're looking for something in particular, check the bulletin board. People post things for jobs and other crazy nonsense every day. Just remember, like vinegar the more of this bar you get, the more of a sour taste you get in your mouth. Understand? "

    An odd sales pitch, indeed. Whether the burly bartender was trying to warn the pair or simply send them on their way was for them to interperet on their own. But as they looked around, they'd see a another enter the bar behind them. A brute of a shark strolled up toward the bar, carrying a stack of papers with him. He'd stop at the bar, eyeing the pair beside him, before getting the atte

    "Hey there Remy, How's business... Look, Boss says to put these up in here, ya mind??"

    The shark spoke to the bartender as though she had known him, which was odd given the supposed criminal look to him. The bartender, snarling, grabbed another mug and placed it before the shark. He'd lift the drink and chug its contents in one gulp.

    "Not at all, B. Not at all. Just do what you gotta and get going. I don't need no trouble here. Just running a business."

    "All work and no play makes for a naughty boy, Remy. You uh, heard anything about a Cultist in here?"

    "Nothing that isn't hearsay or pure nonsense. Some say he's a savior that has healed them of peculiar diseases. Some say he's a swindler running a slave trade or something. I don't know about him, nor do I care. Way I see it, just more trouble brewing."

    "Oh well... sounds like an interesting story. You hear anything or know anyone who has, send em toward Boss. You should come see Boss sometime. He might have some more work for ya."

    The shark put some coin down on the counter, and Remy, the bartender, slid him another mug, which he promptly gulped again. With that, the Shark began heading toward the exit of the bar. He'd stop by a bulletin board and place one poster on the board and the stack on a table beneath it. If one checked the bulletin board, they'd see several signs. Recruitment posters, places hiring, and one particulalrly harsh poster. Handmade, the posters simply read: "One Dead Cultist, One High Reward. Looking for those willing to rid this town of the Cultists and their nonsense." The posters all had a map of the Red Light District on the back, which one could use to find their way to a meeting place in an alleway behind a casino.

    Should one take a poster, it would lead them through a series of alleyways in the red light district. Such was not a pretty sight, as less costly indulgences were more commonly found here. Drug dealers and unsightly fellows frequented the alleyways. Following the trail, one would come accross a red-lantern lit area, directly behind a large casino. There was a single door, and before said door was the same Shark fishman from the bar, waiting for all who had read the map on the poster.

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    Winterhome East
    The Meeting with Razzo

    The bitter cold of the east was merciless and indiscriminate. All felt the biting chill, but all did not feel it equally. The poor toiled away, working to stay warm. The rich used their wealth and influence to gain respite. Sadly even a goddess was not exempt from the sting of cold. She lacked the money to enjoy the perks of the rich. She was forced to walk among the workers. She walked through the snow, headed somewhere to escape this weather. Soon enough she found it. A door would soon swing open and the goddess stood at its threshold, hands on her hips in a pose of victory. This pose only lasted the briefest moment before collapsing into one of hunched shoulders, drooping arms, and bad posture.

    I'm so bored... Nothing to do in this stupid town... And why is it so cold!

    This girl was Eris Andromeda, Goddess of Discord. She could be seen wearing knee high boots that flared out at the top with white fur. Covering the top of her body was a thick hooded poncho with horns protruding from the top. Underneath her poncho was a black skintight body suit, and her long tail was covered by what could only be described as a long wool sock with a cat face at the end.

    The girl walked into the steam room, closing the door behind her. She was half muttering to herself as she entered and walked to try and find and open place to sit. Eris would raise her tone when she'd begin to complain about the cold. At first it would be pretty clear she wasn't paying any attention to what was going on in the steam room. She'd mostly ignored anyone else taking shelter from the cold, most notably ignoring Razzo and his guests. This would change soon enough as a devilish grin overtook the Tiefling's face. Something about these people seemed different, and Eris thought they might stave off her boredom. Her attention was now on them as she tried to listed in on what they were saying, while also trying to warm up.

