''Ain' really a rescue mission, they didn't abduct 'em...
... They tried to kill 'em right onboard our own ship, those crazy ****ers...

This is nothin' but revenge.

Buranchi said, climbing ontop of his Hawk Strider. Ban did the same, and the trio would be on their way. As they headed east, Buranchi spoke more about who they were, since Genji asked if they were part of a group, and what the group was, and it would be suspicious if they evaded the question too much.

''We're part of a group of 11, all good friends of ours...
Have been together for 'bout 15 years now.

''The group is nothing special, we're just out there to have fun.''

Ban intervened. Genji had been a pirate for a while himself, but Ban didn't know that, so as far as he knew, Genji was a proper Marine and would immediately turn on them if he found out that they were pirates. Changing the subject in accordance with Ban's intervention, Buranchi decided to talk about the Angry Bulls instead.

''Right now, we're on our way to their stronghold.
It's a heavily guarded castle, so be ready to fight off enemies.

Buranchi said. It was odd for a pirate group to have a castle on land, but it was up to Genji if he wanted to ask that question. As the trio moved further east, trees would start coming into view. It wasn't a forest, more like an open field with a few trees here and a few trees there.

''We're getting closer.''