Blazing West - Gondola Town Basalt
Red Light District

[Beowulf | Sai]

Beowulf floated mid-air, at eye-level. He had levied questions towards the owner of the casino, who promptly stood and snarked at the dwarf. The man spoke fire, and the Allfather raised his head in defiance. Not used to be spoken that was, as the King, the dwarf's killing intent intensified. However, a voice broke the tension, as the woman once named interjected with an apology. She proffered information. The dwarf nodded at the owner of the casino, almost sarcastically hostile. The dwarf slowly floated towards the other side of the room, where Bria waited.

The woman spoke of her service industry, before AI interjected. The cultists were two, and they were within grasp. One against another, both being ones of fiction. Bad for business, Bria noted - that was the reason for the mission. Santa Destroy.

"To call of 'Beowulf', I respond. Pleasantries."- the King introduced himself

Cloaked by a mask and by name, Beowulf followed. The old man would float to Sai's right shoulder, before requesting transport. There, he complained he was old, and needed much help. If obliged, Beowulf would sit on Sai's shoulder, and off they went. The dwarf preferred people in the dark, so to speak, as he was. Long years of treason was a hard teacher. If Sai would disallow, Beowulf would sit in one of the spheres. Beowulf did not ask any more questions, though he would respond to any towards him.

Off they went, to Santa Destroy. What could be awaiting them in the occult?