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    Winterhome East - All The Cool Kids Do Drugs - Ellie, Domo, Kun

    He was dresssed to the nines, his hair was slick as heck, and his wallet was stuffed to the brim with beli. The purple-skinned man in this cold might've been mistaken for a frozen corpse, if he hadn't been walking around town and whistling his way through life. Wearing nought against the cold but a thick scarf and fancy gloves, he was gleefully stepping through the inner circles. He'd been in Winterhome for a while now, wondering what this city might offer him in terms of entertainment, as well as keeping his ears perked for any news of discoveries he might add to his collection. So far, the journey had been woefully underwhelming in terms of the latter, but he'd enjoyed himself well-enough; toying with the locals and big fish around town, and turning them into his personal playthings had been fun, but he quickly grew tired of this. He sought something new, something nobody else had.

    Then he spotted her.

    "Unmistakable! That's a goddamn Tiefling! Finally, I can fill that empty display!"

    He raised his scarf to cover his face, and began to follow the Tiefling at a distance. She seemed lost in this town, but perhaps she would lead him to something else he could add to his collection. He hid in crowds, and stepped behind walls as he shadowed the Tiefling, never quite losing sight of her. Before long, the Tiefling headed inside some building. Kilgrave, approaching carefully just in case she'd noticed him, took a good look at the building. It appeared to be a sauna of sorts. A wide grin appeared on his face. He entered shortly after she did. Since this was a steam room, he took off most of his clothes, entering in nothing but a towel. As he entered, a scowl appeared on his face. There were others in here. However, so was the Tiefling. His scowl turned into a neutral look. He sought a place close to the door and sat down. As far as he could tell, there were three others in the steam room beside himself and the Tiefling. Perhaps he'd simply collar them too. For now, however, he'd wait. He'd like to know what he was dealing with before making his move.

    "You're a Tiefling, ain't you? What in the blazes is something like you doing in a place like this?" he said, directing his attention towards Eris.

    Amanita - Yennefer - Kilgrave - Nanachi

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    Blazing West - Gondola Town Basalt
    Red Light District

    [Beowulf (Odin)]

    The burly mustached bartender promptly served the drinks. The King paid not too much attention, but the woman with him lent the bartender her ear eagerly. She nodded to the bartender as he told her of the bulletin board. The woman looked into the distance and noticed it. Suddenly, the large body of a shark crossed her eyeline. A Fishman, carrying a stack of papers, spoke to the bartender. At this moment the King would be floating upside-down in the glass, one-eye-open. Beer flew up and down his mouth like a fountain. The shark spoke of a mission and requested the bartender to put up fliers.

    Two of his words immediately rang a bell for the King and the woman: slave trade. The dwarf swallowed the beer that was flowing up and down, but he didn't move. The woman was not so subtle. Her eyes followed the man to the door. She was clearly a rookie. It wasn't long before the woman picked up a poster and placed it across the bar so Odin could see.

    "WANTED: Cultist! Seems this could lead to something, eh, boss? B-b-boss? H-h-hey! Where are you going?! Crap!"- the woman said

    The woman ran out the door, leaving Remy an extra tip. Odin had already left. She came upon the street but found him gone. The woman would have to go back to the ship. The camera blinked, showing the small dwarf floating in mid-air at human eye-level - his small cloak shielded the sand carrying him. Odin was still in his armor (merely aesthetic purposes) covering his face and identity. The red light came upon the dwarf, who now looked up calmly at the Fishman. The floating dwarf approached, stopping three feet from the shark. One of the posters the Fishman posted at the tavern flew from the bend of the alleyway all the way past Odin to the shark's hand; it was carried by grains of sand, dispersing.

    A voice came next, squeaky and high - hilarious even - but with a commanding voice.

    "I seek the Cultist. I seek the slave trade.
    E'er do well in helping one of old, boyo."
    - the dwarf said

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    Playing with Dolls
    Domo - Kun - Ellie

    The two men who sat in deadlock, relaxing in each others character, kept warm as new souls had entered. Razzo made a note to look at the goddess who entered, chewing at his cheek in curiosity for a moment. The other would stay as he was, a black mask showing no signs other than a blip of text that said 'no data file.exe.' Enigmatic, but somewhat manageable. The tiefling would listen, intently.

    "You haven't placed the box yet. Seems simple. No Joy in it. What gives?"

    "Privacy." The feminine voice of the black faced man said.

    "No no, Puppy. Though... we always blame the dog and not the master."

