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    ''Ain' really a rescue mission, they didn't abduct 'em...
    ... They tried to kill 'em right onboard our own ship, those crazy ****ers...

    This is nothin' but revenge.

    Buranchi said, climbing ontop of his Hawk Strider. Ban did the same, and the trio would be on their way. As they headed east, Buranchi spoke more about who they were, since Genji asked if they were part of a group, and what the group was, and it would be suspicious if they evaded the question too much.

    ''We're part of a group of 11, all good friends of ours...
    Have been together for 'bout 15 years now.

    ''The group is nothing special, we're just out there to have fun.''

    Ban intervened. Genji had been a pirate for a while himself, but Ban didn't know that, so as far as he knew, Genji was a proper Marine and would immediately turn on them if he found out that they were pirates. Changing the subject in accordance with Ban's intervention, Buranchi decided to talk about the Angry Bulls instead.

    ''Right now, we're on our way to their stronghold.
    It's a heavily guarded castle, so be ready to fight off enemies.

    Buranchi said. It was odd for a pirate group to have a castle on land, but it was up to Genji if he wanted to ask that question. As the trio moved further east, trees would start coming into view. It wasn't a forest, more like an open field with a few trees here and a few trees there.

    ''We're getting closer.''

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    Toward Santa Destroy
    Sai and Beowulf

    Sai would listen quietly as Bria spoke. The left corner of his mouth twitching a bit as he thought about her words. She had basically told him everything he wanted to hear. The only thing he could wonder now was if there was any chance his friend and crewmate could possibly be there. He would grow silent after her words, deciding it best to think over the possibilities of mounting a rescue for his friend. That was the only reason he came to the island and the only reason he decided to take part in this silly little witch hunt. In his mind, he didn't really care about any silly little cultists. People should honestly be free to believe what they want to believe and pursue it with all their heart. Though, Sai didn't think that this should extend to slavery, as that was preventing the freedom of someone else.

    The group would make their way into the desert. Luckily for Sai, the heat didn't bother him at all. In fact, he took the time to absorb the heat around him regain his energy that he had lost from being put out by Jhin. If Beowulf was still sitting upon Sai's shoulder, he would find that despite them being out in the middle of the hot desert, it still felt a bit cool. At least it felt that way when he was close to Sai. Keeping his emotion in check, his body would remain normal, despite the Pirate being a heat man. Sai continued to travel in silence until the group was stopped by a sort of blockade of men. Their leader seemed to want the group to give up searching for the cultists, because they were the group that were going to take care of him. Sai would shake his head at this, speaking a bit condescendingly towards the man who held his guns close.

    What makes you think that we are in search of the Cultists? We have business in Santa Destroy, so if you could just let us through we will be on our way.
    Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how small they may seem.

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    Blazing West - Santa Destroy
    The Desert

    [Beowulf | Sai]

    The journey began, and off to Santa Destroy they were. The spider-like contraptions trotted forward, taking the time to talk; it was Al. Sai began to ask questions, and the dwarf calmly listened. Inside, he grew tired of the charade. There had been no answers - his patience began to run thin. Bria spoke of the journey, over the desert. The unethical trade which would likely lead them to the slave trade, and the cultists. The heat introduced the group to the desert, and the many holes in the sand. The carriage stopped, as a figure appeared in front of them, calling them to stop. A man painted white, armed with weaponry. Sai would engage, speaking freely.

    Arms crossed and looking down, the King sighed with the weary of an old warrior.

    "A god's patience grows thin..."- the dwarf whispered to himself

    Sand tricked from Odin's back, to the ground, smaller than even the dwarf - quite literally grains of sand. The old man's body changed color, from normal to light brown, the color of sand. Before Sai finished his sentence, the desert would shake. A hand appeared behind the man, intent on grabbing his neck from behind. Sand had entered his revolvers, to disable them. Levitating in mid-air at eye-level behind the man was Beowulf, whose hand formed a human-sized hand of sand, intent on grabbing the man's neck. If successful, the dwarf would pressurize the sand to choke the man morbidly. The man's skin would shrivel, devoid of moisture, lifting him up in mid-air. Assuming, but not deciding, that was the case, the man's screams and groans would accompany the chorus of the rumbling desert. The dwarf would leave him just at the edge of life. The old man had traversed through the desert by merging with the sand and flanked the man with the fury of a god scorned.

    "Speak what you know,
    Before the desert calls you home."
    - the dwarf's voice echoed

    The desert rumbled, the old man taking control. His powers allowed him to sense what was below the sand, even the mining operations and what was within. If they were others inside the mining holes, Beowulf would know, and act accordingly. The Allfather's patience had run out.

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    Metal rain came from above to the ground below, a surprise attack from an unknown force, all for the destruction of the one named Puppy. That was the best anyone could think up as to why the attack was even upon them. The first response was genreally to find cover, as the six gunman fired.

    Eris would duck to an opposing alley way, similar to Puppy. Not finding a trash can of thick material, Eris used her shadow to absorb bullets, the bullets piercing and plodding to the ground harmlessly. Higher calibers would be more dangerous, Eris might think. Retorting to the damage, Eris would line up and fire away with her bow, fueled by a lily carnation. The giggly plant was kept well and safe from the frost, heaven forbid something tragic were to happen in the cold.

