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    Request: set
    Size: avy = max 150 by 200 pixels or 34.2 KB sig = max 600 by 200 pixels or 75.0 KB
    Text: 4201 on avy and Tsumi4201 on sig
    Info: I want Moon Young from the webtoon Girls of the Wilds on them.

    Call me Tsu, Tsunade, Tsumi, Tsunade201, Tsumi4201, .... whatever you want
    There's Lys and Lays too now

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    Badshah - Sig and Avi request post #1149(open request)
    x~Tooru~x - Sig and Avi request post #1150(open request)
    Tsumi4201 - Sig and Avi request post #1151(open request)


    Note : we are removing every request that is more than month old , we are really sorry that you're request was untouched but we are running little short on GFX staff , if you want to help us out , your most welcome , we will really appreciate your help.

    Please do NOT request Manga Spoilers for series that have an anime, if it has not appeared in the anime yet, then do not ask for a sig or avi of something that would be a spoiler Thanks!

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    if anybody is still alive, id like a standard set of any of the following characters:
    handa-kun (from handa-kun, not barakamon)
    tanaka-kun (from tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge)
    mogami kyouko (from skip beat)
    chizuru, ryo or ooga (from re-life)
    umaru (hiimouto umaru-chan)

    theyre pretty much in order of preference, but choose any tht you find interesting, or easy to do
    these are the characters i prefer for the avi, for the sig you can choose different characters (i prefer a different pic to the avis one)
    and not necessary, but if theres anything that suits a purple theme, it would also be appreciated ^.^

    not holding much hope that anybody can take this, but i'll be forever grateful

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    1000% =3

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    I'm also hoping that anyone is still around to pick up my request. But I'm hoping for a new avy/sig combo. The source material are these:

    Avatar: The Lone Wolf.jpg (size to fit)

    Signature: Guardian Yamcha.jpg (size to fit)
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