    A comment that gave any form of emotion to the black faced man was unheard of, but Razzo found it. The screen went black, showing nothing, until it flashed red. In a blip, words came across that screen, in a foreign language. Enough to make Razzo chuckle, himself finding success in this battle of hard men.

    By now, a man with purple flesh of a corpse would enter. His body a strange thing, he was not indeed a corpse. Lucky him, as he'd make a bad one with his cheery demeanor. So full of life. So off, as he only had a towel as he entered the steam room. It was not a bath house by any means, as many inside still had clothes. One must not forget the only heat this cold hell had were these rooms, else one will get frost bite sooner than later, no matter their cheery demeanor.

    "Only because you a persuasive ass; a new tech guard and a warlock stand to counter me." The conversation continued, the aptly nicknamed Puppy going into detail.

    "New tech guard? Go on."

    "Black Case Dolls. Powerful new tech made from stolen tech that succeeds government levels. Guns that can pierce tanks. Systems that can track even an invisible man."

    "That's pretty bad. Bet they take the Joy out of things. Warlocks? Magic ain't a thing."

    Puppy would scoff at this last sentence, bringing Razzo forward with annoyed curiosity. Between the moon, Carcossa, and the happenings at Impel Down and Red Red Forest, magic was not a far off concept. Maybe it was all just super science, but what would be the difference?

    "Well ain't you stupid. This warlock ain't a magic man, but a hacker. Good against tech. He'll hack my black box, sucking the Joy out of this."

    "Usin' my word? Class act. Alright, Puppy. Or, is that your name? Puppy, a little dog in a world of wolves. Odnar ain't gotta worry 'bout ya here, so I might just take my leave. Stop by the wealthy district, sell some Joy and happiness. Get it on with Luci."

    Razzo made to rise and to leave. In his hand, a red pill he'd pop before bracing the outdoors. Those in the room would know he was going to the center of town, where the wealthy lived. Factory owners, overly loved foremen, the best of the brothel: those are who could live in that frosted center. Warm, out of the cold, in no need of a steam room like this to live between walking jobs.

    "Have fun."

    The black face would change to that of a puppy wagging its tail. Sincere, playful, but all sarcasm as Razzo dipped into the cold of the world. A clicked tongue and a name would come from Puppy, a poor man's victor.


    The man would sit for a while longer, before turning. The girl from before, a mink, would be summoned by Puppy with a finger. Surprised, the girl would bring a hand to her mouth and soon a smile, caught in her peeping. Of the many in the room, those just relaxing out of the cold and those passing, she was one of two intent in that discussion.

    "Hacker number two. You got my message. We're heading to the center, placing a box at the top of the tower, and waiting."

    The girl nodded, keeping silent as her purple orbs for eyes glanced at Eris and at the Purple Man. The two could feign their interest as much as they had wanted, but their position in this steam house was easy to discern. Those two were the only who had no fear across their faces when seeing Razzo.

    The man, Puppy, would rise. Right arm of flesh and covered in a thick coat, a leather coat with fluff inside, and a cyborg left hand gave him quite the appearance. A pistol was sided on one side of his pants, though its make suggested anything but black powder. At his other side, a lead pipe, its curve red and dented. Built like a thug, he fit in to the slums well enough.

    "Eavesdroppers... if ya mercs, I ain't got a pocket book for ya, but the people I kill have wallets."

    Puppy knew he was not alone in his talk, as much as Ara Ni knew. Ara Ni, Ni for short, who was in that room as hacker number two. The other two, who were talking casually, at least one sided, were to be assumed a pair. Not that they were: Eris was not with the Purple Man and the Purple Man was an oddity unique to himself.

    "You... need more clothes than that, Number Two."

    A comment about the cold, Puppy would look up Ni, sizing her. Skin tight leggings and a small coat were bare, very bare.
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    Mermaid Retrieval: Gondola Town Basalt

    Sai.... Sai are you listening to me?... Sai?

    The pirate captain jumped little as he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Dead eyes stared at him from behind a mask, revealing nothing of what the wearers thoughts were. Jin Khada looked over his captain Sai, as the man from Wano broke from his distant stare. It had been such a long time since Sai had been in the presence of another person. He had left Eblaf on his own months ago, searching for his crew, but the only one he had located was Jhin. The masked man was wreaking havoc in a theme park that he had created entirely out of pillows. Sai gave a sideways glance as he spoke to his crewmate.