    The arrows went flying, four in all, to the six who shot at the group. Mid flight, bullet fire not from the six gunman struck two of the arrows cleanly, destroying them mid flight while the other two made contact. From the pipes, two riflemen fell, clutching their breasts as they were pierced. What could have been them staying alive became heaps unmoving, as the height of the fall had something sinister to do with their deaths.

    "Eh? Whatever. FIRE!"

    The girl didn't notice the collar, focusing her Thompson on those on the lower pipes. Difficult for her, Kil could see, given the angle, but the cover fire would cause some response. Flinching and worry was enough to win battles. Kil found a hand, the girl's, grabbing him by the collar. A lift and toss later, and he found himself deeper into the cafe, landing atop several bags of beans. The coffee scent would bake into his clothing, but he was safe. Safely safe.

    Blood discs flew through the air as Izumi pushed her concentration to its peak. Bullets whizzed and were deflected, as she also attacked in retort. A feat, no doubt, of wondrous focus. Lucky her like Eris, those bullets were basic as they came, though actual bullets and not mere balls. The discs went flying past bullets, minimally striking the two assailants who Eris could not. Shoulders and chests were struck, causing a stutter and stagger, before the assailants each fell forward. A gray figure behind either, wearing a skull mask, stayed in view before flickering with a poof...

    Tandem with Eris and Izumi, Puppy fired from behind his can. There, he was able to graze and grace one, with the silver hair taking another. Similar to Izumi's two, gray figures seemingly pushed the injured off their high towers, falling to the street level. Six and six in total.

    Discs and arrows were shot as they sailed, but that was not the only target for these new bullets. Down the main road, possibly hidden away, came more such bullets. Ara, focused on the gunman, found a bullet phase through her, piercing the road with a crack. That bullet went deep, but Ara was unharmed. No other bullets came for her, but instead three aimed for Izumi as her concentration recovered. Legs and thighs were their targets, each coated in haki that rivaled Izumi's own and then triumphs over it.

    Looking down the street, Izumi was the only one not in direct cover. A fate self transcribed.

    From his alley, Puppy began to speak loudly with a series of yells.

    "Down the street! This one seems to have armor piercers! We need to find another route, less open!"
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    Gondola Town Bassalt - Toward Santa Destroy
    Garra, Ichi, Hype, Domo

    The town of Bassalt. This place acted as the gateway into the wild and blazing west of the Frost Fire Canyon. Recent rumors in this town talk of cultists who have left the locals and tourists alike feeling uneasy. So much of a fuss had been kicked up by this whole ordeal that even the World Government had taken note. The Marines weren't in a habit of making a big deal out of rumors, so all they'd sent was a lone commodore.

    Wandering the streets of Bassalt would be a young squid fishman. She had white tentacles with green highlights for hair. Normally she would be found wearing a kimono, but this fishman sought to blend in a bit better. To that end she wore an outfit invocative of the old west. This young marine is Marie Hotaru. The marine would wander the streets of Bassalt for a while looking for a lead on the cultists. Sadly she'd have little luck in this department. Bars would be the place to look, but she'd rather not chance it seeing as she wasn't in the mood for someone to make a pass at her.

    Soon enough Marie's luck would change as she heard the citizens talking. It would seem that a pirate had threatened a bartender. This pirate is known as The Blue Demon. This caused Marie to quickly reach for a stack of bounty posters she had one her and start thumbing through them. Sure enough she found the person she was looking for, 200,000,000 beri on the head of a man named Sai. If the townsfolk were to be believed, Sai was headed for Santa Destroy.

    Marie had a new mission now. Hunt down The Blue Demon and bring him to justice. Who knows, maybe this'll also lead to the cultists. Two birds, one stone. Marie quickly made her way to the edge of town. This is when she'd focus her Observation Haki and search for anyone strong traversing the desert. Luck would have it she would feel a few presences. Without wasting a moment, Marie would seemingly disappear and be on her way. Though no one could see it, Marie was swimming under the sand as though she were in water.

    Once Marie would get close enough to see the presences she felt with her Mantra, Marie would break off and head for a large sand dune. There she'd set up. She'd lay on her stomach and pull out two items. The first was a pair of binoculars to watch the group in the distance, and the second was her Ink Rifle. For now she would simply watch Sai and the group he was with from a distance. She wished to see how things would play out at the blockade.

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    Kilgrave - Alley Shootout - Winterhome

    Kilgrave's commands were followed to the letter, perhaps a little too much. Before he knew it, he was flung through the doors of the café and landed on a pile of bags filled with coffee beans. He took a moment to come to his senses, and slowly pushed himself of off the beans, dusting the brown coffee grounds from his coat as he muttered curse words not entirely rated PG-13. He looked around the café, which was presumably very cafeish. Kilgrave slowly inched his way over to the window, trying to get a glance of what was happening outside.

    Eris, the tiefling, was handling herself just fine. Kilgrave grinned as he saw how she managed to defend herself using her shadow. His eyes widened however when he saw what she pulled out next.

    "A Lily Carnation! My dear Tiefling, I must have you."
    As he spoke, he was positively sweating green jelly from his hands. Unable to contain his excitement, he ran at the door, not even bothering to look at how many bullets were still being fired. He stood in the opening, close to where the silver-haired girl was firing at their assailants. From where he stood, he could hear puppy yell for cover. In response, Kilgrave yelled at the silver-haired maid.

    "Once they move, come with me to that alley! Your primary goal is to keep me from harm. Do not fail me."

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