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    Just a thought: Could Robot-Sin and real Sin already have switched ?

    Funny: Some bicycle paths in S Korea have exact the color like ours in Holland

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    Ep 23 & 24
    Imagine one day if you waking up from your coma and see someone looks exactly like you have been playing your role all along. And he's even doing a better job than you! How will you feel? Do you embrace that person with a grateful attitude or you will feel you are abandoned, isolated and become doubtful to everyone? I can't judge the human Nam Shin for his coldness to his mum. He needs time to heal not only his body but his soul and mind as well. He has been seperated too long away from her and that horrible accident happened when he was coming to see her with the hope that they can mend their mum & son's relationship...
    I now have no hope for any even friendship feeling would occur between the human Nam Shin & So Bong They so dislike each other.

    Awe, our adorable robot Nam Shin has developed somekind of feeling. He can be jealous as well!!!! But I don't see a bright future ahead for him & So Bong. I wonder what'll be the end of it.

    The preview of next week story, again, shocking me! Will the loyal assistant betray his boss and take over the job?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hankk View Post
    I realize now that we use different channels to watch.
    The channel I use has the 30-minute episodes glued together, so my episode 10 is your episode 20

    As lighthearted as this drama feels, it is getting heavier now.
    No clue about the outcome of real and robot Sin.
    Me too, I'm watching this on Drama Fever and the episodes are over an hour long and they show that there is a total of 18 episodes for this drama.

    Spoiler: Absolute Boyfriend

    Taiwanese version - did anyone see it? The boyfriend played by Jiro Wang, becomes very real and the final scene with his battery running out, and the tear running down his cheek, just broke my heart.... So I am both fearful and hopeful for a happy ending for our Nam Shin..
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