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    [OOC] Valkyrie Pirates

    Valkyrie Pirates- Where The Brave Gather

    The all-female Pirate Crew. In order to spite those who said she was meant to be a "proper lady" and not a pirate, she formed the crew with the intent to only invite women to join. Spiting those who doubted her abilities, and creating a reputation for the crew at the same time. A result of this however, is that their gender exclusivity has caused many men to seek them out, due to rage, jealousy, etc. This has them at odds constantly. The goal of the crew is a simple one. Be better then everyone else that is, will or has ever, sailed the seas. It is a lofty goal, but one the Captain refuses to budge on. The crew's ship is Valhalla, and it is where the members of the Valkyrie Pirates call home.

    Current Goals:
    ✧Conquer the seas!
    ✧Recruit members!

    Valhalla's Vault:
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    Joining Requirements:
    ✧Character must be of the fairer sex.
    ✧Fill out the form below if you meet the prerequisite.

    (150x150 image linking to bio here)
    (Character Name)
    (Crew Position)
    (Devil Fruit, if not available your Fighting Style)

    Currently Active Members:

    Izumi Aizawa
    Chi Chi no Mi
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