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    Shutting Down the Site

    Hello everyone,

    Some things have happened and I will no longer be able to pay for the site. I'm trying to cut down costs on everything and it costs me $40 a month right now to keep this place up as much as I can. That may not seem like a lot but if I add it on to all my other bills, it's something that I can take away from the amount of things I have to pay. I'll be paying for this next month's plan but the site will be going down in within a week or so in September. I may bring it back once everything stabilizes but I have to cut away as much as possible to be able to live. I'm sorry about this. I will give the option that if someone or some people donate the monthly amount, then I'll keep it up.


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    If it's within the first week or so of September, I may be able to cover for another month. Depends on the timing of a few things out of my control though.

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    No lie this site dead as **** chief it really ain't worth it and has not been for two years now b0ss. RPers should migrate to Facebook and make a secret group to rp.

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    i knew this was coming sooner or later. still sad

    i hope everything will turn out fine for you, PSP. take it down if you have to.


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    I feel that.

    I probably can't hit up 40 every month.. but I could give a little to help out v.v
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    I feel kinda sad saying this, but i think its time to shut down this site. were just delaying the inevitable.
    we've had some good time with here and AC, but even a ton of mods have disappeared.

    I don't want RP's to be the last thing we did here lol

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    R.I.P. Anime Flame

    It's about time for me to fade into obscurity.

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    You can't do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darc-star View Post
    I have to wonder... does dio just permanently pose or something?

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    was sort of getting over run by the tribe any way

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    Here is a link to a discord for the RP side of AF. Even if you don't RP, you're still welcome to join.

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