    I'm fine. Just focused on the mission at hand...

    Jhin nodded and then both men faced forward to look out the window of the gondola. Before them was a sizable town built into the cliff. At the height of the town it seemed to be the nicest. Sai could tell that it was were the wealthy were and it would probably be a good place to start looking for his next crewmate. There had been rumors that a red haired Merman had been captured and was going to be sold in Santa Destroy. The gondola grew a bit warm as Sai grew upset at the thought of Julian being captured and treated as a slave. He wasnt the type of captain to force others to follow him, but he didnt want harm to come to those he cared about. His skin began to turn red as the man grew more irritated, but before anything else could happen, he felt a jab at his side. Jhin had punched his captain, shaking his head vigorously as sweat began to drip down his skin. They were so far up that it would have been pretty bad if Sai lost his cool.

    Something had changed in Sai since his separation from his crew. He seemed much more irritable and distant. But he couldn't risk revealing himself now that he had acquired a bounty. Especially a 200,000,000 beri bounty. Lowering the straw sun hat that covered his head, he made sure that his face was obscured as the gondola came to a stop. The pair stepped off the little ship, preparing to head towards the new town.

    Do you think that we will find him here?

    I guess we will find out if the rumors are true. If he is, I guess we will be lucky enough to save him...
    If not....

    Sai's fists clenched as they made their way towards the upper part of the city. He just didnt want to think of what that possiblity might entail for the duo. He had to just hope that Julian was here and was still safe on the Island. When the two eventually entered the red light district, Sai immediately made a b-line towards the nearest bar. He hoped to find out whatever he could about the location of Santa Destroy, and what better place to learn about it than at a bar?

    It was surprisingly average considering the fact that they were in the nice part of town. Customers offered glances initially, even quieting down as the pair entered the place of business, but then they quickly returned to what they were doing before. Sai made his way to the bartender, having a seat and peeking at him from just under the brim of his hat.

    I need to know if there is a way to get from here to Santa Destroy

    The bartender grinned a bit as a couple other customers scoffed.

    Of course I do. Everyone does. It is the biggest settlement in the Blazing West.

    Well tell me. I have business there.

    What is in it for me?

    In a moment Sai snatched the bartender by his collar, the shirt in his hand and surface of the bar under his other hand began to smoke. A glare in his eye only made him seem even more ominous.

    How about I dont turn you to ash?
    Tell me how to get there.

    A look of surprise came across the bartenders face that slowly turned to fear. In an act of intimidation, Sai had forgotten where he was and had pulled back his hat. A few gasps came from the people in the bar as they realized who it was. With a sigh, Sai stood up, still grasping the collar of the bartender. Flashing a smile, he tried to speak in his calmest voice.

    I am just passing through. This is a friendly conversation between me and Mr Bartender.

    There was a bit of silence, but then panic as everyone began to scream and run out of the bar saying something about Pirates and "The Blue Demon". Shaking his head, Jhin looked at his captain with slight annoyment.

    So much for a quiet operation....

    Quickly, Jhin grabbed his captain and the two ran out into the streets. Jhin had no idea where he was running but he went right two times and left two times before they were in front of a place called the Basalt and Vinegar. His eyes grew wide as he peered upon the sign. 4. There were 4 a's in the name of this bar. It had to have been fate. Dragging his boss in, the two entered to find a a large sharkman talking to the bartender. He had just asked about a cultist and that is when they heard it. "Slave Trade" Both of their eyes grew this time and before Sai could do anything, a miniature pillow smothered his face, causing the man to slowly fall asleep. Quietly, Jhin propped his captain in such a way that the man appeared to have drank too much and passed out while he waited for the conversation to end. The sharkman took a few drinks before posting up a poster beside Jhin.

    There was a reward if the cultist was found. A woman and a dwarf seemed interested, so they got a poster and left. Worried that they would not be able to help Julien, Jhin grabbed a poster and put his Captain on his back, the two of them making their way to the back of a casino where the Fishman stood. Slapping his captain awake, Jhin spoke up.

    We wish to find that Cultist for you
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